1. Town Hall with Governor Rick Snyder - January 22, 2013

  2. Funding for Woodward M-1 Rail Announced in Detroit

  3. Governor Snyder Discusses Road Funding Reform

  4. 2013 State of State Address - Michigan Governor Rick Snyder

  5. State of the State: Michigan's Economic Comeback

  6. Michigan's Comeback: Facts and Stats

  7. Governor Rick Snyder Attends 2013 Detroit Auto Show

  8. Governor Rick Snyder on 2012 Accomplishments

  9. Year-End Media Round Table 2012 with Governor Rick Snyder

  10. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley

  11. Happy Holidays from Governor Rick Snyder

  12. Personal Property Tax Reform Comes to Michigan

  13. Governor Snyder Signs Bills to Help Metro Detroit

  14. Governor Snyder Discusses Concealed Pistol Bill Veto

  15. Governor Snyder Talks about What's Next for Michigan in 2013

  16. Michigan State University December 2012 Commencement Address

  17. Michigan Governor Rick Snyder Right to Work Press Conference

  18. Governor Rick Snyder Signs Right to Work Legislation in Michigan

  19. Governor Rick Snyder on MSNBC Says Right to Work is Pro-Worker

  20. Governor Rick Snyder Says Right to Work Helps Michigan Workers

  21. Michigan Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley Speaks on Right to Work

  22. Union Workers Support Right to Work in Michigan

  23. Governor Rick Snyder Hosts Press Conference on Freedom to Work / Right to Work

  24. Governor Snyder Speaks about Right to Work in Michigan

  25. What Is Michigan's Education Achievement Authority?

  26. Parent Says EAA Improved Education in Detroit School

  27. Parents Explain How EAA Helps Students at Detroit Denby High School

  28. Principal Says EAA Has Helped Detroit Phoenix School

  29. Vice Principal Explains How EAA Has Benefited His Detroit School

  30. Governor Snyder Talks with Students about the Environment

  31. Governor Snyder's Energy and Environment Special Message

  32. Agreement Reached to Save Marquette's Presque Isle Power Plant

  33. A Thanksgiving Message from Governor Rick Snyder

  34. Governor Snyder Speaks at Michigan Veterans Job Fair

  35. Governor Rick Snyder's Veterans Day 2012 Message

  36. Post-Election Media Roundtable with Michigan Governor Rick Snyder

  37. Post-Election Wrap-up with Michigan Governor Rick Snyder

  38. Michigan's Comeback and the Ballot Proposals

  39. Hey Tigers! Let's Bring Home A Win in the World Series!

  40. Michigan State Police 123rd Trooper Recruit School Graduation

  41. Governor Snyder Talks Proposal 5 on Fox News

  42. Tigers, Jobs and Relentless Positive Action

  43. Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley on Proposal 6

  44. Lieutenant Governor Calley on Proposal 1

  45. Lieutenant Governor Calley on Proposal 2

  46. Lieutenant Governor Calley on Proposal 4

  47. Lieutenant Governor Calley on Proposal 5

  48. Lieutenant Governor Calley on Proposal 6

  49. Lieutenant Governor Calley on Proposal 3

  50. Launch of Globe Outdoor Adventure & Discovery Center Project in Detroit

  51. Michigan's 2012 Ballot Proposals

  52. GM to Bring 1,500 New Jobs to Michigan

  53. Michigan Digital Summit 2012 Opening Remarks

  54. Behind the Scenes at WJR

  55. The Real Facts about the New Bridge to Canada

  56. Gateway Project Complete in Detroit

  57. Proposal Five - Two-Thirds Amendment

  58. Proposal One - Michigan's Emergency Manager Law

  59. Proposal Six - One Special Interest Standing in Michigan's Way

  60. Proposal Three - The Consequences of 25 by 25

  61. Proposal Two - The "Back in Time" Proposal

  62. Proposal Four - Forced Unionization

  63. West Michigan Policy Forum 2012

  64. Detroit and Michigan Partnership on Belle Isle

  65. Press Conference on Changes to Blue Cross of Michigan

  66. Ford adds 1,200 new jobs in Michigan

  67. Protecting Michigan's School Retirement System

  68. Relentless Positive Action to Reinvent Michigan

  69. Town Hall with Governor Rick Snyder: August 21, 2012

  70. 500 New Jobs at Detroit Manufacturing Systems

  71. Governor Rick Snyder Weighs in on Ballot Initiatives

  72. Upper Peninsula Reinvention Near Escanaba, Michigan

  73. Kicking Off A Trip to the U.P. at the Mackinac Bridge

  74. 10,000 Jobs and the New Bridge to Canada

  75. Governor Rick Snyder Kicks Off Detroit Community Revitalization Effort

  76. A Partnership to Revitalize Detroit's Neighborhoods

  77. Why Michigan Needs Its Emergency Manager Law

  78. Making Grand Rapids Even Better

  79. A Partnership for a Renewed Detroit Riverfront

  80. Detroit Riverfront Revival

  81. 2012 Michigan Farmers Market at the Capitol

  82. July 2012 Town Hall: Pension Reform, Health Care, Voter ID and More

  83. MSU AgExpo 2012 - Governor Rick Snyder's Speech

  84. Revitalizing Michigan's Education System

  85. Monroe Town Hall - Education, Jobs and More

  86. What's in Michigan's FY 2013 Budget - Governor Rick Snyder

  87. Detroit Businessman John James on Why Detroit Needs the New Bridge Now

  88. Roy Norton

  89. Detroit Regional Chamber's Sandy Baruah explains impact of new bridge to Canada

  90. Doug DeVos on How the New Bridge Will Help West Michigan

  91. All of Michigan Benefits from New Bridge to Canada

  92. Bill Ford Explains How the New Bridge Between Detroit and Canada Will Help Ford Motor Company

  93. Governor Rick Snyder on New International Trade Crossing

  94. Governor Rick Snyder Offers remarks at the Economic Gardening Conference.

  95. Gov. Snyder: The budget is balanced

  96. #AskGovSnyder #4

  97. #AskGovSnyder #3

  98. Gov. Rick Snyder thanks our troops serving overseas

  99. Gov. Rick Snyder signs legislation expanding educational opportunities