1. New Moon-Bella and Edward-Life after you

  2. New Moon-Bella and Edward-Gone away

  3. Bella and Edward-Jump then fall

  4. Clary and Jace-From where you are

  5. Bella and Edward-Say all I need

  6. New Moon-Bella and Edward-From where you are

  7. Clary and Jace-The heart never lies

  8. New Moon-Bella and Edward-Bottom of the ocean

  9. New Moon-Bella and Edward-When you are gone

  10. Clary and Jace-Everything

  11. Bella and Edward-Me without you

  12. Clary and Jace-Anywhere but here

  13. New Moon-Bella and Edward-I can't break it to my heart

  14. Chuck and Blair-Something I said

  15. Multifandom-You are beautiful inside

  16. Bella and Edward-Find a way

  17. New Moon-Bella and Edward-What if

  18. Chuck and Blair-You can

  19. Bella and Edward-Halo

  20. Bella and Edward-Time after time

  21. HSM3-Troy and Gabriella-Pieces

  22. Bella and Edward-Anywhere but here

  23. Bella and Edward-You can

  24. Effy&Freddie-Out from under

  25. HSM3-Troy and Gabriella-Real life fairytale

  26. Twilight-Edward&Bella-Keep Holding on

  27. HSM3-Troy and Gabriella-Everything

  28. Bella and Edward-Angels in the room

  29. Q.P.G.A-Andrea e Giulia-L amore

  30. Bella and Edward-The heart never lies

  31. Chuck and Blair-Never say never

  32. Bella and Edward-Here with me

  33. Bella and Edward-Your guardian angel

  34. Chuck and Blair-With me

  35. Bella and Edward-Everything I do I do it for you

  36. Bella and Edward-Amazing

  37. New Moon-Bella and Edward-Desperate

  38. Bella and Edward-Everything

  39. Bella and Edward-Angels

  40. HSM3-Troy&Gabriella-When you look me in the eyes

  41. Moulin rouge-Christian and Satine-With me

  42. Twilight-Bella and Edward-Fall for you

  43. Moulin rouge-Christian and Satine-Tears of an angel

  44. Twilight-Bella and Edward-Crush

  45. Twilight series-Bella and Edward-Love story

  46. Twilight-Bella and Edward-Kiss the rain

  47. Bella and Edward-Together

  48. Brooke Davis-Become

  49. Twilight series-Bella and Edward-Greatest story ever told

  50. New Moon-Bella Edward Jacob-Broken

  51. HSM3-Troy&Gabriella-You are the music in me

  52. Chuck&Sarah-Stranded

  53. Breaking dawn-Bella and Edward-River flows in you

  54. Ryan&Marissa-Apologize

  55. Dan&Serena-Feel this

  56. Bella and Edward-Used to

  57. Bella and Edward-Incomplete

  58. Bella and Edward-When you look me in the eyes

  59. Bella and Edward-Feel this

  60. Bella and Edward- Pieces

  61. Betty and Henry So close

  62. Penelope and Jhonny-All the same

  63. Blair&Chuck-All the same

  64. Bella Swan-In this life

  65. Betty and Henry Brave face

  66. Dan&Serena-1x13 manipulation

  67. Bella and Edward-I will be

  68. Betty and Henry No one

  69. Stardust-Tristan and Yvaine-Time after time

  70. Betty and Henry Stay with me

  71. Twilight-Bella and Edward-Anything

  72. Stardust-Tristan and Yvaine-Keep holding on

  73. Stardust-Tristan and Yvaine-Collide

  74. Twilight-Bella and Edward-When you say nothing at all

  75. Betty and Henry Look after you

  76. New Moon-We are broken

  77. Rober&Kristen-Edward&Bella-Look after you

  78. New Moon-Edward and Bella-With me

  79. New Moon-Edward&Bella-With me [Preview]

  80. Betty and Henry Collide

  81. Brooke&Peyton-It's only life

  82. All I want for Christmas is Gossip Girl

  83. Betty and Henry All I want for Christmas is you

  84. The notebook If you are not the one

  85. Dan&Serena-She will be loved

  86. Betty and Henry Greatest story ever told

  87. Betty and Henry Innocence

  88. Dan&Serena-You set me free

  89. Betty and Henry Everything

  90. Betty and Henry From this moment on

  91. Dan&Serena-Things I'll never say

  92. HSM2-Troy&Gabriella-Keep holding on

  93. Betty and Henry We'll be together

  94. Betty and Henry It's you

  95. Betty and Henry Whenever you remember

  96. Brooke&Lucas-Beautiful

  97. Betty&Henry-I still believe

  98. HSM2-Troy&Gabriella-That's when I love you

  99. The notebook-Collide