1. Sen. McConnell "hopeful," "optimistic" on "cliff" deal

  2. Going over the "estate cliff"

  3. Obama "modestly optimistic" on "fiscal cliff" deal

  4. Obama holds last-ditch meeting to avoid "fiscal cliff"

  5. Free hotel rooms for firefighters attending memorials

  6. Senior citizens take neighborhood watch to new level

  7. Trolley giving up wedding business over same-sex marriage

  8. Senators: Trade $1 trillion in Medicare cuts for debt ceiling

  9. Holiday show lights up power plant

  10. Oakland PD gets help to fight high murder rate

  11. Cat flies through the air to safety

  12. Putin to ban U.S. adoptions of Russian children

  13. Search on for suspect in 2nd subway push death

  14. Panda at San Diego Zoo passes exam

  15. Atlanta Braves bring back controversial logo

  16. Close call for dog rescuer

  17. Poll ranks most annoying words of 2012

  18. Fearless photographers go out on limb for extreme sports

  19. Afghan web design firm launches their start-up dream

  20. Top pop culture moments of 2012

  21. Reagan-Thatcher bond revealed in new documents

  22. Chinese investors buying up U.S. assets

  23. BASE jumpers plunge off tower in Kuala Lumpur

  24. Winter storm moving out of northeast, but more to come

  25. Politico's Haberman: Lack of "fiscal cliff" deal worse for GOP

  26. Bush 41 likely to be hospitalized for awhile

  27. Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf dead at 78

  28. Dock strike could cost companies $1 billion a day

  29. Sen. Corker on "fiscal cliff" situation: "It's a travesty"

  30. Headlines: Hillary Clinton expected to return to work next week

  31. "Fiscal cliff" update: Many predictions, little progress

  32. Technology is driving America's oil boom

  33. A jobs boom up in the air

  34. Gifts that change lives around the world

  35. Storm blamed for 16 deaths

  36. Possible strike coming at East Coast ports

  37. An approaching "dairy cliff"

  38. An eruption in Nicaragua, but not everyone leaving

  39. Hawaii's new senator sworn-in

  40. President Obama back in Washington

  41. Woman accused of fake Newtown charity

  42. Walgreens tape captures parking lot tornado

  43. A "sign" of love?

  44. Southwest 737 jet gets stuck in the mud

  45. Biden swears in new Hawaii Sen. Brian Schatz

  46. Hoyer blasts House GOP leaders for absence

  47. Russia's solution to illegal parking?

  48. Shark tank shatters in Shanghai shopping mall - video

  49. Building demo video: 18 stories fall in six seconds

  50. Zuckerberg private family pic goes public

  51. Hockey brawl or "Party in the USA?"

  52. Reid: "Fiscal cliff" can be averted with "one vote"

  53. Chicago's parking meters the most expensive in America

  54. Lt. Gov. Brian Schatz named new Hawaii senator

  55. Cancer screening rates drop, study says

  56. Starbucks message to Congress: "Come Together"

  57. Lionel Richie's "All Night Long" becomes soldiers' anthem

  58. Pat Tillman's widow keeps his memory alive

  59. Online scam demands ransom for computer

  60. Extreme weather: 2012 climate trends

  61. Gun owners vs. Piers Morgan

  62. This year, shoppers were not in holiday spending spirit

  63. Obama returns to DC for "fiscal cliff" work

  64. What happens if we go off the "fiscal cliff?"

  65. Gun owners outed by Westchester newspaper

  66. What do Bush's symptoms mean?

  67. Mandela out of hospital and recovering at home

  68. Storm knocks out power for nearly half a million

  69. President George H.W. Bush remains in intensive care

  70. Winter storm blasts Northeast

  71. Headlines: "Ison" comet could be brightest in generations

  72. Generosity helps woman after superstorm Sandy

  73. Cancer drug shortages lowering childhood lymphoma recovery rate

  74. Killer holiday storm on the move

  75. Holiday sales weakest since 2008

  76. Success at annual "gun buyback"

  77. Former president George H.W. Bush in "guarded" condition

  78. Where is the or'easter headed?

  79. In China, longest high-speed train

  80. Injured whale found on beach in N.Y.

  81. Indie films of 2012: Film critics share their top choices

  82. Alabama football fan left speechless by gift

  83. Air Force dad's Christmas surprise for his daughter

  84. Ben Affleck: "I am not running for office"

  85. New Year's travel tips: It's not too late to get away

  86. Top legal stories of 2012

  87. Watch: Christmas tornado in Alabama

  88. Bartlett's adds more "familiar" quotes to new edition

  89. Stolen puppy returned on Christmas

  90. Actor Charles Durning dead at 89

  91. Coronary disease among troops drops sharply

  92. George H.W. Bush still in hospital

  93. The economics of Christmas in China

  94. China claims world's longest high-speed railroad

  95. Taliban claims responsibility for bombing outside U.S. base

  96. Tech expert offers privacy tips for smartphone users

  97. Is your smartphone watching you?

  98. Headlines: Israel to look at laws restricting prayer

  99. Russia votes to ban US adoptions