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  1. RT Win: Clinton asks for cash as US 'losing world info war'

  2. Multimedia: Afrikaner Blood, inside a racist bootcamp

  3. [Deleted Video]

  4. 紀念中華民國一百年-歷史回顧篇【HD】

  5. 復興大中華民國,誰說那是天真的預言?

  6. 中華民國 國旗歌 National Flag Anthem of the Republic of China

  7. 【大陆不敢播的完整版国父原音】中山先生病逝前关于三民主义的演说与叮咛

  8. 中古漢語 無伴奏合唱 三民主義 Chinese anthem a capella

  9. Band of Horses - The Funeral [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

  10. Lena's note card video.

  11. vrede, welvaart en stabiliteit

  12. String Theory for the Scientifically Curious with Dr. Amanda Peet

  13. Carrie Underwood-Jesus, Take the Wheel Lyrics

  14. Mariah Carey - Fantasy

  15. Putting your hand in the Large Hadron Collider...

  16. ♥♫►[FZL/Ulzzang Girls: Chinese Models]◄♫♥

  17. Making of 'Pegasus' -- HUAWEI Ascend

  18. Meet Windows 8

  19. [Deleted Video]

  20. Era - The Mass

  21. Olympic moment Lu Yong X Andrei Rybakov - Beijing 2008

  22. [Deleted Video]

  23. November Showdown? Ron Paul 46%, Obama 48%

  24. Ron Paul - Three of a Kind

  25. [Deleted Video]


  27. Ron Paul Surges to 20% in South Carolina!

  28. Ron Paul Surging In South Carolina, Now 3rd At %20

  29. Ron Paul is SURGING! Moneybomb for a SURPRISE VICTORY in South Carolina!

  30. Ariana Grande - Put Your Hearts Up *Studio Version* ♥

  31. Ron Paul: We're Dangerous to the Status Quo and the Federal Reserve

  32. Doug Wead: This Is Now a Two-Man Race between Ron Paul and Mitt Romney

  33. Ron Paul Interview On Fox's Off The Record "I'm In This, I'm a contender" 'you're A Rock star'

  34. Ron Paul 2012: We the People Have the Power

  35. Don't be Conned by the NIA -- Do not promote their videos

  36. Doug Wead to Reporter: Do Your Job and Find Out Who Really Made the Anti-Huntsman Video!

  37. Ron Paul Ad - Newt Gingrich Serial Hypocrisy 60 second

  38. Ron Paul: A Fiscal Conservative Who Believes in a Constitutional Foreign Policy

  39. Newt Gingrich: Serial Hypocrisy

  40. "America's Choice: Liberty or Death?! (Ron Paul 2012 Rap Song)" by Smiley Chris MUST SEE HD!!!!

  41. Ron Paul: The One We've Been Looking For (Amazing New Ad!)

  42. Jesse Benton: Ron Paul Is the Strongest Candidate against Obama

  43. The Compassion of Dr. Ron Paul

  44. For Liberty Re-cut - Ron Paul 2012 Handout DVD HD

  45. Anyone who disagrees with me is racist!!!

  46. *STEAL THIS VIDEO* Ron Paul and others expose the "mainstream medias" brainwashing!!

