1. Jodi Jainchill at Friends of Nature hooping to Bad Fish

  2. Jodi Jainchill and Whirlwind Performance at Florida Flow Fest 2013

  3. Ski for Light Performance 2013

  4. Jodi Jainchill Hoop Dance Performance at Ski for Light 2013

  5. Jodi Jainchill's Behind Back Turn Hoop Dance Tutorial

  6. Jodi Jainchill and Heather Manche Hoop Dance Performance

  7. Kelly Hooks Debut Hoop Dance Performance

  8. Jodi Jainchill & Mayra Aviles Spanish Hoop Dance Performance

  9. Megan Hahn Mini Performance

  10. Hoop and Health Hoop Dancing in Holiday Parade

  11. Collapsible 'Infinity' Travel Hoola Hoop Tutorial

  12. Pit Stop-N- Go

  13. Jodi Jainchill at Fall Arts Festival: Kids Imagination Station

  14. Legally Blind Hoola Hoop Dance Performance at Florida Flow Fest

  15. Jodi Jainchill Hoola Hoop Dance Performance at the Butterfly Fest

  16. Jodi with Hoop Dance, Nicole & Friends with Juggling, and Megan's Poi at Butterfly Fest

  17. Jodi Jainchill Hoop Dancing

  18. Megan 'Snapdragon' Smith Poi

  19. Club Passing

  20. Juggling Balls, Staff & More; Captain: Nicole

  21. Unicycle Group; Captain Ian

  22. Juggling

  23. Megan & Asaf Club Spinning Duet

  24. Jodi Jainchill LED Hoop Dance Performance with The Relics

  25. Heather Manche LED Hoop Dance Performance with The Relics

  26. Jodi Jainchill: Journey To Hoola Hoop Dance

  27. Jodi Jainchill performing at 1950 show Back by Popular Demand

  28. Florida Flow Fest 2011: Jodi Jainchill teaching a 'mini' hoop dance workshop!

  29. Jodi Jainchill Performance Fun


  31. Carnival Cruise Hoop Dance Performance with Jodi Jainchill

  32. Heather Manche LED performance at local pub

  33. Jodi Jainchill LED Performance at Local Pub

  34. Hoop and Health presents at the Gainesivlle Spring Arts 2011

  35. Hooping Tutorial: Adding Dance Turns To Your Flow

  36. March of Dimes & Family Fun Weekend

  37. Spirit of Idol Flow: Farewell Hoop Idol Performance

  38. Hooping.org Hooping Idol 80s Week

  39. Hooping.org Hooping Idol Casting Week

  40. Jodi Jainchill's Fire Festivis Burn

  41. Bear Creek experience 2010

  42. Kacey Douglas and Jodi Jainchill at Bear Creek with ZackDeputy

  43. Bear Creek Performance Zack Deputy

  44. Michala solo Fall Arts

  45. Megan Hahn performance

  46. Jeanine and Emily Performance

  47. Jodi Jainchill & Heather Nmache: Fall Arts Spanish Duet

  48. Thriller Performance 11-7-10

  49. Relics Performance with Jodi Jainchill of Hoop and Health.com & Heather Manche

  50. World Hoop day 2010 Dance Gainesville, FL

  51. Surfers for Autism Event in St. Augustine, FL 9-25-10

  52. Big and Hearty Workshop with Jodi Jainchill

  53. Jodi Jainchill Hoop Dance: 1950's Fundraiser Performance

  54. Jodi's Fire Play 8-22-10

  55. Hooping Isolations Summary: Isopop vs Cat Eye vs Flowers Tutorial

  56. Temperence Reel.

  57. July 4th Electric Slide

  58. Minis practice 7-2-10.avi

  59. De Lion of Jah 2010.avi

  60. Jodi's Burn @ Hoop Convergence

  61. Isolation and Isopop - linear isolation tutorial.wmv

  62. Casandra's Virgin Fire Hoop

  63. Jodi's pracitce 4-26-10.avi

  64. Ian and Jodi: Party USA Hooping Day

  65. Spring Arts Festival Hoop Dance Performance: Jodi Jainchill's Solo Debut

  66. Spring Arts Festival Hoop Dance Performance: Jodi Jainchill and Heather Manche Spanish Duet

  67. Spring Arts Festival Hoop Dance Performance debut: Katie, Jeanine, Melissa trio to 'Down, Down'.avi

  68. Jodi Fire Burn- music: DJ Poptart 2-21-10.avi

  69. Jodi's Valentine Heart Fire Burn.avi

  70. Jodi's very first fire hoop.avi

  71. Jodi's Flow: leg hooping, behind the back, vortex, paddles, reversals and 3 beat attempt.avi

  72. Jodi's hoop practice for the day.avi

  73. Jodi on ABC TV 20 Hooping video.avi

  74. Hooping to some R&B.avi

  75. Metal Challenge Hoop Flow.wmv

  76. More tips hooping.avi

  77. Freestylin' hooping to Boom boom pow

  78. Freestyle Hooping to 'Rock that body'

  79. Foot to chest hooping.avi

  80. Visually Impaired and playing with my 'Second Fire Burn'

  81. Jodi behind back hooping

  82. Hula hoop class TV 20: Hoop and Health

  83. Jodi Virgin Burn 11 1 09

  84. LED spin

  85. LED star

  86. Tutorial Bonus: Jodi Jainchill's Subtle Tips To Keep Hooping

  87. Jodi Jainchill's Online Class Introductoy Video for Hooping 'Geared for Lower Back Pain'