1. Say what you want but you're not getting though to me

  2. I dream a dream IC

  3. Happy Birthday Raye!

  4. | E d i t o r A p p r e c i a t i o n E v e n t [Check Description]

  5. Amon killed the probending star [TVLR2]

  6. Betas of 2012!

  7. You are Mine [Shipping Wars Round 2]

  8. Let's start to begin again [Secret Santa for Tango!]

  9. Raye's wishlist for 2012!

  10. Every Tear [Tearmwork BBT R1// The Mr. Nobodies!]

  11. December's Abyss

  12. Today is the time for forgiveness// Multifandom Vent

  13. Thinking Outside the Box Contest [Round 1]

  14. Just keep breathing. [Gemma Teller Marrow// Epiphany Contest R4]

  15. Static hears puppies!

  16. New and old MEP/Worm Dump!

  17. Just to see what we've done; Fluri [Shipping Wars R1]

  18. Seven Metal Devils

  19. I feel so hollow; [Epiphany Contest R3]

  20. I'm not here without you; Amorra AU [PBR3]

  21. There's a look on your face that I'd like to knock out; vent.

  22. I want the lights on; Terra/Aqua [YRIV]

  23. They don't own me; K&P [YRIV]

  24. You request, I'll vid!

  25. {Data Drain} I don't want to feel like this

  26. [PBR2] Everything will escape// beta

  27. [PBT R1] No one knows what its like to be the bad man; Amon

  28. I'll feel better when the winter's gone; LOK

  29. This is a second coming; The revolution has begun!

  30. Don't walk away when the world is burning

  31. Korra Vs Tarrlock;I can do most anything to you

  32. Haunted Hill; Sansa Stark

  33. Tahno/Korra; You're such an effing hypocrite!

  34. I'll rise [Korra & Amon]

  35. You're not so safe and sound, are you Doctor?

  36. • Best Emotion Results • T H E • 2 0 1 1 • G M V • A W A R D S •

  37. Never let a child cry; Ayra & The Doctor

  38. Bitch aint one, huh Sons?

  39. Bits and bits of unfinished bits (2011 Betas)

  40. Can't Stand to Look at you; Beta

  41. {The GMV Award} Best Emotion 2011// CLOSED

  42. Who would ever want to be King?; Arthur Pendragon

  43. I broke free; ToA Vidlet

  44. You enjoy the chaos you create [Vidlet]

  45. Can you lie next to her? [HBD Spazzy!]

  46. When Angels fly away//Big Boss/Metal Gear Solid {SYTYCV Simi finals JR}

  47. We won't forget; 9/11

  48. Humanity; It Gets Better {Multi-Game}

  49. Looking for something tonight; 123 contest

  50. The day you hoped would never come [Nemo/Anna]

  51. {SYTYCV S3} Video pack

  52. Battle for the Sun, Lannisters

  53. Sheol; City of Locks and Keys - Memories or Dreams?

  54. She didn't get this far by just shaking hands; Dueling Arts BBT Round 2 Vs Kristynvb95

  55. I'm trying to be what you want me to be; [Dany - GOT Vent]

  56. [TAR Vidlet] Reliving the memories; For Kia

  57. {TAR} The moment you said it shattered my world

  58. My kingdom awaits; I am the blood of the Dragon [Dany; GOT]

  59. A year goes by; Dueling Arts BBT VS. Spazzlings

  60. TAR; LA - I don't want the world to see me. [Sinbad/Lance ft Cale]

  61. I will Break; Vidlet

  62. Bang Bang, Baby it's Betrayal. [Micheal/Ruby]

  63. {TAR} That girls a genius; Enter Trish!


  65. Living Legacy

  66. He looks just like you

  67. The final sending; the rest is silence

  68. MEP/Beta Dump 1

  69. Beta Reel 2

  70. 2010 Beta Reel

  71. Final Freedom

  72. Happy Birthday Raye!

  73. Death Do us Part

  74. Birth of the sleep of glittering clouds

  75. I want to be someone else

  76. I'm Permanent Sammy

  77. Protect me from what I want

  78. I forgive you

  79. The love you never gave

  80. A Tale of Two girls

  81. Away from all the fears and faults you left behind

  82. This is what you want I'll back your Play; Original Characters

  83. Simba could use a Wish Right now

  84. Perfect Lie

  85. Birthday Mash

  86. Brothers; IC with Clover

  87. Must me Dreaming; IC with Clover

  88. It's Cold and Broken

  89. Fit for a King

  90. Lets Start a Riot!

  91. I gave it all to you

  92. A touch of magic; Merry Christmas

  93. Alice Opening

  94. A Deal With a Devil

  95. I don't deserve [March/Seven/Him]

  96. Hate what you See

  97. I can't sleep [Dean/Areith]

  98. It's a perfect denial

  99. This is War; Intro