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  1. Slap This FuNkin Bass

  2. Simple Slap Bass Groove [With TABS]

  3. Funk Bass Jam [Slap and FingerStyle]

  4. Funky Blues in A (Bass Jam With TABS)

  5. Easy FleaBass Groove

  6. Original Composition (Funk with FleaBass, Jazz Bass and Keyboard) - Davie

  7. The Adventures of RainDance Maggie [Bass Lesson with TABS] (RHCP)

  8. Slap Bass (Funk Blues) [TABS]

  9. Simple FleaBass Funk

  10. Slap Bass Exercise - Interactive Bass Lesson

  11. Ethiopia - [Bass Lesson with TABS] (Red Hot Chili Peppers)

  12. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Look Around [Bass Lesson with TABS] (RHCP)

  13. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Factory of Faith [Bass Lesson with TABS] (RHCP)

  14. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Did I Let You Know [Bass Lesson with TABS] (RHCP)

  15. Extreme Funk Rock Bass solo

  16. Let's Slap! [Funk Rock Bass Solo]

  17. Easy Funk Bass stuff [With TABS]

  18. Rock Thumb (Slap Bass Jam)

  19. Easy FleaBass Groove #2

  20. Easy Funk Slap Bass [With TABS]

  21. Slap Bass for Beginners [Interactive Exercise]

  22. Slap Rock Bass solo

  23. Funky Lick in D

  24. Pirates Of The Caribbean Theme - Bass Version

  25. Slap that Bass and Let's Funk!

  26. Christmas Funk!

  27. Interactive Slap Bass Exercise with Muted Notes

  28. RHCP - Meet Me At The Corner [Bass Lesson with TABS]

  29. Funk Blues Bass using Hammer Ons

  30. Ultimate Bass Solo [Funk Rock]

  31. Bass Lick using Octaves [Tabs and Slow motion]

  32. FleaBass Funk Jam (With TABS)

  33. Seinfeld Theme Bass

  34. Classic Walking Blues Bass

  35. 3 Ways to Play a Bass

  36. Hammer Ons Bass Slap Exercise [+ Slow Down]

  37. Funk Groovy Bass Jam

  38. Feel The Groove [Funk Bass Jam]

  39. Bass Madness

  40. Bass Triplets using Double Thumb

  41. Bass Jam in E

  42. The Funk Machine 1

  43. Explosive Hard Rock Bass solo

  44. Funky FingerStyle Exercise (With TABS and SLOWMO)

  45. Bass Memes

  46. The Funk Machine 2