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  50. Would You Pay $100,000 for an Aquarium? - WSJ

  51. What Does Nemo Sound Like Now? - WSJ

  52. U.S. Open Secrets: From Ball Boys to Grunting

  53. A Symphony of Tennis Grunts

  54. Being a Ball Boy-How Hard Can it Be?

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  114. The One-Wheel Pitcher

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  162. Manny Pacquiao Trainer Freddie Roach Previews Bradley Fight

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  165. Manny Pacquiao's Best Friend is 'Pacman' the Jack Russell Terrier

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  169. Rocker Slash Talks New Album: "Apocalyptic Love"

  170. 2013 Ford Escape: Mother (and Father's) Little Helper - Dan Neil Review

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  178. A Bronx Fishing Tale, Adult Shirley Temple, Quick & Easy Mussels

  179. Fishing Tips for the Summer Season -- How to Bait, Cast, and Catch

  180. Bronx Fishing with Big John -- Fishing Gear 101

  181. A Bronx Fishing Tale, Adult Shirley Temple, Quick & Easy Mussels

  182. Actor Michael Clarke Duncan Dies at 54

  183. Make the U.S. Open's Signature Honey Deuce Drink

  184. Hip-Hop Business Pioneer Chris Lighty Dies

  185. Cufflinks: The Missing Link

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  188. Kelly Clarkson Reflects on The 10 Year Ride Since American Idol's Season 1

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