  47. Is the GOP Establishment Scared of Ron Paul?

  48. New Ron Paul Ad: Staying on the Right Path

  49. Ron Paul: Phone From Home Our Secret Weapon

  50. Tea Party Diva Bachmann Attacks Ron Paul on Iran During Iowa Debate

  51. Ron Paul and Michele Bachmann go head-to-head

  52. Tea Party Money Bomb Message from Ron Paul

  53. Ron Paul Money Bomb Dec. 16, 2011 - Pledge Now!

  54. Maroon 5 - Moves Like Jagger ft. Christina Aguilera

  55. Sad Koala Eats An Apple

  56. Eisenhower warns us of the military industrial complex.

  57. 'Anonymous' threatens Bernanke

  58. Anonymous - Message to NATO

  59. Immortal Technique on #ows, Obama, 2012 election, Ron Paul, Immigration, Bloomberg

  60. Remember the Media: Black THIS Out: Ron Paul 2012

  61. Ron Paul: As President I'll Bring the Troops Home Immediately!

  62. Ron Paul Explains Plan to Restore America on Meet the Press

  63. Ron Paul: Don't Allow Big Government to Determine Your Future!

  64. Ron Paul: Yes, We Can Cut $1 Trillion Immediately

  65. Why Ron Paul did not win the Florida Primary Part II

  66. Election 2012: Barack Obama 42%, Ron Paul 41%

  67. Blue Republican - How to Register Republican for Ron Paul (update Oct 21)

  68. Ron Paul on Cavuto 10/26/11

  69. BEFORE and AFTER the rebels "liberated" Tripoli (18+)

  70. Ron Paul getting pissed

  71. This Video Changed My Life: 'Ron Paul: Stop Dreaming'

  72. Ron Paul 2012 Amazing!!!

  73. Ron Paul Conviction Ad

  74. Ron Paul Ad - Secure

  75. Ron Paul Ad - Life

  76. Ron Paul Ad - Consistent

  77. Ron Paul Plan To Restore America Press Conference

  78. New Ron Paul Ad - Plan

  79. Ron Paul Ad - Plan

  80. What If Ron Paul was President 2012 ? Song by Rise, Consise & Krookid

  81. Stormtroopers' 9/11

  82. BBC Reports Collapse of WTC Building 7 Early-- TWICE

  83. RON PAUL MEDIA BLACKOUT Mic Left On At Debate

  84. Penn and Teller Defend Ron Paul vs. Luntz and Fox News

  85. Ron Paul: Media-Trix

  86. [Deleted Video]

  87. Democrats Warn: Beware Ron Paul!

  88. Herman Cain's 9-9-9 plan, Occupy Wall Street

  89. Ron Paul on CNN 10/18/11

  90. Peter Schiff on record gold prices: I told you so!

  91. How to silence a Nobel Prize winning economist: Ask him about the economy.

  92. Peter Schiff v. Art Laffer (best edit ever)

  93. Krav Maga gun disarm

  94. Ron Paul Highlights - Bloomberg/Washington Post GOP Debate

  95. Ron Paul on Chris Christie and al-Awlaki

  96. Ron Paul: You Think They Attack Us Because We're Free and Prosperous?

  97. Ron Paul: Printing More Money Is NOT the Solution

  98. Ron Paul's Message to Hispanics: Same as to Everyone Else

  99. Ron Paul: Who Else Is on Obama's Secret Kill List?

  100. Ron Paul: The System Is Biased against the Middle Class and the Poor

  101. 2012 Elections: Who's funding who?

  102. MSM: 10 yrs. GLOBAL war on terror

  103. Nigel Farage: United States of Europe insane politics

  104. Occupy Wall Street: Too Big to Ignore

  105. Wall Street protesters to RT: We can take down US fat cats!

  106. The Alyona Show Goes to #OWS

  107. Keiser Report: Pirates & Protesters (E197)

  108. Occupy Together: World Street protests fight big banksters

  109. Occupy Assange: 'Corrupt banks, corrupt cash'

  110. Occupy World St.: From NYC to Everywhere

  111. Video: Massive standoff at Occupy Times Square

  112. Severe police action as thousands of Occupy protesters fill Times Square

  113. First night video of Occupy Rome clashes, cop cars on fire

  114. More video of Occupy London protest scuffles, arrests

  115. Will US Stay in Iraq To Protect Oil Interest?

  116. CrossTalk on Occupy Wall Street: The 99%

  117. The Revolution Against the Federal Reserve Starts Now

  118. Federal Reserve Tells YouTube to Take Down Critical Video!!

  119. Occupy San Antonio The Rain Cannot Stop The Movement

  120. Alex Jones & Matthew Medina on Ending The FED

  121. The Rabble Dare Step on The Private Property of The FED

  122. "It's Time To Start Arresting Them!"

