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Fire Red Omega

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Uploaded on Jun 24, 2009

Download link fixed - 14/12/2012


Somewhat cheesy trailer, but I do love the rainbow cloud music.

To get the patch for this edit, as well as a readme and a changes log, download the .rar at this link:


If you are wondering what Fire Red Omega is, it is a new version of Fire Red that I've been working on for about two months that allows you to get all 386 Pokemon in some way or another, as well as changing the trainers' Pokémon, adding some new events in such as legendaries, etc etc and even one or two new areas. It allows for much more variety when playing the game - that is the main aim of it. Please see the changes log for a relatively full list.

If for some reason you cannot use the readme or are just too lazy, here are the instructions for using the .ips file:

Remember that you need a GBA emulator such as VisualBoyAdvance or something that can boot .gba roms to be able to play this.

To play this edit, please do the following:

1. Obtain a (1636) Fire Red (U) ROM. This is not supplied with the patch, so you must search for one yourself. Use Google or something.

2. Get an ips patching program. I would recommend LunarIPS since the IPS was made with that.

3. With LunarIPS, open it and choose to 'Apply Patch'.

4. Select the ips file included in the .rar (Fire Red Omega.ips) and double click or press open.

5. Select the Fire Red (U) ROM you have obtained. It must be a (U) version and it must be a clean copy (ie no patch previously used on it.)

6. Choose to open that ROM and the patch will be applied. You can now play Fire Red Omega!

NOTE: If when you boot up the game you get an error about a 1M Circuit Board, stop! In VisualboyAdvance (an emulator, which you should use to play the ROM) click on Options at the top, then go into Emulator and finally Save Type. Choose Flash 128K, then close VBA and reopen it. If you don't get the circuit board message again, you've done it right and can now actually save when you're playing! If it still happens after doing that, then I don't have a clue. The 128K save type should work for all games except the rare oddities such as Golden Sun, anyway.

You will know straight away if it has changed since I've changed the three intro messages at the start to suit my needs.

Enjoy it!

A-Trainer, Advance Map, A-Starter, A-Text, XSE, unLZ.gba, ROM Hacker XP, YAPE. All can be obtained somehow from PokeCommunity.

*Fixes include the placement of Whismur at Mt. Moon's first floor, Loudred at Victory Road's first floor, Illumise and Volbeat at Route 24, the giving of moves to the Electabuzz the rival has in the Lavender Town encounter, the fixing of the Missingno problem in Chronum Tower, a grammar fix in the intro and the revertion of Trapinch's sprite due to a transparency problem.

Those of you who want an encounter list should use this excellent one composed by BidkipOnABus, which has the location for every other Pokémon in the game. (Pokemon that are added in the fix aren't in there, so use the locations above for reference.)


P.S: Note that the updated patch needs to be patched to a clean Fire Red ROM, it won't work if you try to patch it to a currently existing Fire Red Omega ROM.

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