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eating Sushi using chop sticks with my feet

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Published on Aug 23, 2012

Tisha UnArmed demonstrated how to eat sushi
using her feet

as if that weren't difficult enough, I'm going do do it using chop sticks

the waiter was so sweet he saw me struggling for the first couple of minutes and ran out with a pair of cheat cheat chop sticks. but where is the fun in that
I like a good ol' challenge

I just want to clarify I DID NOT eat ALL of the sushi by myself. as you can see there was another person with me


  1. 1

    making a sandwich with my feet

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    Eating a sandwich with my feet

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    Putting on make-up with my feet

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    doing all of the things

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    Why I don't have arms and such

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    Driving with my feet

  7. eating Sushi using chop sticks with my feet

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    tisha unarmed goes to LA for Tosh .0 (in HD)

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    How to go to the drive thru without arms

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    how to wipe without arms

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    how to bowl without arms

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    Painting my toenails without arms

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    christmas vlog day 3: wrapping gifts without arms

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    christmas vlog day 1: decorating without arms

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    christmas vlog day 2: painting without arms + giveaway (closed)

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    Christmas vlog day 4: preparing for the end of the world

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    Monday Movie Madness

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    Watching Charlie Brown

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    christmas vlog day 5: All i want for christmas

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    christmas vlog day 6: Merry Christmas

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    making a snowman without arms

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    armless kitchen: tisha unarmed cooks a meal

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    Cleaning off the atheism

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    Trip to Chicago: Abilities Expo

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    Mowing the lawn without arms

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    Things I hate about being handicapped: public bathrooms

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    Swimming without arms

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    Riding a bull without arms

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    Making play doh without arms

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    1 year anniversary plus soufeel give away (CLOSED)

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    How to shave without arms

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    riding a bike without arms

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    Soufeel Giveaway Announcment

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    my morning routine

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    Riding with a prosthetic leg

  47. 47

    doing the laundry without arms

  48. 48

    baking cookies with my feet

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    nub painting

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    changing a tire without arms

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    sleeping with:out arms

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    Snow Angels in March

  53. 53

    post mother's day giveaway

  54. 54

    Jerod shattered my car window

  55. 55

    fixing window

  56. 56

    updates and where i've been

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