1. PUC Chair Powelson: Too early to set expectations on restorations for 1.3 million PA outages

  2. Gov. Corbett Tuesday morning update on Sandy - snow, flooding, electric outages and falling trees

  3. Corbett: Pennsylvania dodged the worst of Sandy

  4. Full video: Gov. Tom Corbett gives update on Sandy - 6pm Monday

  5. Corbett: Interstate highways around Philly closed 7pm through 2am

  6. Corbett: Considerable flooding expected across PA; national guard on standby

  7. Gov. Tom Corbett details preparations for Hurricane Sandy

  8. Casey, Smith on federal budget cuts

  9. "The Great Pension Debate" - Rick Dreyfuss vs. Steve Herzenberg

  10. Casey, Smith on funding U.S. infrastructure improvements

  11. Sen. Casey speaks to reporters after Oct. 26 debate

  12. Debate Highlights: Boockvar vs. Fitzpatrick in the PA-8

  13. Casey comments on taking jobs overseas, China currency manipulation at meeting with union leaders

  14. Sen. Toomey takes questions at Pennsylvania Press Club

  15. Gov. Tom Corbett, legislative leaders announce first round of natural gas impact fee revenue

  16. Sen. Pat Toomey, small business owners say ending tax cuts would be bad for manufacturing

  17. U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey: Races in PA are "too close to call."

  18. Cawley, Corbett, Toomey react to death of former U.S. Sen. Arlen Specter

  19. Gov. Corbett responds to voter ID decision

  20. Lawmakers hear IFO analysis of House Bill 1776

  21. Turnpike facing spiraling debt costs, Wagner warns

  22. Former Gov. Ed Rendell at the Pennsylvania Press Club

  23. Rendell: Public workers should make higher contributions to pensions

  24. Rendell: Worst-case election scenarios for Republicans and Democrats in Pennsylvania

  25. 092112TomalisClassrooms

  26. 092112TomalisDisciplinaryAction

  27. Tomalis: Teachers, administrators cheating on PSSA exams are "cheating kids"

  28. Sec. of Ed Tomalis: One in four PA students not at grade level in math or reading

  29. Senate candidate Tom Smith speaks to Pennsylvania Press Club

  30. Most small games of chance are illegal in Pennsylvania

  31. Legislators respond to Commonwealth Court ruling on Voter ID

  32. Gov. Tom Corbett on repealing family farm inheritance tax

  33. Gov. Tom Corbett a potential PA Medicaid expansion

  34. Rep. Frank Dermody on PA's voter ID law

  35. Rep. Frank Dermody on Harrisburg, local authority debt

  36. Protesters outside Secretary Carol Aichele's voter ID press conference

  37. Sen. Bob Casey takes questions at PA Press Club

  38. Gov. Tom Corbett signs expert testimony bill; takes questions

  39. Gov. Tom Corbett takes questions on 2012-13 budget

  40. Gov. Tom Corbett signs, comments on state budget for fiscal year 2012-13

  41. 062812FrankelHealthCareSCOTUS

  42. Gov. Tom Corbett comments on Supreme Court health care ruling

  43. PA business professionals on the Affordable Care Act

  44. Gov. Tom Corbett takes questions on budget, Sandusky investigation and human services programs

  45. Corbett takes questions about plan to cut county-level human services by 10 percent

  46. Coalition of groups supports $1.65 billion tax credit for Shell facility in western Pennsylvania

  47. Gov. Tom Corbett, GOP leaders announce budget deal

  48. Gov. Tom Corbett takes questions about Shell cracker plant tax credit

  49. Mitt Romney at Cornwall Iron Furnace

  50. Gov. Tom Corbett press conference - June 12, 2012

  51. Gov. Tom Corbett on Unemployment Compensation Reform

  52. State Rep. Warren Kampf Introduces Pension Reform Legislation - June 12, 2012

  53. Gov. Tom Corbett press conference - Harrisburg, June 11, 2012

  54. Save Upper Darby Arts rally

  55. Democrats call for special session on transportation

  56. State Rep. Tony Payton, D-Philly, on Mitt Romney, healthcare and James Brown

  57. Rep. Lynda Culver on electronic campaign finance filings

  58. Sen. Jake Corman at the PA Press Club

  59. Sen. Jake Corman: "structural reform" needed on state pensions

  60. Gov. Corbett's already excited about this year's GridIron!

  61. Prison Reform in Pennsylvania: With Secretary of Corrections John Wetzel and others

  62. William Lynch - Harrisburg's new receiver

  63. Property tax rally in Harrisburg

  64. Corbett urges caution with higher-than-expected revenues

  65. Gov. Tom Corbett - Press conference 5/2/12

  66. Who is Cris Dush? The man who almost took down Speaker Sam Smith on primary day

  67. Corbett press conference - April 16, 2012

  68. Auditor General Jack Wagner on transportation funding issues

  69. Rick Santorum addresses PA Leadership Conference

  70. Rick Santorum's tax code plan

  71. SC Gov. Nikki Haley: I will not accept vice presidential nomination

  72. SC Gov. Nikki Haley on how Mitt Romney has changed in four years

  73. Sen. Pat Toomey at PA Leadership Conference

  74. Gov. Tom Corbett on PA ultrasound bill

  75. House Democrats oppose Voter ID Bill

  76. Gov. Tom Corbett signs Voter ID Bill

  77. Gov. Corbett on GOP Presidential race and Rick Santorum's lack of major endorsements

  78. Gov. Tom Corbett on Voter ID Bill - HB 934

  79. Corbett news conference - March 13, 2012

  80. Senate committee approves constitutional amendment blocking "Obamacare"

  81. Voter ID Debate

  82. Impact of the federal stimulus on Pennsylvania education budget

  83. Rep. Denlinger: Uncapping gas tax could increase prices 28 cents at the pump

  84. PennDOT Secretary: Bridges are getting older

  85. Democrats to Schoch: Tell Corbett to act on transportation

  86. DWP Secretary Alexander: New work requirements for recipients is "best anti-poverty measure"

  87. Welfare Secretary Alexander: "Our job is to preserve benefits for the truly poor and truly needy"

  88. Corman: Higher education already paid "fair share" of budget cuts

  89. Secretary Ron Tomalis, senators discuss merits of school district consolidation

  90. Lawmakers to pension funds: Why not a defined contribution plan?

  91. Corbett news conference - full (2/23/12)

  92. Revenue Secretary Dan Meuser on Corbett Administration's plans for corporate tax loopholes

  93. Revenue Secretary Dan Meuser on state's plan to collect online sales taxes this year

  94. Joe Conti on PLCB modernization efforts

  95. Insurance Department Commissioner Michael Consedine on implementation of health insurance exchanges

  96. Budget Secretary, Independent Fiscal Office Director comment on state's finances

  97. Zogby: Corbett committed to phase-out of capital stock and franchise tax

  98. Role of the Independent Fiscal Office

  99. Lawmakers call for RACP program reforms