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  1. Rep.Buchanan: Work Together To Create Jobs

  2. Buchanan Discusses Jobs, Seniors & Health Care

  3. Buchanan: Jobs Should Be Our Top Priority

  4. Buchanan Speaks Against Taxing Small Business To Pay For Health Care Reform

  5. Rep. Buchanan Wins Small Business Award

  6. Rep. Buchanan Presses SBA To Increase Credit To Small Business

  7. Rep.Buchanan Speaking In Support Of Small Business

  8. Rep. Buchanan Speaks Against Health Care Tax On Small Businesses

  9. Rep. Vern Buchanan Hosts A Small Business Forum

  10. Rep. Vern Buchanan Talks About Small Business On The Fox Business Channel

  11. Congressman Vern Buchanan (FL-13) Speaks In Support Of His Small Business Counseling Bill

  12. Congressman Vern Buchanan (FL-13) Calls for Small Business Tax Simplification

  13. Congressman Vern Buchanan Calls For Tax Code Simplification For Small Business.

  14. Rep. Buchanan Speaking In Support Of Focusing On Small Business

  15. "Small Businesses Need Access To Capital" - Vern Buchanan

  16. The Buchanan Five Point Jobs Plan

  17. Rep.Buchanan: Work Together To Create Jobs

  18. Vern On Morning Joe

  19. Buchanan Supporting Small Business

  20. Buchanan "Stimulus" Starts With Small Business

  21. Vern Hosts Small Biz Forum

  22. Vern on Tax Reform

  23. Working With Businesses to Create Jobs

  24. Vern On Morning Joe

  25. Vern on Job Creation

  26. Vern on Job Creation