1. Star Trek Voyager -J/7- (they hate these) blurred lines

  2. Star Trek Voyager - No Freedom - A Janeway Video

  3. Janeway: follow me - a J/7 vid -

  4. Star Trek Voyager - One Moment In Time - an Admiral/J/7 vid -

  5. Star Trek Voyager -Guardian- J/7

  6. Star Trek Voyager - Try - Pink - A Janeway video

  7. Janeway - Love to love you

  8. Janeway - Heaven must be missing an angel

  9. J/7 lay all your love on me

  10. brighter than the sun, Janeway is

  11. Janeway/Tuvok Somebody that I used to know

  12. Jig of Life: A Janeway Video

  13. We'll be together J/7

  14. J/7 I dont have anything

  15. J/7 time after time

  16. all about KOVE.WMV

  17. All for You Vol Star Trek Voyager J/7

  18. for Emily (whenever I may find her) "strictly J/7"

  19. Star Trek Voyager - Born This Way

  20. Star Trek Voyager J/7-Unwell

  21. J/7 Animal

  22. King of my castle - Janeway

  23. J/7 Babe I´m gonna leave You

  24. (La Question Cést) Voulez Vous J/7

  25. Sevens Heavy Cross J/7/Borg Queen

  26. In Your Eyes J/7

  27. Our day will come J/7

  28. more than a woman J/7.wmv

  29. I want U I need U I love U J/7

  30. you and the night and the music J/7

  31. Glitter in the Air J/7 and some guys

  32. I said I love U J/7

  33. Janeway relighted J/Crew/7

  34. call you tonight J/7

  35. take you with me J/7 vid

  36. Top of the world J/Crew

  37. some like it hot J/7

  38. Kate Mulgrew Tribute - You are the Universe

  39. We are (swingin´) in love J/7

  40. take me the the way I am J/7

  41. 7s life sucks without Janeway

  42. Holding on J/7

  43. scenes from lovespell, wednesday 3a.m.

  44. It starts to rain... J/7 vid

  45. Thinking of you J/7 and some C

  46. dont call me baby J/7/C and more

  47. window of hope1

  48. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

  49. In the arms of the angels

  50. Mercy J/7

  51. everywhere

  52. Step by step

  53. Wonderful J/7

  54. You`ve Got It

  55. Waiting in Vain J/7

  56. First Date

  57. Move Over Darling

  58. Warwick Avenue

  59. Into The West

  60. sweet dreams / die another day J/7

  61. less conversation

  62. I´m with you J/7

  63. dear hearts

  64. not while I´m around J/7

  65. perhaps love

  66. You`re in my heart

  67. Take a bow J/7

  68. too Sexy

  69. something to talk about J/7