1. Epiphone Sheraton II Quick Tone Demo

  2. 1971 Fender Mustang Demo

  3. Stella Harmony Dobro Demo and Overview

  4. Homemade Stella Dobro!

  5. Vintage 1962 Fender Stratocaster w/ Tele Wiring Demo! --------MUST SEE and HEAR!

  6. Jamming with Rome (Sublime with Rome)

  7. 1978 Ovation Balladeer/Legend Demo

  8. Vintage MXR Phase 45 Script Logo Demo

  9. 1980's MIK Hamer Super Strat Demo---SHRED!!!

  10. Ventures Guitar w/ GFS Mini Humbuckers

  11. 7 String Install Video

  12. 1983 Fender 57 Reissue Bass Overview w/ Wooly Mammoth Clone

  13. 7 string Before and After w/ Floyd Upgrades!

  14. Flying V Pickup Height

  15. Univox hi flyer mosrite ventures copy

  16. The Hose Noise from Dig Dug on Guitar

  17. upclose w: speakers.MOV

  18. 1st Round Battle of the Blues 2012 Store Winner

  19. I wish I was Joe Satriani

  20. Short Live Set 2012

  21. "How Soon is Now?" Amp and Guitar Settings

  22. 1956 Fender Esquire/Telecaster Demo

  23. Titanium Acoustic Pins Demo

  24. Vintage 1956 Telecaster/Esquire Demo

  25. LEAD GUITAR ENTRY---Jaxon Building the Band

  26. Johnny Marr Tone Settings---Bigmouth Strikes Again

  27. Vintage Orange 2x12 Demo

  28. Movie on 2012 01 15 at 23 57

  29. 1962 Fender Bass VI Demo with 50's Bassman Amp

  30. hot for teacher

  31. 1976 Strat

  32. MOV02692

  33. 7 String Tap Shred Extravaganza!

  34. FU bridge

  35. custom agent

  36. Violin Beetle Bass Copy

  37. ZOOM0002

  38. BEST FENDER AMP EVER---1975 deluxe reverb demo

  39. Best In Shred Regional Finals

  40. Gibson J-185 Acoustic Guitar Overview

  41. Stealth Esquire Demo

  42. Building the Black on Black Stealth Esquire

  43. Stealth Esquire Demo

  44. 7 string jazz

  45. Floyd Upgrades STRAT Big Block Demo

  46. 1st place Sam Ash Best in Shred Store Championship Philadelphia

  47. Violin Lapsteel overview

  48. Trem Stopper install

  49. Slappin de Bass

  50. Autumn Leaves Avant Garde Solo Jazz Guitar- FOR HIPSTERS!

  51. YYZ solo jazz guitar (improv)

  52. 1 minute of Ibanez RG shred

  53. Floyd Upgrades Brass and Titanium Big Block Demo---Ibanez RG

  54. How to do Double Stop Bends on a Floyd Rose

  55. Demo of Old Harmony Classical Guitar

  56. old harmony cardboard amp demo

  57. RARE- Vintage Harmony Stella w/ Fender Stratocaster Headstock

  58. GUITAR TRICKS---Galaga video game noise with a Floyd Rose trem

  59. Gibson Les Paul Custom with bigsby---DEMO nickel hardware

  60. RG Shreddage--- fast playing on an old ibanez rg

  61. Meeps is a Butterball Turkey Cat

  62. Fender Prosonic Lizard Green--UP CLOSE!!!!! only 500 made

  63. 2 min jazz jam with fast picking

  64. jazz and what not.mov

  65. Roy Buchanon Tele (Bill Lawrence) demo with a fender prosonic amp lizard green

  66. Guy with Tattoos plays with his cat ----Amazing video of a talking cat

  67. Cute Cat

  68. Fat Cat Sits Like Person-----MUST SEE!

  69. 42 seconds of shred on 72 les paul- Dakota Plays Guitar

  70. Shell Pink Esquire Demo " Betty" Dakota Plays Guitar

  71. Pine telecaster riffing in D Standard Dakota Plays Guitar

  72. Poor Mans Blues Breaker, CAN 100 DOLLAR AMP SOUND LIKE BEANO?---Dakota Plays Guitar

  73. Marion Henry Electric "Fuzz Bucket" Pedal Demo Part 2 Strat.mp4

  74. Marion Henry Electric "Fuzz Bucket" Pedal Demo PART 1--Les Paul.mp4

  75. Marion Henry Electric "FUZZ BUCKET" 1 min demo (Dakota Plays Guitar)

  76. Overview and info on my "Grandmom Ruth" Custom Telecaster---Dakota Plays Guitar

  77. My Beat Up Gibson Les Paul Custom w/ Bigsby (Dakota Plays Guitar)

  78. Cadillacs and Dinosaurs Love Soda

  79. Cadiliacs and Dinosaurs--- Dakota Plays Guitar and Kyle 7 string jam

  80. Dakota Plays Guitar- Marion Henry Electric True Bypass Looper Demo

  81. Vintage RARE Ibanez 2661 Demo Pre-lawsuit les paul with vine inlay

  82. Dakota Plays Guitar-MXR Phase 90- Custom Script and FLANGER Mod DEMO!

  83. Paul Gilbert Racer X 2009 Solo Excerpt

  84. Dakota Plays Guitar- Talent Show Performance Brown Eyed Girl (DONT QUIT YOUR DAY JOB)

  85. Dakota Plays Guitar- Talent Show Clapton Medley

  86. Dakota Plays Guitar- Calming Musical Medley (LIVE)

  87. Dakota Plays Guitar LIVE!