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  1. The Mortal Instruments Sequel, Romeo & Juliet Trailer and much more

  2. