1. Severe weather causes sea foam pile up in Australia

  2. San Francisco 49ers arrive in New Orleans

  3. Herbalife controversy: Investors duke it out on live TV

  4. Lace Armstrong still lying, says USADA chief

  5. Obama, Clinton open up on their past rivalry

  6. Dickerson: Immigration reform is "a moral issue"

  7. Family of missing NYC mom arrive in Turkey

  8. Brazil nightclub fire: Why they couldn't escape

  9. New winter storm sweeps Midwest to New England

  10. Mali govt. battles Islamists, regains control of two cities

  11. Headlines: Two survive Hudson plane plunge

  12. Egyptian rioters protest for fifth day, face arrest

  13. Two people rescued from N.Y. plane crash

  14. Egypt declares new state of emergency

  15. The fight against al Qaeda in Mali

  16. Guns are being turned in and sold in big numbers

  17. The worries of Republicans

  18. A night of fire and horror in Brazil

  19. Getting on Lance Armstrong's bad side

  20. Travis Tygart comes face to face with Lance Armstrong

  21. Lance Armstrong's iron fist

  22. Gingrich: Romney's "self deportation" stance hurt GOP

  23. Q&A: Playwright Edward Albee

  24. Gingrich & Blackburn: GOP needs to change

  25. Nature: Underwater in Hawaii

  26. The leis of Hawaii

  27. Is the Constitution obsolete?

  28. David Edelstein on Oscar nominee "Amour"

  29. NYC to deploy Tera-Hertz technology within six months

  30. NYC Police Commissioner: Handguns are main problem

  31. In tragedies, words hold comfort, power

  32. Schieffer: Gentlemen, take note - ladies are leading

  33. Open: This is Face the Nation, Jan. 27

  34. "Superbugs" becoming harder to fight

  35. Political artist Ai Weiwei

  36. NATO provides Turkey with Patriot missiles near Syrian border

  37. London's singing taxi driver

  38. Mali refugees moving south

  39. Women and the gun control battle

  40. SEC enforcement chief stepping down

  41. Much of nation locked in icy grip

  42. Flu causing trouble in Texas

  43. "Anonymous" takes over government website

  44. Goat knocks over reporter - caught on tape

  45. Gun control advocates march on Washington

  46. Second Cup Cafe: Josh Doyle

  47. Steubenville, Ohio, rape case causes outrage

  48. "Phantom of the Opera" turns 25

  49. Jindal: GOP must "stop being the stupid party"

  50. The fight continues in Mali

  51. Lies: When and how to come clean

  52. Ryan calls for GOP prudence, unity

  53. Sneak peeks from Sundance Film Festival

  54. The new horizon in tech

  55. THE Dish with Chef Wally Joe

  56. Why climate change can be denied no longer

  57. Do you suffer from "cyberchondria?

  58. Sibling rivalry at Super Bowl XLVII?

  59. 9/11 terrorist trial to resume soon

  60. What is Obama's agenda?

  61. Economic optimism at Davos

  62. Obama races to put forth agenda

  63. Frigid weather batters Northern, Eastern U.S.

  64. Boeing still searching for answers on Dreamliner

  65. Female vet: Men will resist women in ground combat

  66. On the Road: Young girl hatches rescue plan to save family

  67. USADA head: Lance Armstrong lied in Oprah interview

  68. The beat goes on for Mali's refugees

  69. Stock market's amazing recovery

  70. Bill Gates close to completely eradicating polio

  71. Schieffer on unusual Obama, Clinton interview

  72. Preview: The Fall of Lance Armstrong

  73. Davos tackles gender inequality

  74. Carney: Court's NLRB ruling "novel and unprecedented"

  75. Suspected car thief hides in house, gets stuck in attic

  76. Study finds certain exercises can help osteoarthritis patients

  77. Egyptians protest on revolution's 2nd anniversary

  78. Obama names McDonough as chief of staff

  79. N. Korea threatens to target U.S. in rocket tests

  80. Tide, Pampers maker raises profit forecast

  81. J.Lo on younger boyfriend: "I didn't feel okay with it"

  82. Skateboarding toddler in the spotlight

  83. Baby born with heart outside chest goes home

  84. Crocodiles on the loose after floods

  85. Eye Closer: Obama, Clinton, and Prince Harry

  86. Growing Whole Foods into a multi-billion dollar business

  87. Best new TVs of 2013

  88. Syria: U.S. journalist missing for months

  89. Headlines at 8:30: 15,000 crocodiles escape in South Africa

  90. Schieffer on TV honor: "If you live long enough..."

  91. "48 Hours" preview: Crazy Love

  92. Steve Jobs movie clip "totally wrong": Steve Wozniak

  93. Google: More data requests than ever from law enforcement

  94. Cat discovers snow

  95. Prosecutor picked to be tough Wall Street enforcer

  96. Davos: Mood brighter this year at economic forum

  97. Migraine studies challenge usual "trigger" theory

  98. Chandra Levy murder conviction may be in doubt

  99. Teen rescued from floodwaters in Australia