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Uploaded on Dec 21, 2010


Jesse looked over at her as they drove away "your not getting out of my car with that shirt on" she rolled her eyes at him "stop acting like dad its just a shirt" rolling her eyes "that was meant to fit you two years ago" already parking "how'd you know?, this is from two years ago" she smirk and got out of the car "idiot" he mumbled getting out of the car too

"Kenzie as much as I don't want to care you are my sister so just wear your jacket over it, you don't have to zip it up" letting out a sigh "fine" she punched her bag into his chest so he could hold it as she put the jacket back on "happy?" giving him a fake smile he nodded "extremely" Just then Juliet appeared by her side "hey" Kenzie smiled down at her best friend "hey" Juliet's eyes traveled to Jesse and shyly gave him a smile "see you kids later" Jesse said and walked away to find his friends

"oh my god Julie this infatuation with my brother has got to stop" it might sound like she is being harsh but Jesse sees Juliet as a sister they all grew up together Juliet is the daughter of Selena's best friend Taylor "I can't help it Kenzie he is just so cute" making a gagging sound "we need to find you a new crush" Kenzie told her as they reached their lockers "but Jesse is my prince charming I know it" Kenzie let out a sigh as she grabbed her textbook Julie believes in all that fairytale stuff because of her mom, she was named Juliet after Romeo & Juliet after all "Julie I don't want to be mean or anything but you do know Jesse has a girlfriend" slouching her shoulders "I know. ." Interlocking her arm with hers "c'mon lets just get to class before we are late"

The morning went by and lunch arrived they walked to the cafeteria to meet with some of their other friends before reaching their table Kenzie was suddenly stopped by a tugging on her arm she turned around to meet with Tristan's blue eyes "can I help you?" she said coldly "Kenzie I just want to talk" she turned to look at Juliet "I'll catch up right now" nodding she walked away

"what do you want to talk about Tristan?" he put his hands in his pockets "listen what happened on Friday I was stupid I didn't know what I was doing" she scoffed "so what did you trip and your lips landed on hers?" crossing her arms over her chest "I wasn't thinking just forgive me please one more chance I love you Kenz" looking at his pleading eyes she shook her head "I can't Tristan sorry its done" walking away leaving him standing there she does love the guy but not so much that her heart is broken

"so what happened?" Julie asked as soon as she sat down "he wanted me to forgive him but I didn't" nodding "good his jerk are you feeling okay though?" this time she nodded "yeah I'm seriously done with high school boys they're so immature and retarded and I was getting tired of sneaking and lying to my dad all the time" Julie laughed "your dad is super protective the man needs to calm down" taking a bite of her pizza she laughed too

When they got home Nick and Selena were cuddled in the sofa "get a room" Kenzie said as she took of her jacket Nick pulled away from Selena they both laughed at their daughters remark "how was school?" Jesse shrugged and started heading for the stairs "wait we have something to say to you kids" both Kenzie and Jesse stopped what they were doing and turned their attention to their parents "don't tell me mom's pregnant?!" Kenzie retorted "dad no glove no love remember?!" Jesse added "Jesse!" Selena scolded "I'm just saying. ." He shrugged

"your mom is not pregnant" Nick stated "thank god" Kenzie sighed in relief

"anyway a friend of mine is going to be staying with us for a little while in the guest room" nodding "cool" this time Jesse did leave "do we know him?" Kenzie asked "no he just got transfer here and barely started working for the company" nodding while listening "everything will be cool as long as he stays out of my way" Selena squinted her eyes at her "I'm just saying now since I'm leaving you guys can go back to your make-out session" she smirked at her parents and hurried up the stairs

so I wasn't going to upload this but couldn't resist :)

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