  123. Occupy Wall Street Dangerous - Romney

  124. Occupy Wall Street -- What's next?

  125. Bill O'Reilly Rips Occupy Wall Street Protesters

  126. Occupy Wall Street -- faces of the revolution

  127. Geraldo and Fox run away from Wall Street

  128. Fox News LIARS Visit Occupy Wall Street 10/09/11

  129. [Deleted Video]

  130. Wall Street Mocks Protesters By Drinking Champagne 2011

  131. Inequality could cause American Spring

  132. American Spring? 'Occupy Wall Street just the beginning'

  133. Occupy Wall Street Police Abuse


  135. Occupy Wall Street -- America's own Arab Spring?

  136. Occupy Wall St. Continues

  137. Occupy Wall Street protesters punished by NYPD

  138. Occupy Wall Street Protests

  139. Anonymous - Occupy Wall Street

  140. [Private Video]

  141. [Private Video]

  142. Occupy Boston - Fuck the fed

  143. Why Do You Occupy? - Interviews At Occupy Boston

  144. Occupy Boston - September 30th GA segments

  145. Occupy Boston: Police beat war veterans, 100 arrested

  146. Noam Chomsky on Occupy Boston 9/30/2011

  147. Boston Police Attack Veterans for Peace by @haveyoumetter for @DigBoston

  148. The Economy: Ron Paul vs Zeitgeist [RAP NEWS 9]

  149. Nappa moments, DBZ /yugioh abridged Nappa quotes

  150. Ron Paul (LIKE A BOSS): Drops the Knowledge Bomb on Rick Perry and the media

  151. Don't tread on me

  152. Ron Paul Ad TRUST

  153. Ron Paul on Freedom Watch 9 26 11

  154. Ron Paul: Wheels Up to the White House

  155. Black THIS Out! - Oct. 19 Money Bomb for Ron Paul

  156. Ron Paul: Freedom Is Popular in New Hampshire... and Everywhere Else!

  157. Ron Paul Attacks Institutionalized Assassination of US Citizens

  158. Ron Paul Campaign Speech in New Hampshire (Leap for Liberty Event)

  159. Ron Paul at Webster Hall NYC

  160. Ron Paul Speaks on Constitution Day in Freeport, TX

  161. Why the Military Loves Ron Paul

  162. Ron Paul's Pro-America Foreign Policy

  163. Ron Paul to Obama: Let's Get Real on Jobs!

  164. [Private Video]

  165. Ron Paul's Full Speech at LPAC: "Don't Steal - the Government Hates Competition!"

  166. Ron Paul Opens Campaign Office in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

  167. Ron Paul's Speech at LSU: Promote Peace and Prosperity!

  168. Vince Vaughn: I Called Ron Paul to Talk about the Fed

  169. Ron Paul: A Veteran's Best Friend [Audio Fixed]

  170. Ron Paul 2012 History Starts now

  171. Chengdu City promotional VOD

  172. Why the Media Ignores Ron Paul.

  173. Ron Paul Post-Debate Interview with Sean Hannity

  174. Ron Paul Highlights - Fox News/Google Republican Debate

  175. Saving the world economy from Gaddafi - Gold Dinar

  176. SCO Tribute

  177. Ron Paul 0wnz the Federal Reserve

  178. The Ron Paul Tipping Point

  179. Ron Paul's Urgent Warning!

  180. Ron Paul vs Bernanke: Is Gold Money? - July 13, 2011

  181. Remembering 9/11: One Day, Our Descendents Will Know the Truth

  182. Ron Paul Iowa Debate Highlights Part 1

  183. Jim Rogers China is the superpower of the 21 st century the future is in Asia

  184. "Bernanke is an idiot" - Jim Rogers on Bloomberg 2008.01.18

  185. Jim Rogers going mad on Bloomberg Interview (February 11, 2009)

  186. Best Jim Rogers Video Ever

  187. CrossTalk: Socialism for the Rich (ft. Jim Rogers)

  188. Jim Rogers supports Ron Paul

  189. Legendary Investor Jim Rogers Discusses Ron Paul, Economic Crisis with Financial Times

  190. Ron Paul Is Front Runner, Establishment Panicking!

  191. Thom Hartmann: Are high gas prices another Wall Street scam?

  192. Ron Paul The real reason why oil prices are high

  193. Ron Paul tells the real reason for the oil prices

  194. The Difference: Barack Obama & Ron Paul

  195. Restore America, Paul vs Obama

  196. How Obama Got Elected... Interviews With Obama Voters

  197. Game Over for Fiat Money?

  198. Ron Paul: Four Part Campaign History pt. 2

  199. Ron Paul: A 2012 Revolution

  200. Ron Paul to Fed: All You Can Do is Print Money - And It Doesn't Do Any Good!