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How to Build a Soundpack with Mad Zach

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Published on Feb 17, 2013

Learn more and grab the complete tutorial here: http://bit.ly/VTEWXO
The full 60 minute tutorial goes deep into every detail of the sound pack creation through six distinct lessons:

1) Crafting the Beat: techniques for creating more dynamic drums for live performance -- from scratch!
2) Setting The Mood: creating pads and atmospheres, including starting from a vinyl sample and turning it into emotionally driven sounds that will act as the hook and set the vibe of the track.
3) Melody of One: one note melodies re-envisioned, which can be easily played using one button while still remaining expressive and diverse
4) Risers 101: Creating Builds To Fit The Pack: creating interesting risers out of samples you already have on hand for buildups, breakdowns, transitions, and more.
5) Bass Face: Addressing The Modern Sub: How to use MIDI clips, modifiers, and clever patching to create a dope bassline that can be played live
6) GTFO: The Sounds, The Magic -- adding flair to a performance soundpack, including making cool sounds using the simple delay, and recording some vocal samples that take the pack up a notch.

Check out the full Ableton tutorial in the DJTT store: https://store.djtechtools.com/product...


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