1. Rudy Walks

  2. My Third Birthday

  3. Frosty Gets Profiled

  4. Take Your Time

  5. Deconstructing Barney Fife

  6. Old Saint Jack Nick

  7. The Formula for Audiobook Narration Deals

  8. Women with Character

  9. 3 Killer Audiobook Demos

  10. An Audiobook Narrator's Breathing Lesson

  11. Loop Group Party

  12. So Long 12135 Hillslope Street AKA "Casa De Krang."

  13. A Patrick Scott Smokin' Mystery

  14. The Seattle "Pick Up Your Oscar Event"

  15. Pat Fraley's Billion $ Readers

  16. Pat Fraley's voice over Class Master Sessions in LA.

  17. Great Samples of Audiobook Narrators

  18. The Johnny Appleseed of Audiobooks

  19. Are We There Yet?

  20. The Loop Group Skills Masters Event

  21. My Krang Audition.

  22. Why I Love Teaching

  23. Everything They Expect You to Know But Nobody Teaches Event-Seattle

  24. CraftingComedyVideo.mov

  25. What We Have Planned

  26. How Brad Garrett and Pat Fraley Teach Funny

  27. Voice Match! Masters Event with Barbara Harris

  28. Crafting Comedy Under the Stars Event with Brad Garrett & Pat Fraley

  29. The Everything They Expect You To Know But Nobody Teaches Event

  30. AudiobookDemo

  31. The Audition: The Root Canal of Voice Over