1. Home Buddies: Wedding Planner

  2. Amanda Bynes' I'm Doing Just Byne

  3. Justin Timberlake's Justin Time

  4. Alcoholiday's Piss Me, I'm Irish

  5. Oz The Great and Powerful "Ruby Red Sipper"

  6. Home Buddies: She's all That Part 3

  7. Home Buddies: She's All That Part 2

  8. Home Buddies: She's All That

  9. Tyler Oakley's My Ty Thai Mai Tai

  10. Alcoholidays Valentine's Berry Tini COCKtail

  11. The Harlem Shake v69 (YouDeserveADrink/DailyGrace edition)

  12. Quickshots: Super Bowl Hot Shot!

  13. Home Buddies: Mean Girls 2 (take 2)

  14. Home Buddies: Mean Girls 2

  15. Leonardo Dicaprio's Slumber Par-Tea!


  17. Holiday in Handcuffs Hangout

  18. Alcoholidays: Santa's Snack

  19. YTDAD: Michael Buckley's Hot Gossip

  20. Miley Cyrus's Let that Man Go Mango Mojito

  21. AlcoHoliday's: A Halloween Spicy Vodkaaaah Martini

  22. One Direction's Boy Bandaid

  23. YTDAD: Vegan Bailey Grace

  24. Obama's Baby Mama's Pomma Martini

  25. Jennifer Aniston's Too Legit To Pitt

  26. Quick Shots! Olympic Back Porch Torch

  27. Robert Pattinson's That's Some Bullshit

  28. The Avenger's Hulk Smash

  29. Justin Bieber's Pickletini

  30. YTDAD: Hannah Hart's Pear of Harts

  31. John Travolta's Happy Ending

  32. Jessica Simpson's Scotch Rocket

  33. YTDAD: Mitchell's Lava Michelada

  34. Quick Shots! Girl Scout's Eat my Box

  35. Angelina Jolie's Something Blue

  36. Alcoholiday's Easter Finder's Peepers

  37. A Hunger Games' Hurl on Fire

  38. Alcoholiday's Valentine's Heart Beet

  39. Belle Of The Ball Quick Shot

  40. Paula Deen's Hot Buttered Rum

  41. Zooey Deschanel's Banana Splitsville

  42. Alcoholidays- New Year's Cereal Killer

  43. Lindsay Lohan's Hot Mess AKA Fire Crotch

  44. Madonna's Boy Toy

  45. Thanksgiving Quick Shots

  46. Twi-Hard On Martini

  47. Rihanna's Hotty Toddy

  48. Kris Humphrie's No Mo'jito

  49. Beyonce's Cinna-Bun in the Oven!

  50. Ryan Gosling's Dark'n'Horny

  51. Ashton Kutcher's Figetaboutit

  52. Quick Shots! A Brain Buster!

  53. Reese's PIeces Shake!

  54. True Blood's Sookie Sake Cooler

  55. Kate Winslet's Fired Up Margarita

  56. PapaRAZZI pops

  57. Big Boi's Hey Yacht!

  58. A Bruce Juice!

  59. Britney's 'Water' You Thinking?

  60. J Lo Jigglers

  61. Harry Potter's Flaming Butterbeer

  62. Teresa Guidice's Garden State

  63. Alcholidays Americarita.mov

  64. Cameron Diaz's Bad Apple!

  65. Hugh Hefner's Wedding Cake Martini

  66. Sage Advice for Dakota!

  67. Snookipinno

  68. An 'O' Fashioned

  69. Quick Shots! Shot Through the Heart.mov

  70. Thyme's Up!.mov

  71. AlcoHolidays! Dishonest-TEA!

  72. Bloody Mariah

  73. Quick Shots! A Royal Buzz

  74. Scarlett Fever Margariter

  75. Kirstie Alley's Spicy RUMba!

  76. Katy Peary's Berry Blue Martini

  77. Wyclef Jean Painkillers

  78. The Situation's Lemonade Grenade

  79. Charlie Sheen's Tiger Blood Gimlet