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    Shared Value Adoption: NGO Sector Perspective from Neal Keny-Guyer

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    Shared Value Adoption: Philanthropic Sector Perspective from Judith Rodin

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    CEO Roundtable: Cross-sector Perspectives on Shared Value Adoption

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    Shared Value Summit: Phillippine Business for Social Progress's Rafael Lopa

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    Shared Value Summit: Coca-Cola Brasil's Claudia Lorenzo on the Value of Learning from Each Other

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    Shared Value Summit: Cisco's Kathy Mulvany on Shared Value as a Sustainable Framework

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    Shared Value Summit: Inter-American Development Bank's Kelle Bevine on Maximizing Impact

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    Shared Value Summit: Gold Fields Group Services Ltd.'s Naseem Chohan on Community Engagement

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    Shared Value Summit: Barclay's Mark Thain on Competitive Edge and Long-Term Thinking

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    Shared Value Summit: ESL Federal Credit Union's Dave Fiedler on Integrating with Strategy

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    The State of the Shared Value Field with Michael E. Porter

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    Executive Leadership's Pivotal Role in Shared Value

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    Collective Impact Practitioner Insights: Blair Taylor, Memphis Tomorrow

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    Collective Impact Practitioner Insights: Paul Born & Liz Weaver, Tamarack Institute

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    Collective Impact Practitioner Insights: Susan Dawson, E3 Alliance

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    Collective Impact Practitioner Insights: Kat Allen, Communities That Care Coalition

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    Collective Impact Practitioner Insights: Ross Meyer, Partners for a Competitive Workforce

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    Champions for Change: Collective Impact Backbone Workshop

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    Observaciones Sobre Valor Compartido: Charles Kimber de Arauco

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    Shared Value Insights: UBS's Erika Karp on Delivering Shareholder Value

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    Shared Value Insights: Arauco's Charles Kimber on Creating a Vision for Productivity

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    Highlights of Michael Porter's Shared Value Summit Keynote

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    Shared Value Insights: Nestlé's Janet Voûte on Linking Business Growth and Societal Needs

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    Shared Value Insights: Save the Children's Carolyn Miles on the Power of Partnerships

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    Shared Value Initiative

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    Prof. Michael Porter Shared Value Summit

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    Better Outcomes, Lower Costs: How Community-Based Funders Can Transform U.S. Health Care

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    2011 Client Project Highlights

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    Here's How They Use Collective Impact: GAIN

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    Here's How They Use Collective Impact: Elizabeth River

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    What Is Collective Impact?

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    Shared Value in Côte D'Ivoire: Creating a Vibrant Cocoa Sector

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    Knight Foundation - FSG Client Video

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    Creating Shared Value: It's the Future

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    Creating Shared Value: Connecting Business, Societal Value and Opportunity

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    FSG Story

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    Creating Shared Value - Roundtable

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    Do More Than Give - Leslie Crutchfield

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    New Schools New Orleans - FSG Client Video

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    California HealthCare Foundation - FSG Client Video

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    Microsoft - FSG Client Video

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    Women's World Banking - FSG Client Video

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    Welcome to FSG.org with Mark Kramer

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    Corporate Volunteering and CSR, FSG Social Impact Advisors

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    Microfinance Strategies: Safe Banking for the Poor, FSG Social Impact Advisors

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    Anti Corruption as Strategic CSR, FSG Social Impact Advisors

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    Catalytic Philanthropy, FSG Social Impact Advisors