1. Pretend (Re-write Cover) Original by Amanda Yang

  2. Gallery (Piano Cover)

  3. I Choose Jesus (Cover)

  4. Dear No One (Nice Guy Rewrites)

  5. His Mistake~ Usher (cover)

  6. Love is a verb (cover)

  7. Wait For You by Matthew Kruz

  8. Redeemed by Big Daddy Weave (Covered by Jesse Hur)

  9. Better Man by Jae Park (Covered by Jesse Hur)

  10. Don't Get No Better -Mac G

  11. Simply Because

  12. Call Me Maybe (Snippet)

  13. Love Comes & Now Loves Gone (Orig.) Jesse Hur

  14. Me, Myself, & Music - (Cover/Remix) Jeff Bernat ft. AH

  15. Unstoppable- Ryan bandong (piano verison)

  16. Re: The Kingdom Shoe Contest! Spoken Words

  17. Birthday/Cover snippet What Makes you Beautiful

  18. Bottom Dollar - (Cover/Remix) Jesse Hur & AH

  19. Drake - Take Care Feat. Rihanna Piano Cover by Amanda & Jesse

  20. Hearing & Listening (Original) - AH

  21. Mean the World (original)

  22. Your Smile Looks Great? Happy Val-Lun-Times Day

  23. Miss Me (Cover/Remix) - AH

  24. Until Next Try (finished)

  25. Gabe Bondoc medley

  26. Joseph Vincent - Bumble Bee Cover (Jesse Hur)

  27. cheap date cover

  28. A Cheesy medley (Pretty) Crushed / With a Note covered by Jesse Hur

  29. Grandpa (unfinish)

  30. Price Tag by Jesse J covered by Jesse H

  31. You and I by JRA Piano cover by Jesse Hur