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Three Long, Two Short: Departure of R/V Oceanus from Woods Hole

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Uploaded on Jan 25, 2012

There were more than a few teary eyes in the crowd today (it was the wind and cold, really) as R/V Oceanus departed Woods Hole for the last time. After 36 years at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, the Workhorse of the North Atlantic is headed to the West Coast to replace its sister ship, R/V Wecoma as Oregon State University's oceanographic research vessel. As the ship begins to leave the dock, listen for it to give a nautically proper 3-long-2-short salute with its horn, for other ships in the harbor to return the salute (including R/V Knorr's deep, throaty voice), and for the moment when all formality is finally thrown to the wind and almost every car horn on the dock lets loose. At the very end, you'll also hear the WHOI brass band giving Oceanus its own, jaunty send-off. Safe travels Oceanus, Workhorse of the North Pacific.


  1. 44

    Bottlenose Dolphin Skull

  2. 45

    Leatherback Sea Turtle Head

  3. 46

    False Killer Whale Skull

  4. 47

    Spotted Eagle Ray Head

  5. 48

    Let My Mooring Go

  6. 49

    Q&A with James Cameron

  7. 50

    Ocean Particles Big and Small

  8. 51

    Neptune's Realm

  9. 52

    Team SeaFlow

  10. 53

    WHOI and James Cameron form Science/Exploration Partnership

  11. 54

    The Changing Face of Greenland

  12. 55

    80 Days in Greenland

  13. 56

    New Trigger for Immense North Atlantic Spring Plankton Bloom

  14. 57

    Following the Ice 2012

  15. 58

    R/V Oceanus: The Little Ship that Could

  16. 59

    Into the Dark and Ice

  17. 60

    Research Road Trip

  18. 61

    From Pac-Man to the Seafloor

  19. 62

    All the Water on Earth

  20. 63

    Nitrogen in the Ocean

  21. Three Long, Two Short: Departure of R/V Oceanus from Woods Hole

  22. 65

    Video Plankton Recorder

  23. 66

    Dive with REMUS

  24. 67

    The Scientist Who Loved the Cold

  25. 68

    Line W: A 10-year Portrait of the Planet

  26. 69

    The Atlantic Shelfbreak: Using robotic vehicles to observe ocean life

  27. 70

    Atlantic Shelfbreak: Using robotic vehicles to observe ocean life

  28. 71

    Message from the R/V Atlantis to the Space Shuttle Atlantis

  29. 72

    All the Pretty Jellyfish: Majestic Migrations of Mastigias

  30. 73

    In Search of Tricho, Part 3

  31. 74

    A Rising Tide: Linking Ocean and Ice

  32. 75

    In Search of Tricho, Part 2

  33. 76

    Science in a Time of Crisis: Assessing the Impacts

  34. 77

    Science in a Time of Crisis: Tracking the Currents

  35. 78

    Science in a Time of Crisis: Searching for the Plume

  36. 79

    Science in a Time of Crisis: Sampling the Source

  37. 80

    Science in a Time of Crisis: How Much Oil?

  38. 81

    Science in a Time of Crisis: Oil Spill Pioneers

  39. 82

    In Search of Tricho, Part 1

  40. 83

    Buesseler TWC small

  41. 84

    The Music of Sound

  42. 85

    Time Lapse Video from Fantail of R/V Atlantis

  43. 86

    The Icebot

  44. 87

    From Mud to Molecules

  45. 88

    WHOI in Times Square: What does it take to get to the bottom of the ocean?

  46. 89

    The Once and Future Corals

  47. 90

    Holography and Oceanography

  48. 91

    Sand, Sun, Waves ... and Bacteria?

  49. 92

    Cold-water diving: Going to extremes for research

  50. 93

    Blue Water Diving: Inside the Open Ocean

  51. 94

    WHOI in Times Square: Alien? No. Earthling

  52. 95

    Energy-Efficient Salps

  53. 96

    WHOI in Times Square: What happens when oil mixes with water?

  54. 97

    What Happens When Oil Spills

  55. 98

    Images from the Arctic Seafloor

  56. 99

    A Summer of Science on the Sea

  57. 100

    Life in the Arctic—After Climate Change

  58. 101

    Locomotion in the ocean: Dye sheds light on jet-propelled salps

  59. 102

    West Mata Underwater Volcano Eruption, 2009 (Clip 2)

  60. 103

    West Mata Underwater Volcanic Eruption, 2009 (Clip 1)

  61. 104

    Exploring an Icy, Invisible Realm in Antarctica

  62. 105

    Turning Carbon Dioxide Gas into Rock

  63. 106

    Anatomy of a Tsunami

  64. 107

    Mariana Trench: HROV Nereus collects a sea anemone.

  65. 108

    Mariana Trench: HROV Nereus samples the Challenger Deep seafloor.

  66. 109

    Mariana Trench: HROV Nereus takes a sample using a push core

  67. 110

    Farming Shellfish in Zanzibar

  68. 111

    Buoys Help Avert Whale-Ship Collisions

  69. 112

    A conversation with WHOI engineer Jonathan Howland

  70. 113

    A conversation with WHOI engineer Daniel Gomez-Ibañez

  71. 114

    A conversation with WHOI engineer Matt Heintz

  72. 115

    A conversation with Woods Hole Engineer Andy Bowen

  73. 116

    Underwater vehicle Nereus

  74. 117

    Sampling plankton with the MOCNESS

  75. 118

    Life in the Aquarius Lab

  76. 119

    Will Climate Change Affect the Greenland Ice Sheet?

  77. 120

    What Makes the Great Ocean Currents Flow?

  78. 121

    Animation of the Gakkel RIdge

  79. 122

    Images from the Arctic Seafloor

  80. 123

    The Ultimate Fluid Environment for Scientists

  81. 124

    Earth, Wind, and Fire in Antarctica

  82. 125

    Researchers Band Together to Create a Band

  83. 126

    WHOI: Invasion of the 'Alien Vomit'?

  84. 127

    WHOI: Erupting Underwater Volcano

  85. 128

    WHOI: Alvin Disassembly Movie

  86. 129

    WHOI: The Yeti Crab

  87. 130

    WHOI: Hydrothermal Vents

  88. 131

    WHOI: The North Atlantic Right Whale

  89. 132

    WHOI: Ice-Tethered Profiler Deployment

  90. 133

    WHOI: Launching a Mooring

  91. 134

    WHOI: Jason to the Rescue

  92. 135

    WHOI: Deep Sea Corals

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