1. Robert Key

  2. Dr. Trish Hutchison

  3. Kristen Fouts

  4. Kat Heavner

  5. Rev. Edward Surratt

  6. Dr. Lilly Filler

  7. Forrest Alton

  8. Charleston's "SC's Sex Ed Problem"

  9. Greenville

  10. Clemson

  11. Columbia

  12. Ashley: My Sex Education Story

  13. A Voice of Reason For Our Young People

  14. A Voice of Reason For Uncensored Information

  15. A Voice of Reason For Factual Information

  16. A Voice of Reason for Accessible Emergency Contraception

  17. A Voice of Reason for Comprehensive Sex Education

  18. A Voice of Reason For Saving South Carolina Money

  19. A Voice of Reason For Contraception

  20. Pharmacists Could Compromise Patient Care

  21. Some Legislation Will Compromise IVF Treatments

  22. Ob/Gyn Interview on the New Guidelines in the Affordable Care Act

  23. Tell Them Staff on Bee Day

  24. Bee Day

  25. Save South Carolina $180 Million

  26. Had Enough of SC Stats on Teen Pregnancy, HIV, AIDs, STDs, STIs

  27. Cost Benefit of Prevention

  28. Economic Benefits of Birth Control

  29. Comprehensive Health Education

  30. Economic Impact of Family Planning

  31. Enough is Enough

  32. H. 3526- SC House Judiciary Subcommittee Meeting- Feb 4, 2010

  33. Dr. Traci Young Cooper

  34. Dr. Traci Young Cooper Virtual March Invitation

  35. Tameika Isaac Devine, Esq.

  36. Susu Johnson

  37. Susan Romaine

  38. Monika Carey-Green

  39. Lilly S. Filler, M.D. Virtual March Invitation

  40. Kay Chitty, R.N., Ph.D.

  41. Lilly S. Filler, M.D.

  42. Deborah Billings, Ph.D.

  43. Deborah Billings, Ph.D. Virtual March Invitation

  44. Beth Richardson, Esq.