1. Art Gallery Destroyed By Joggers Gag

  2. Just For Laughs - Jesus Makes Money

  3. Kid Disappears In Brick Wall Prank

  4. Sexy Bride Fart Prank

  5. Sneezing Fish Gag

  6. Jesus Carries The Cross Prank

  7. Fat Fart Man Prank

  8. Crazy Speakers Prank

  9. Real Snake In Box Prank

  10. Real Fake Snake Prank

  11. Hot Girl Car Destruction Prank

  12. Police Ass Photo Shoot

  13. Mouse Smoothie Gag

  14. Police Dog Buried Alive Gag

  15. Epic Old Man - Grandpa Fight

  16. Boy With Hands For Feet Prank

  17. Parking Lot Shepherd Prank - Just For Laughs Gags

  18. Deaf Man Scam Prank

  19. Magic Potion For Super Strength Prank

  20. Elderly Gangsters

  21. Milkshake Splash Prank

  22. Police Officer VS Firefighter

  23. Blind Man Dumps Spaghetti On Baby Prank

  24. Sneezing Mannequin Head Gag

  25. Hitchhiking Stroller Prank

  26. Little Boy Pees On Fruits

  27. Speeding Ticket Prank

  28. Hot Cheerleaders Prank

  29. Contradictory Palm Reading Gag

  30. Hatching Boiled Easter Egg Prank

  31. Cake Eats Knife Prank

  32. Live Painting Prank

  33. Hidden Camera - Biker Humiliates Cops

  34. Bell Boy Prank

  35. Nun Slippery Slide Prank

  36. Epic Old Man - Fart Bubbles

  37. Bikers Love Kid Book

  38. NASA Satellite Falls On Car

  39. Virgin Mary Fail

  40. Blind Man Falls Off Toilet

  41. Man Breathes Fire Prank

  42. Security Guard Eats a Rat

  43. Blind Man Lost Phone

  44. Monster Soup Hand Prank

  45. Scary Gorilla Prank

  46. Police Honk At Sexy Girls Prank

  47. Jesus Cures Blind Man

  48. Wanted Man In Toilet Gag

  49. Vase Eats Flowers Prank

  50. Disabled Man Prank

  51. Lifting Fire Hydrant Spray

  52. Epic Old Man - Death Party Prank

  53. Sexy Male Model Prank

  54. Cop Locks Keys In Car Prank

  55. Hot Girl Steals Wallet

  56. Hidden Camera - Lazy Workers Gag

  57. Beaver Man Eats Table Gag

  58. Disabled Man Spills Soup In His Crotch

  59. Scary Monkey Prank

  60. Environmentally Friendly Beaver Prank

  61. Bullying Employee Gag

  62. Police Game Gone Too Far

  63. Incredible Hulk

  64. British Underwear Guard Prank

  65. Scarecrow Shoots Crow

  66. Impossible Ladder Prank

  67. Cooked Chicken Comes Back to Life Prank

  68. Instant Accomplice - Sexy Groping Interview Prank

  69. REJECTED! Gorilla Marriage Proposal

  70. Sitting On Hot Stove Prank

  71. Palm Reader Quick Slap Prank

  72. Officer Mama's Boy Prank

  73. Funny Fish Police Prank

  74. Gay Army Prank

  75. MOST WANTED: Joe Spaghetti

  76. Teleportation Gone Wrong

  77. Blind Race Prank

  78. Breastfeeding Dad Prank

  79. Woman Eats Engagement Ring Prank

  80. Mouse Trap in Mailbox Prank

  81. Police Officer Club Trick Fail

  82. Most Awkward Creepy Salesman Prank

  83. Insane Pink Blonde Girl Prank

  84. Puppy In Sewer Prank

  85. Blind Man Walks Into Gorilla Exhibit

  86. Locker Baby Daycare Prank

  87. Just Married Gay Couple Prank

  88. Horrible Singer Prank

  89. Crazy Old Man Walking Machine Prank

  90. Santa Fight

  91. Bike Rider Drops Baby Gag

  92. Low Chair Prank

  93. Impossibly Fast Growing Christmas Tree Gag

  94. Octopus Attack Prank

  95. Baby Pig Fresh Pork Sausage Prank

  96. Gay Cops In Love Prank

  97. Animal Concerto Prank

  98. Unlimited Orange Juice Prank

  99. Sinking Canoe Prank