1. Materials Modeling and Simulation for Nanotechnology

  2. Coventor Software Tools for Bringing MEMS/NEMS Concepts to Reality - Session 1

  3. Solving for Micro/Macro scale Electrostatic configurations using Robin Hood Solver

  4. The Ultimate Scaling Limit -- A Deterministic Single Atom Transistor

  5. Multiphase CFD for Droplet Based Microfluidics

  6. Debugging MEMS Process Flows with Physical Simulation.mp4

  7. COMSOL's Hands-on Workshop on Microfluidic Devices @ NNIN/C, UMich

  8. System Level Analysis and Simulation for MEMS

  9. MEMS Virtual Prototyping for Debugging Your Process Flow

  10. Anisotropic Etch Simulator for MEMS

  11. coventor session 3

  12. Coventor Software for MEMS

  13. magnetic drug delivery

  14. frogleg 2

  15. beam 2

  16. Modeling and Simulation of Electromagnetic Devices.mp4

  17. Dual Axis Micro Mechanical Probe

  18. NEMSresonator zigzag

  19. circuit analysis

  20. Building_a_3D_Circuit_in_a_Minute.mp4

  21. How Can IntelliSuite v8.7 Benefit MEMS Research and Teaching.mp4

  22. CAD Tools for Co design of Heterogeneous Systems of MEMS and Packaging.mp4

  23. Sq2.mp4