1. WildLinAlg1: Introduction to Linear Algebra (N J Wildberger)

  2. WildLinAlg2: Geometry with vectors

  3. WildLinAlg3: Center of mass and barycentric coordinates

  4. WildLinAlg4: Area and volume

  5. WildLinAlg5: Change of coordinates and determinants

  6. WildLinAlg6: Applications of 2x2 matrices

  7. WildLinAlg7: More applications of 2x2 matrices

  8. WildLinAlg8: Inverting 3x3 matrices

  9. WildLinAlg9: Three dimensional affine geometry

  10. WildLinAlg10: Equations of lines and planes in 3D

  11. WildLinAlg11: Applications of 3x3 matrices

  12. WildLinAlg12: Generalized dilations and eigenvalues

  13. WildLinAlg13: Solving a system of linear equations

  14. WildLinAlg14: More row reduction with parameters

  15. WildLinAlg15: Applications of row reduction (Gaussian elimination) I

  16. WildLinAlg16: Applications of row reduction II

  17. WildLinAlg17: Rank and Nullity of a Linear Transformation

  18. WildLinAlg18: The geometry of a system of linear equations

  19. WildLinAlg19: Linear algebra with polynomials

  20. WildLinAlg20: Bases of polynomial spaces

  21. WildLinAlg21: More bases of polynomial spaces

  22. WildLinAlg22: Polynomials and sequence spaces

  23. WildLinAlg23: Stirling numbers and Pascal triangles

  24. WildLinAlg24: Cubic splines (Bezier curves) using linear algebra

  25. WildLinAlg25: Cubic splines using calculus

  26. WildLinAlg26: Change of basis and Taylor coefficient vectors

  27. WildLinAlg27: Geometry with linear algebra

  28. WildLinAlg28: Dot products, Pythagoras' theorem, and generalizations

  29. WildLinAlg29: Applications of the dot product to planar geometry I

  30. WildLinAlg30: Applications of the dot product to planar geometry II

  31. WildLinAlg31: Circles and spheres via dot products I

  32. WildLinAlg32: Circles and spheres via dot products II

  33. WildLinAlg34: Oriented circles and 3D relativistic geometry I

  34. WildLinAlg33: The relativistic dot product