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Norman Thomas Quintette with Freddie Crump in "Harlem-Mania" 1929

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Uploaded on Sep 26, 2011

Warner Brothers Vitaphone Reel 827, May 1929, Copyrighted July 22, 1929, released June 23, 1929 (that's correct order)
SONGS: "Sleep Baby, Sleep" "Listen to the Mockingbird" "Melody in F"
PERSONNEL; PIANO, Norman Thomas; DRUMS, Freddy Crump; VOCAL, Earl Shanks; DANCERS,Alphonse Kennedy, Stanley Brown....Freddy Crump was with Gonzelle White's band 23-25 (with Count Basie). Thomas and Crump moved to Britain in 1937 and became a fixture in the Music Halls. In 1944 Crump joined the excellent Johnny Claes Big Band and did regular radio work on the BBC including his own comedy routines...

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