1. Christina Bellantoni with Judy Woodruff

  2. News Wrap: Obama Talks Economics, Romney Talks Education

  3. How Voters, Pollsters and Historians Judge Presidents

  4. At U.N., President Obama Condemns Violent Protests

  5. Is Applying for Jobs Online an Effective Way to Find Work?

  6. Average Scores for SAT Tests Drop

  7. GOP Criticism, Addressing Obama's Foreign Policy Challenges

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  10. Why Students Who Underperform Drop Out of School

  11. Political Ad Spending Doubled in 2012

  12. Debate Likely on Iran and Syria at UN General Assembly

  13. Genetic Analysis of Breast Cancer Could Change Treatment

  14. Silent Stalemate in Homs, Rebel and Regime Snipers Face-off

  15. News Wrap: Libyan Military Disbands 'Illegitimate' Militias

  16. Documentary: Why Does U.S. Health Care Cost So Much?

  17. NPR's Ari Shapiro Visits One of the Hottest Political Ad Markets in the Country

  18. Iranian President Ahmadinejad Speaks on Syria

  19. National Zoo Mourns Death of Panda Cub

  20. Iranian President Ahmadinejad Speaks on U.S. Presidential Election

  21. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Speaks on Possible Israeli Attack

  22. NPR's Ari Shapiro visits one of the hottest political ad markets in the country

  23. 'Real Estate Is One of the Most Important Things in Our Country'

  24. The Foundation of the Entire Country Rides on Everybody Having a Decent Job

  25. 'Supporting the Middle Class Is a Big Deal'

  26. Shields and Brooks on Romney's Tax Returns, '47 Percent'

  27. Mitt Romney Releases 2011 Returns Taxes Still a Hot Topic

  28. Shields and Brooks on Romney's Clean Bill of Health and MLB Playoffs

  29. Suppressing Temptation of College Hazing Rituals

  30. French Cartoons, Anti-Islam Film are 'Agitprop Designed to Provoke' Hard-Liner Muslims

  31. News Wrap: U.S. Surge Troops Withdrawn from Afghanistan

  32. Bob Woodward on 'The Price of Politics,' Fiscal Fight

  33. Arctic Ice Cap Shrinks to Record Low Level

  34. Political Fundraising Post-Citizens United

  35. Conversation: U.S. Poet Laureate Natasha Trethewey

  36. Arctic Ice Cap Shrinks to Record Low Level

  37. Syrian Rebels Use 'Cat and Mouse' Tactics to Wage War

  38. News Wrap: Independent Panel to Investigate Embassy Attack

  39. Ancient Papyrus Suggests Thought That Jesus Was Married

  40. Political Fundraising Post-Citizens United

  41. 'Bath Salts' Have Dangerous, Bizarre Effects

  42. Thai Shrimp Industry Exploits Workers to Sell Cheap Shrimp

  43. Ohio state senator Nina Turner says the state's voter identification law will disenfranchise voters

  44. The Gospel of Jesus' Wife

  45. Justice Department on Faulty Operation Along U.S. Border

  46. News Wrap: Romney Insists Americans Better Under Him

  47. Chicago Schools Back in Session, Reform Issues Remain

  48. U.S. Voters Engaged: Pew Suggests Big Turnout in Election

  49. U.S. Eases Sanctions as Myanmar Passes Democratic Reforms

  50. 'We Always Rise Back Up to the Top'

  51. 'Our Country Keeps Getting into More and More Debt'

  52. 'I Would Like To Be Able to Get A Job With My Degree'

  53. National Pride Is at Heart of China and Japan Dispute

  54. GOP Scrambles to Contain Damage from Video at Fundraiser

  55. Kofi Annan on 40 Years Trying to End War, Promote Peace

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  58. Watch the Chicago Teachers Union Press Conference Announcing End of Strike

  59. Bob Woodward Says Romney Should Apologize for 47 Percent Comments

  60. Richard and Elizabeth Muller comment on climate change

  61. William Collins on Global Warming

  62. 'Focus on What's Important and Values of All People'

  63. 'It's a Time of Great Social Change'

  64. 'I Hope There are Young Politicians Out There'

  65. 'Foreign Affairs, That's Important Still'

  66. 'I'd Like to See More Fairness'

  67. Skeptic No Longer Doubts Human Role in Global Warming

  68. Middle Eastern Christians Are Increasingly Emigrating

  69. Poll Numbers Sliding, Romney Plans to Offer Policy Specifics

  70. Doctors Are Charging More for Medicare Patients

  71. Surge of 'Green on Blue' Attacks Has Great Cost for U.S.

  72. News Wrap: Chinese Protests over Japan's Islands Acquisition

  73. Former Supreme Court Justice Souter on Citizens United Decision and Freedom of Speech

  74. Former Supreme Court Justice Souter on The Danger of America's 'Pervasive Civic Ignorance'

  75. Former Supreme Court Justice Souter on Whether Our Democracy Can Endure?

  76. Former Supreme Court Justice David Souter on Health Care Reform Law

  77. Weekly Poem by U.S. Poet Laureate Natasha Trethewey

  78. Post-Convention Politics, Foreign Affairs, and Fed's QE3

  79. Four Years After Bailouts, Banks Have Bounced Back

  80. Data Mining Creating a Revolution for Campaign Strategy

  81. The Nature of Muslim Protests and the Police Response

  82. Charles Scoville Receives an Award for Public Service

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  85. Microlending Makes Jump to Developed World

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  87. For Campaigns, Online Outreach on Libya Attacks, Conventions

  88. Fed Takes Aggressive Stimulus Action to Move Economy Forward

  89. News Wrap: Romney Criticizes Obama on Foreign Affairs

  90. Fed Launches Third Attempt to Stimulate Economy

  91. "The political system fails because...you get told a lot of things that you want to hear"

  92. "The Citizens United decision has really damaged politics in this country"

  93. Libyan Salafists Hope to Assert Power in Embassy Attacks

  94. Apple Unveils iPhone5 Amid Competitive Smartphone Market

  95. Forests in Oregon at Risk from Timber Industry and Chemicals

  96. Campaigns Get Combative Over Embassy Attacks

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  98. Parsing the Census Numbers on Income, Poverty and Insurance

  99. How Climate Change Makes Intense Hurricanes