1. Bad day for two old Firebirds!!!.wmv

  2. Abandoned cars and trucks rusting away !!.wmv

  3. More abandoned Rides rusting away.wmv

  4. Lost King Cobra Mustang Rare abandond car find.wmv

  5. Awesome Cadillac with 500 cubic inch engine in the junkyard.wmv

  6. Sexy 70's Chevy Van (when the van's a rockin don't come knockin).wmv

  7. Chrysler Imperial with a HEMI engine in the junkyard.wmv

  8. 1976 Firebird abandoned in the snow.wmv

  9. 1968 Firebird abandoned in the junkyard.wmv

  10. Old GMC dump truck abandoned in a field

  11. Old abandoned 4X4 jeep junk yard fined.wmv

  12. Why I like the junkyard finds (Bullet Nose ford) .wmv

  13. Rusty old cars in a junkyard !.wmv

  14. Abandoned Cadillac rusting away

  15. Old car and truck rusting away in a field.wmv

  16. Snow covered Junkyard .wmv

  17. Austin Cambridge abandoned in the woods.wmv

  18. Abandoned mopar in the junkyard ( Dodge Dart ).wmv

  19. More rusty classics rotting away !.wmv

  20. Rusty old classics rotting away and lots of vans !.wmv

  21. Abandoned 396 SS Chevelle rusting away.wmv

  22. More rusty cars left for dead in the woods.wmv

  23. Abandoned 74 chevy Camaro rusting away.wmv

  24. Abandoned 340 1972 Plymouth Duster wasting away.wmv

  25. Morris Minor car rusting away in woods.wmv

  26. Sexy Gearhead Girls with abandoned cars.wmv

  27. Abandoned studebaker truck !