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Uploaded on Nov 30, 2011

Skaffold is for everyone interested in, or already investing in, the stockmarket. That can be a private investor, self-managed super fund, financial adviser or professional investors.

 The online application saves a lot of time with calculations, comparison and research because its highly automated.

You can see each stock listed on the ASX colour-coded on a grid rather than a chart. The colour tells you straight away whether the stock is great, average or poor.

Plus, there is a rating system for every single stock. Ratings start at A (highest quality) and go down to C (lowest quality) with a performance score ranging from 1 (best) to 5 (poorest).

Combined with the colours, Skaffold updates daily for every company announcement, making stock-picking a breeze.

A1 and green means great quality and worth a closer look, while C5 and bright red is dangerous.

Because it is available online, it provides easy access for travelling, busy and time-poor investors.

Another plus is the knowledgeable local customer support.

Skaffold earns simplicity with hard work: 120 pieces of data for each financial year for every company are processed through 730 calculations every night. These took almost 18 months to be built. The result is a number of world-first and patented features unique to Skaffold:

● The rating system (A1 for good to C5 for poor, colour-coded to traffic light analogy).

● Skaffold Line (a three-year valuation forecast based on 10 years of historical and consensus analyst data).

● The Cash Flow evaluation screen.

● The Skaffold Verdict.

● The Capital History evaluation screen.

All these features are supported by a stock search, a comprehensive filter and sorting functionality, company information and a range of pre-sorted screens.

Watch this video to discover Skaffold's amazing features, including the Aerial Viewers, Skaffold Line chart, and unique Capital History and Cash Flow views. You'll discover how Skaffold's A1 -- C5 Quality and Performance Scores are displayed and the simplicity of sorting, ranking and cutting your own view of the stock market with Skaffold.

Not a member of Skaffold yet? Review 5 stocks of your choice FREE at skaffold.com.

STEP 1: Go to http://www.skaffold.com, click TRY NOW then type in your email address, first name and daytime phone number.

STEP 2: Type in the name or stock code of a company you'd like to TRY in Skaffold.

STEP 3: Repeat this process for up to 5 companies, then click START DEMO.

You'll see the entire stock market. Your 5 companies will be coloured. Click on your companies to open Fast Facts. Click the blue information icons to learn about Skaffold's features and watch instructional videos. To experience Skaffold's interface click the blue hand icons.

If you like what you see, join the Skaffold community.

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