1. Do the four Gospels in the New Testament give historically accurate information?

  2. Why did the disciples become avid witnesses for Jesus?

  3. Did Greco-Roman myths influence the Gospel accounts of the resurrection of Jesus?

  4. Summarize the basic historical evidence for the resurrection of Jesus?

  5. What was the origin of the disciples' belief that God had raised Jesus from the dead?

  6. Were the post-resurrection appearances of Jesus hallucinatory experiences?

  7. Are the resurrection narratives in the Gospels historically credible?

  8. Were post-resurrection appearances of Jesus hallucinations?

  9. Were the appearances of Jesus hallucinations or visions?

  10. Is there extrabiblical evidence about Jesus' life?

  11. Is enemy attestation an indicator of an empty tomb?

  12. Why would the Gospel writers have women being the first to see the empty tomb?

  13. What happened to Jesus' body?

  14. Was Jesus' tomb was empty after the third day?

  15. Is multiple attestation important for historians and scholars?

  16. Was Jesus buried in a tomb?

  17. Did Jesus suggest he was more than just an ordinary man?

  18. What kind of evidence is historical evidence?

  19. Does the New Testament give evidence that miracles occurred?

  20. Does science offer any evidence that would show that God is possible?

  21. Can we look forward to standing before God?

  22. Is it selfish to want to live for Christ in order to earn rewards?

  23. What must you do to get a great reward in heaven?

  24. If you are serving the Lord but not getting a lot of joy out of it?

  25. When you stand before Christ will you get a reward?

  26. When you appear before the Judgment Seat of Christ what will He be looking for?

  27. Should we be healthy, wealthy and wise in this world?

  28. Is it the attitude of the heart that matters?

  29. Why are there so many biblical references to how we use money?

  30. How will our forgiven sins enter into Christ's evaluation at the Judgment Seat?

  31. Do you think that the Judgment Seat of Christ will be public?

  32. When will the Judgment Seat of Christ take place?

  33. The difference between the Great White Throne Judgment and the Judgment Seat of Christ?

  34. Will it make a difference knowing that Christ will reward me for how I have lived?

  35. If you believe that we will experience sorrow and regret is this the doctrine of purgatory?

  36. Balancing doing things to achieve rewards vs. really doing things for the love of your Master?

  37. If you don't hear , "Well done, thou good and faithful servant," will you experience that sorrow?

  38. Do you think that there will be any punishment in Heaven?

  39. Are people penalized because they don't accomplish their goals?

  40. Are the rewards that we will receive payments for deeds we have done for Christ?

  41. What does it mean when the Bible speaks about a Christian being worthy?

  42. God has prepared good works that He wants us to do. What if we do not do them?

  43. If God finds a lot of 'bad' in your Christian life , will there be any tears or sorrow in Heaven?

  44. Does how good or bad they did won't matter for the rest of eternity?

  45. What is the reigning with Christ for living faithfully for Christ all about?

  46. Are you serving the Lord without a contract or are you bargaining with God?

  47. Will I be rewarded for the good deeds that I did before conversion ?

  48. Do you still have the opportunity to prepare for the Judgment Seat of Christ?

  49. Do you have any chance of receiving a reward from Christ?

  50. Did the disciples believed they saw Jesus alive after his death on the cross?

  51. Does the Hallucination theory disprove the resurrection?

  52. Was Jesus' resurrection spiritual or physical?

  53. On what basis does Richard Carrier deny the resurrection?

  54. Why does Michael Bagient deny the resurrection?

  55. Jesus' death presents a dilemma to Muslims.

  56. Do Muslims believe Jesus died on the cross?

  57. Is the resurrection an historical fact?

  58. Is the conversion of James evidence for the resurrection?

  59. Did the disciples see Jesus alive after the resurrection?

  60. Is Jesus' death by crucifixion widely accepted by scholars?

  61. Why is the resurrection important?

  62. Lee Strobel discovered the truth of Christianity?

  63. Was the resurrection a historical event?

  64. Was the resurrection a myth or legend?

  65. Is there proof that Jesus died on the cross?

  66. Did Jesus Claim to be God?

  67. Lee Strobel investigates Christianity

  68. Evidence that points to Jesus' resurrection.

  69. What evidence did Jesus offer to show he was God?

  70. Investigating the claims of Jesus.

  71. Do the Bible and Science square up on day 6 of creation?

  72. Does genetic research show we couldn't have evolved from apes?

  73. Does a six long day creation account contradict the Bible?

  74. Does the fossil record show proof for evolution?

  75. Why doesn't the Bible mention dinosaurs?

  76. Is God creating something that didn't exist before?

  77. Did God make the sun, the moon and the stars on the fourth day?

  78. Are original life scientists starting to postulate that life could not have evolved here on earth?

  79. Do scientists know how to develop DNA OR RNA by chance?

  80. Is "primordial soup" a scientific myth or fact?

  81. God said, "Let the land produce vegetation", does this square with the fossil record

  82. On day 3 of creation happened in earth's history?

  83. What is going on in the 2nd day of creation?

  84. Why would it take God 24 hours to do anything?

  85. Why did God create stuff in stages?

  86. God said, Let there be light." What is this?

  87. What does the mitochondrial DNA of women tell us?

  88. What does "Let there be light," mean?

  89. Was creation 13.7 billion years ago?

  90. What about apparent conflicts between science and theology?

  91. Are neanderthals the link between man and apes?

  92. The pathway from ape to man?

  93. MCHas evolution taken place?

  94. What is the definition of the theory of human evolution?

  95. What is the importance of "similarity of form"?

  96. Leading a Muslim to Christ

  97. A Palestinian Arab who became a Christian

  98. Can we reach Muslims here in America?

  99. What can happen to Muslim women who are saved?