1. Tyler Heilman Murdered By Todd Waldron

  2. Le Sueur County, Minn. Cop Todd Waldron Back On Duty; Murdered Tyler Heilman

  3. James Patrick Ahern Murdered By Bella Vista, Ark. Cop Coleman Brackney

  4. Sulphur Springs, Ark. Police Chief Is A Convicted Killer

  5. Bella Vista Cop Coleman Brackney Murders James Ahern

  6. Tempe Cop Jared Blanchard Resigns Over Sex Scandals

  7. Tom Ryff: Tempe Police Chief Admits Lying

  8. Tom Ryff: Tempe Police Chief Harasses Resident Eleanor Holguin

  9. 30 Tragic Stories of Americans Murdered By Police

  10. African American Pastors Condemn Obama's Gay Marriage Pandering

  11. Samantha Fox - I Wanna Have Some Fun (ORIGINAL VIDEO)

  12. Honor Student Diane Tran Jailed For Truancy; Works Two Jobs

  13. Brian A. Wilkins Rapping (May 1997)

  14. Social Engineering: Black Men Conditioned To Kill Black Men; Cower To White Men/Police


  16. Darius Gray: Blacks In The Scriptures

  17. Richmond Height (MO) Woman Anna Brown Arrested At Hospital Begging For Care, Dies In Jail

  18. Americans Conditioned By Television, Music and Politics Into Satanic Normalcy

  19. Barack Obama Eavesdrops On Evelyn Rothschild and David Rockefeller's 2012 Election Plans

  20. Ron Paul Booed For Wanting Proof Of Iranian Nuclear Weapons

  21. Mitt Romney Speaks At Tri-City Christian Academy (AZ); Voters React

  22. Protesters March Through Scottsdale For John Loxas

  23. Florida trooper Dan Cole "Justified" In tasering Danielle Maudsley In Head

  24. Newt Gingrich's Unnatural Obsession With Ronald Reagan

  25. Ron Paul Tells Truth About U.S. Race-Based "Justice"

  26. Newt Gingrich Asks "God's Forgiveness" For Cheating On First Two Wives

  27. Occupy Phoenix: Cops In Riot Gear Arrest Peaceful Protesters

  28. Occupy Phoenix Begins

  29. Barack Obama: From Brotha to House Buffoon In One Week

  30. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell's Race-Based "Justice"

  31. Tempe Cop David Breen Says Its His Job To Assault People

  32. To Andrew Thomas and Tempe Police

  33. Arizona Senator Lori Klein Calls All Mexicans "Gangsters"

  34. Dead Presidents - "Fighting That White Man's War"

  35. Remembering Black Wallstreet (Greenwood District Tulsa, OK); The 500 Year American Holocaust

  36. Arizona Immigration Law: An SB1070 Police Stop

  37. Phoenix Cop Patrick Larrison; Video Evidence He Committed A Crime

  38. Phoenix Police Thug Patrick Larrison Assaults 15-Year-Old Girl

  39. Fox News (Sean Hannity) Plays The Jew Card

  40. Douche Phoenix Cops Try (And Fail) To Have Protesters Arrested

  41. KTVK - Phoenix Police Hold BBQ Fundraiser For Killer Cop Richard Chrisman

  42. Phoenix Police Wife Objects To Killer Cop Richard Chrisman Fundraiser

  43. Wisconsin Democrat Nick Milroy Tackled By State Capitol Police

  44. Homosexual Cop Jonathan Bleiweiss Sexually Assaults Male Illegal Immigrants

  45. Bill Montgomery Calls For Violence Same Day Gabrielle Giffords Shot

  46. FLASH MOBS FOR JOBS: Unemployment Extensions Fails In Congress

  47. Maricopa County Jail: Tent City Food

  48. The (funny) Truth About Andrew Thomas Of Maricopa County, AZ

  49. Phoenix City Council Meeting, Councilman Michael Johnson KTVK 3

  50. Phoenix Police Chief Jack Harris At City Council Meeting (Michael Johnson)

  51. Police Academy: Cadet George Martin...and Tempe (AZ) Police Officer Jared Blanchard

  52. "Joe Arpaio" Beats "Illegal Alien" With A Baton

  53. Phoenix Police Pepper Spray Protestors

  54. New Trial Ordered In David Flores Murder Case

  55. Ice Cream Tee - Let's Work

  56. Heather Ellis Faces 15 Years for Cutting Line at Walmart

  57. President Obama's Speech On Police Brutality, Racism

  58. CBS's Bob Wenzel Insults "Africans" During NCAA Tournament

  59. Brett Elder Tasered to Death by Thug Cops

  60. Creston Iowa Police Thugs Rape Trial (KCCI TV)


  62. Limbaugh and Hannity Hate America

  63. Michael Phelps Aborts Joe Arpaio Jr. (AKA Leon Lott)

  64. Barry Cooper on MSNBC

  65. (2 of 2) MLK Day: You Don't Choose My Heroes

  66. (1 of 2) MLK Day: You Don't Choose My Heroes

  67. Chip, The Inbred Euro: by a "Magic Negro"

  68. Guy Throws Shoes At George Bush!

  69. (2 of 3) We'll Speak For Ourselves: Gay Marriage and "Black" Voters

  70. (3 of 3) We'll Speak For Ourselves: Gay Marriage and "Black" Voters

  71. (1 of 3) We'll Speak For Ourselves: Gay Marriage and "Black" Voters

  72. 55 Days in Maricopa County Jail Preview

  73. MC Trouble - Make You Mine

  74. The Real Roxanne - Roxanne On A Roll

  75. Debbie Gibson - Shake Your Love