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  1. Hazy, hot, humid last-gasp-of-summer- weather-kind-of-day.

  2. ECHO Race :30 sec TV

  3. [Private Video]

  4. [Private Video]

  5. Voices For the Lake Talks with Sara Kuebbing

  6. Stormwater Bar

  7. A Chemical Reaction- Trailer

  8. Would you ever think of doing this?

  9. Do you want to keep our rivers clean?

  10. They Might Be Giants - Science Is Real

  11. The Incredible Journey of a Water Drop

  12. Phebe Meyers - Brower Youth Awards 2008

  13. First Light on Dark Waters Kevin Macneil Brown

  14. How to Build a Rain Barrel

  15. [Private Video]

  16. Land Development and Water Quality

  17. Nanotechnology and the Hydrogen Economy

  18. Seven Islands- Lake Champlain Images and Soundworks by Kevin Macneil Brown

  19. Champ Video Discussion

  20. Voices for the Lake in Burlington, VT Talks About Conservation and Community in the Lake Champlain Area

  21. [Private Video]


  23. Waterlife - Official Trailer

  24. George Woodard Vermont Organic Dairy Farmer Talks About Farming and Education

  25. The Prince's Rainforests Project Awareness Campaign Video

  26. Spark [High Quality]

  27. There's no such thing as the Poop Fairy - Scoop the Poop

  28. Rain water

  29. Paddling Lake Champlain

  30. Sturgeon release

  31. Part 1: Conservation of Vermont's Common Terns

  32. Double Panes

  33. Lake Champlain, VT

  34. Bear Dancing

  35. Robot Fish

  36. What Would Champ Think?

  37. An important water source and habitat.

  38. An important water source and habitat.

  39. A Fish Rap - How Do Fish Get Their Color?

  40. Water Levels Affected by Global Warming?

  41. Big Fish Feeding at ECHO Lake Aquarium & Science Center

  42. passport to echo

  43. Spiny Softshell Turtle at ECHO Lake Aquarium & Science Center

  44. Animal Care Volunteers at ECHO Lake Aquarium & Science Center

  45. Seven Daysies 2008 [92]

  46. Burlington Vermont and the ECHO Museum

  47. Passing the Time