1. Surfer loses two fingers in Australia shark attack

  2. 'Stormin' Norman' on Gulf War campaign

  3. Dog saved from icy lake in US

  4. Graphic anti-smoking advert released in UK

  5. UK flooding: 'we were absolutely caught out by the water'

  6. Benazir Bhutto's son Bilawal launches political career in Pakistan

  7. US Senate leader: it looks like we're heading over the fiscal cliff

  8. UK flooding: Burton Fleming in Yorkshire underwater

  9. Stroke victim wakes speaking fluent Welsh

  10. iPad mini: top 5 apps

  11. Vladimir Putin: no reason to stop US adoption ban

  12. 'Nelson Mandela is back home'

  13. Japanese man now world's oldest person

  14. Thousands queue to hand in guns in Los Angeles

  15. Harbin Ice and Snow World 2013 welcomes first visitors

  16. George Bush Sr in intensive care unit

  17. Moment shark tank bursts in China shopping centre

  18. Andy Murray focusing on winning

  19. Head of Syrian military police defects to rebels

  20. Prince Charles praises Armed Forces in Christmas message

  21. Crowds out for Boxing Day sales

  22. Christmas Day M6 crash

  23. Chocolate train breaks records

  24. Obama visits troops in Hawaii

  25. The Queen's Christmas speech

  26. The Pope's Christmas message for 2012

  27. Christmas Day Mass in Bethlehem

  28. Father Christmas on water-skis

  29. Troops celebrate Christmas in Afghanistan

  30. Two firefighters shot dead in upstate New York

  31. Father Christmas gets a warm welcome in freezing Moscow

  32. Behind the scenes - The Queen's 2012 Christmas message

  33. Elephants dressed as Father Christmas deliver toys to childr

  34. India PM calls for calm following New Delhi gang-rape protests

  35. UK weather: Aerial footage shows severe flooding in Stoke Cannon in Devon

  36. Greeks turn out to donate to poor for Christmas

  37. India gang rape protests: water cannon and tear gas deployed

  38. Tunisia auctions Ben Ali's luxuries

  39. UK flooding: Braunton and Helston some of the worst hit areas

  40. US President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle give Christmas greeting

  41. Kim Jong-un hosts banquet for rocket scientists after successful launch

  42. Connecticut school shooting: vigil held for victims one week after killings

  43. Barack Obama: I still think we can get fiscal cliff deal done

  44. Obama nominates Kerry as Secretary of State

  45. NRA: Good guys with guns needed to fight bad guys with guns

  46. NRA attack the media and entertainment industry

  47. NRA propose armed guards for every US school

  48. NRA press conference hit by protests

  49. Egypt constitution protests in Alexandria

  50. In the Know - Christmas in London

  51. Looters raid supermarket in Argentina

  52. Putin: It's not the end of the world

  53. Mayan Apocalypse: Guatemalan Mayans unite for the 'end of th

  54. David Cameron visits troops in Afghanistan

  55. Julian Assange speaks outside Ecuador embassy

  56. Meet Rhode Island's dancing policeman Tony Lepore

  57. Mayan apocalypse sites welcome the intrigued

  58. Boiling water freezes instantly in Siberia

  59. Mayan apocalypse: Guatemalan 'Star Wars' temple prepares for

  60. Connecticut school shooting: funeral held for teacher Victoria Soto

  61. Connecticut school shooting: Barack Obama: gun control reforms will take courage

  62. Mayan apocalypse: Bunker in Moscow preparing for end of the world party

  63. Protests grow over gang rape of Indian woman

  64. New crew blasts off for International Space Station

  65. Leadership at BBC 'in short supply'

  66. Life on Civvy Street: PTSD

  67. School shooting: Americans 'want to protect themselves'

  68. 'US President Barack Obama backs bid to reinstate assault-weapons ban'

  69. Connecticut school shooting: second day of funerals held for victims

  70. Ancient Dead Sea Scrolls digitised in co-project by Israel and Google

  71. South Africa: Jacob Zuma re-elected as ANC leader

  72. Fire destroys building in New Jersey

  73. Connecticut school shooting: Neighbour shelters terrified children

  74. Public in favour of being able to see their doctor at the weekend

  75. Twin Nasa spacecraft crash into the moon

  76. Connecticut school shooting: House of Representatives holds moment of silence

  77. Connecticut school shooting: state's governor calls for action on gun control

  78. Connecticut school shooting: first funerals held

  79. Connecticut school shooting: New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg demands action on gun control

  80. First anniversary of Kim Jong-il's death marked by memorials

  81. John Bishop and Kenny Dalglish launch Hillsborough single aiming for Christmas number one

  82. Connecticut school shooting: Sandy Hook survivors 'will shed great deal of light' on tragedy

  83. Family bids farewell as hoax call nurse Jacintha Saldanha is buried in India

  84. Connecticut school shooting: Sandy Hook Elementary School will be closed until further notice

  85. Energy prices: E.ON boss on why bills are rising

  86. Doomsday believer camps out at French peak

  87. Sandy Hook shooting: the gun debate

  88. Tom Daley at SPOTY: 'I cannot wait for new reality show'

  89. Bradley Wiggins on winning Sports Personality of the Year

  90. Duchess of Cambridge feeling 'very well' as she presents Bradley Wiggins with award

  91. Connecticut shooting: Obama's emotional pledge

  92. Springsteen joins Stones in New Jersey

  93. North Korea marks anniversary of Kim Jong-il death

  94. Candlelit vigil held for school massacre victims

  95. Twin survivors reveal gunshot terror

  96. Obama: 'we need meaningful action' after Connecticut shooting

  97. Adam Lanza's aunt: He was a bright boy

  98. Father of 6-year-old Connecticut massacre victim: I'm not mad

  99. Connecticut school massacre: Police audio dispatches released