1. Turkey strikes Syria

  2. Sleeping Nuno

  3. Hong Kong Ferry Collision Kills 36+

  4. Wave of Iraq attacks kills dozens, wounds over 100

  5. Japan Typhoon: Car blown away by wind

  6. Foreign Minister of Iran

  7. Spanish floods leave 10 people dead

  8. Diaper Bidets

  9. Bo Xilai Expelled from China's Communist Party

  10. Nepal Plane Collided With "a Big Black Eagle," Killing 19

  11. TSA Agent Theft Caught on Tape : Screeners allegedly caught stealing

  12. WTH Just Happened? LoLZzz!!!

  13. Greek Molotov Cocktails

  14. Syrian rebels bomb Damascus military HQ building

  15. Suicide bomber at Nigeria Church

  16. Pakistan holding "day of protests" against "the film" : Protesters torch, ransack cinemas

  17. Syrian Christians Living in Uncertainty

  18. Arctic Cyclone Breaks Up Sea Ice

  19. Pillers of Fire : "Firenado" in Australian Outback

  20. ARAB FALL : 'Mohammed movie not the problem, but Islam'

  21. Indonesia's Mount Gamalama Volcano Erupts

  22. Young Lebanese welcome Pop calling for "religious harmony"

  23. Anti-Japan Sentiment Deeps

  24. Steve Klein of "Innocence of Muslims" Educates Tony Harris of Al Jazeera

  25. And Now The Yemeni Muslim Sheeples Attack US Embassy

  26. Newly elected Somali president sits through suicide bomb attacks like a boss

  27. Psychosomatic Mohammed Followers of Islam in Libya Kill US Ambassador Over a Film

  28. Earthquakes, Now Flood in Yunnan, China

  29. Photojournalist talks about capturing the moment when a group of Syrian rebels were attacked

  30. Pakistan flood... more to come

  31. CNN's ignorance prevails yet again, believing the island disputes "go back for centuries."

  32. Money Talks in Japan... still : Diaoyu vs. Senkaku

  33. San Cristobal Volcano in Nicaragua

  34. Cynthia McFadden of ABC Reports Gangnam as "Gang Um" Style... LoLZzz!!!

  35. Arabic numerals help adults differentiate Chinese quadruplets.... LoLZzz!!!

  36. Bloody Yangtze River in Chongqing, China

  37. Earthquakes and Landslides Kill 90+, Injure 900+ in China

  38. Niger flood

  39. Man jailed for horrific hit-and-run on toddler

  40. Footage of burning homes in Syria's Damascus

  41. Imam held in 'blasphemy girl' case

  42. Moon dies at 92

  43. Methanol Tanker Collided with a Passenger Bus, Explosion Leaves 36 Dead in China

  44. Anti-Japanese Protests Continue in China

  45. Rebels, Syrian Troops Clash in Aleppo

  46. Apple Loses Patent Lawsuit Against Samsung In Japan

  47. Damascus car bomb

  48. Typhoon in S.Korea

  49. Chinese fisherman rescued as typhoon hits S.Korea

  50. Iranian official visits Assad in Damascus

  51. Venezuelan 25 Cents per Gallon Refinery Explosion

  52. Massacre in Daraya

  53. Isaac hits Haiti

  54. Psy on CNN Gangnam Style

  55. Bombing in Southeast Turkey

  56. One of my Favorite Chinese Figures from History -- Zhuge Liang

  57. Stony Chinese Kid Freed

  58. Egg-sized Hailstones in Russia Injures 20

  59. Damascus blast aftermath near UN HQ

  60. Iran quakes toll rises to 153 dead, 700 hurt

  61. Chinese Fruity Ninja With Ace Under His Wrist

  62. North Korea Flood

  63. Kim Jong-un's wife

  64. Peking Flood

  65. Kim Jong-Un wants more for North Korea

  66. How to make a left and run over a scooter at a crosswalk in China

  67. A Taste of Solar Maximum

  68. Six are Dead after an Israeli Tourists Bus Explodes in Bulgaria

  69. North Korean troops dance party to celebrate Kim's promotion

  70. Turning Ink to Sound, Printable Speakers

  71. Palestinians from Syria flee to Jordan

  72. Flooding Kills 140+ in Southern Russia, Death toll rising

  73. Gunmen kill 17 in twin attacks on Kenyan churches

  74. The Fall of Chinese Regime Depicted by Art Exhibitions

  75. World record insult in Guadalajara, ""Emilio Gonzalez chingas a tu madre."

  76. South Korea weathers worst drought in decades

  77. Afghan locals take up arms against Taliban

  78. Muslim Brotherhood's Mohammed Morsi declared president of Egypt

  79. Flooding washes away homes in Afghanistan's Takhar province

  80. 5,000 Ducks going Peking

  81. "Clinically Dead" Hosni Mubarak, Egypt's former pharaoh

  82. Egypt Muslim Brotherhood Claims Victory in Presidential Vote

  83. Shades of Blood: Syria war

  84. Rodney King Found Dead in His Pool

  85. Bomb attack hits Damascus suburb

  86. Tony Blair gets lectured at a lecture in Hong Kong

  87. Robot boxing and iPhone doggies, Stick Bombs at the Tokyo toy show

  88. Tanktop Chinaman Pulls Transporter Move

  89. Washington Vs. Moscow over Syria

  90. Athens Olympics venues become new Greek ruins

  91. Hunan Woman Slapped with 200,000 RMB Fine for Second Pregnancy

  92. Crazy Mike's Big Jump Goes Horribly Wrong: Caught on Tape

  93. Gamma Rays from a Solar Flare

  94. Colombia : Cars swept away and houses ruined as flooding ravages

  95. PUPPETS TALKING : Joint UN-Arab League presser on Syria 1/2

  96. NASA | Massive Phytoplankton Bloom Discovered Under Arctic Sea Ice

  97. PUPPETS TALKING : Joint UN-Arab League presser on Syria 2/2

  98. Russia and China 'delay' UN action on Syria

  99. Mubarak gets life in jail for mass murder