1. The Lost Sheep // Spoken Word // Nick Vitellaro

  2. "How to Spot a Wolf!" by Jason Arnold of TGR Missionary Society

  3. The Vision by David Wilkerson (given in 1973)

  4. Prophetic Word from Paul Washer

  5. Matt Chandler - The Gospel Sermon Jam

  6. Matt Chandler on Christian dating

  7. Thank You (Unplugged) by BJ McKelvie

  8. In That Day by BJ McKelvie

  9. Accept me as I am by BJ Mckelvie

  10. Holy is the Lord (covered by BJ Mckelvie)

  11. Video Tracts at the Moncton Skate Park

  12. Gospel Tracts at the Moncton Farmer's Market

  13. The Prosperity Gospel is evil! (Sermon Jam)

  14. The "Unforgivable" Sin by Jeff Bethke

  15. Learning From The Life Of A Lunatic by Pastor Tim Dilena

  16. Kid's Stuff by Pastor Tim Dilena

  17. Just Because You Don't See Anything Happening by Pastor Tim Dilena

  18. How To Pray Someone Out Of Sodom by Pastor Tim Dilena

  19. How Small A Whisper by Pastor Tim Dilena

  20. Youth Rally by Pastor Tim Dilena

  21. Why I Love Jesus But Reject Islam

  22. He May Not Come When You Want Him But He Is Always Right On Time by Pastor Tim Dilena

  23. God's Middle Age Miracles by Pastor Tim Dilena

  24. Getting the Fiery Out of Your Trial by Pastor Tim Dilena

  25. From Pouting To Shouting by Pastor Tim Dilena

  26. Behooved To My Battle by Pastor Tim Dilena

  27. A Praise Refresher Course by Pastor Tim Dilena

  28. A Glimpse Of Glory by Pastor Tim Dilena

  29. PART 2: Delia Knox walks on stage and sings at Bay of the Holy Spirit Revival

  30. PART 1: Delia Knox begins to walk at Bay of the Holy Spirit Revival

  31. Scott Rodriguez of Calvary Chapel Rebukes False Prophetess Dayna Muldoon

  32. Paul Washer on Joel Osteen, Benny Hinn and the true Gospel

  33. The Pathway to Perfection by Sandeep Poonen

  34. Standing Pure For God In A Day Of Compromise by Sandeep Poonen

  35. Loving God in the Last Days by Sandeep Poonen

  36. Faithful On The Outside But Decayed On The Inside by Sandeep Poonen

  37. Beware of false prophets by Sandeep Poonen

  38. The Power of the Holy Spirit by Sandeep Poonen

  39. Are you still being saved? by Sandeep Poonen

  40. Our Father Who Art in Heaven by Pastor Bill Randles

  41. Lord Teach Us to Pray by Pastor Bill Randles

  42. Getting Ready For The End Of All Things by David Wilkerson

  43. Accept me as I am by BJ Mckelvie

  44. Holy is the Lord by BJ Mckelvie and Danny Lirette

  45. The Truth About the Pre-Tribulation Rapture by Zac Poonen

  46. The Don't Song

  47. 116 - Man Up Anthem ft. Lecrae, KB, Trip Lee, Tedashii, PRo

  48. Flame - Move

  49. False prophet Todd Bentley publically rebuked in his own meeting

  50. How Great is our God (sung by Kimberly and Alberto Rivera) POWERFUL!

  51. Stuff Religious People Say (LOL!)

  52. Shocking Youth Message (FULL!) by Paul Washer

  53. The Only Hope in The Coming Storm (David Wilkerson)

  54. Whitney Houston Death: Final Performance

  55. Sexual Healing

  56. How He Loves-David Crowder (w/ Matt Chandler & John Piper)

  57. Sex, Marriage, & Fairytales || Spoken Word

  58. Are You ready?

  59. Pastor John Bunting sees the Glory of God

  60. Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus || Spoken Word

  61. David Wilkerson Sermon Jam on the Fear of the Lord

  62. Matt Chandler - He Came And Got Me

  63. Salvation Belongs to the Lord - The Idolatry of Decisionism by Paul Washer

  64. Paul Washer - The Real Power of the Holy Spirit

  65. Dating, Courtship, and Marriage by Paul Washer

  66. Are you a genuine Believer or are you deceived? by Paul Washer

  67. How to overcome depression by Paul Washer

  68. Time to wake up, Church! (POWERFUL sermonjam with Wilkerson,Ravenhill, etc)

  69. The New Middle Road by Francis Chan

  70. The late David Wilkerson exposes false prophet Benny Hinn

  71. Heretic Joel Osteen claims Mormons are Christians

  72. Andrew Strom- False spirits invade the church (Part 1)

  73. Andrew Strom- False spirits invade the church (Part 2)

  74. Andrew Strom- False spirits invade the church (Part 3)

  75. Kari Jobe - Revelation Song

  76. Matt Chandler on the role of husbands as initiators

  77. You're not the point! by Matt Chandler

  78. Searching for the Truth?

  79. Francis Chan on Tithing

  80. Pray and don't lose heart! by Paul Washer

  81. God WILL meet your needs by Paul Washer

  82. The Fear Of God Has Been Lost In The Church (Compilation)

  83. The Temptation To Abandon The Cross by Carter Conlon

  84. The True Gospel by David Ravenhill

  85. From Visitation to Habitation by David Ravenhill

  86. Powerful Staggering Interview with Leonard Ravenhill

  87. Pray for the Power of the Living God by Paul Washer

  88. Paul Washer describes when God came down

  89. Why is Matt Chandler horrified? This is why...

  90. That's My King Dr. S.M. Lockridge

  91. David Wilkerson Prophecy (New York 1000 fires burning)

  92. Mother Hears her Daughter's Heart Beat One Last Time

  93. Homeless Man Joins Carlos Whittaker for a Moving Performance

  94. The TRUTH Of The Gospel - Leonard Ravenhill

  95. Forget Miracles Preach Holiness by Leonard Ravenhill

  96. Face in the clouds before a storm in Grand Falls New Brunswick

  97. Jesus is Lord - Tim Conway - Sermon Jam

  98. Hell is Necessary - Tim Conway - Sermon Jam

  99. Radical Christian - Paul Washer - Sermon Jam