1. Final stage of JOURNEY. Ahh yes...more SAND!!! (Commentary)

  2. tMP: KAKASHI w/ Mangekyō Sharingan Eye (22x28 Oil on Canvas)

  3. Evil RYU: #6 FEI LONG's 4 a Win! Day 14 w/ Monkey (Commentary + Gameplay)

  4. TLHM's EVIL RYU vs SAGAT (4200 PP)


  6. the MONKEY's JOURNEY part 3 -WARNING: too Sexy can be Scary

  7. Evil Ryu: Sagat Taunts Evil. Evil Taunts Sagat. Sagat dies. The End. DAY 8

  8. Evil RYU: Responds to Hate Mail - DAY 7 - Must Watch

  9. DAN's Corrupted Files Edition 2012 - DAY 6

  10. the MONKEY's JOURNEY part 2 - WARNING - Game gets SEXIER

  11. tMP: STEVE NASH as a Laker! (18x24 Oil on Canvas)

  12. the MONKEY's JOURNEY part 1 - WARNING: too Sexy

  13. Evil RYU: Kenneth & Zangbeef look to taste the Dark Hado

  14. tMP: BLAKE GRIFFIN Painting (18x24 Oil on Canvas)

  15. DAN vs Ryu / Chun Li / Blanka -DAY 1- DAN's Road to Top Tier

  16. vLog - 6,000 SUBs!!! + What's in store this week

  17. tMP: Blanka vs Coconut (18x24 Oil on Canvas) Life's a Game so Let's Play it

  18. TLHM's Evil Ryu vs CenHenry and his Honda Truck (commentary + gameplay)

  19. Evil Ryu: Pre-Evo 2012 PP Party Ranked Matches! (commentary + gameplay)

  20. Evil Ryu: Canadian Sk8ter offers Monkey his PP (commentary: Daigo + Art)

  21. SFxT: Kuma X Ryu vs. Ryu X Stupid Hug-O (Official Hug-O Music!)

  22. tMP: Naruto w/ Rasengan (24x30 Oil on Canvas)

  23. Choose OUR HERO's Face!

  24. Evil RYU's DANmage Control!!! my Monkey Brain was Drained after this set!

  25. the Monkey Paints: SOLID SNAKE! Link in Description for Mobile Users.

  26. DANs Back! Get ready for a week of Art,Games, Laughs,Losses and Love!!!

  27. Update: OUR Hero's Pose! I appreciate everones participation!!!

  28. SFxT: KUMA X RYU Lakers Edition! OUR Hero first Sketch vid out tomorrow!!

  29. Evil Ryu: Discussing our HERO Painting a bit and Evo

  30. tMP: KOBE BRYANT 24x30 Oil Painting (Humor + Art) Life's Beautiful so Let's Paint It :)

  31. OUR Hero UPDATE - THUMBS UP the Male or Female I put below please.

  32. Help Monkey Paint OUR Hero! (Subscriber driven painting!)

  33. Amnesia at Midnight....OMFG!!! Part 2 (Warning: Watch on toilet if you know what's best)

  34. Let's go on a Journey

  35. SFxT: Fancy Bear! Ryu X Kuma (Day 6 w/ Monkey)

  36. vLog: It's All about the Journey (or is it?!) Day 5

  37. Prototype 2: ProtoHype! (Commentary + Gameplay) Day 4

  38. SSF4 AE 2012: Dan and E.Ryu Grow their PP's together! Day #3

  39. a Quickie w/ DAN now and a Longie with DAN and Evil Ryu tonight!

  40. Amnesia: the Dark Descent Gameplay + Commentary (7 Days w/ Monkey Day 2)

  41. Monkey Discovers Happy Wheels #2

  42. Prototype 2: Gameplay + Commentary 7 Days w/ Monkey Day#1

  43. 5,000 Subs! Prototype 2, Amnesia and 7 days of vids :)

  44. tMP: GUILE Alt Costume and F-22 Raptor (Commentary + Oil Painting)

  45. tMP: Bad-Box-Art MegaMan & Ling Xiaoyu of Tekken (18x24 Oil on Canvas)

  46. tMP: HEIL SHITLER! (18x24 Hitler Oil Painting + Commentary)

  47. tMP: RYU from Street Fighter Oil Painting (24x30 commentary NSFW)

  48. tMP: CONAN O'Brien 18x24 Oil Painting

  49. tMP: ADON from Street Fighter (18x24 Oil on Canvas Commissioned piece)

  50. tMP: SAKURA Fan Art 18x24 Oil on Canvas

  51. tMP: CODY from Final Fight (18x24 Oil Painting)

  52. tMP: DAN HIBIKI 18x24 Oil Painting

  53. tMP: Re-United (18x24 Oil on Canvas +Commentary)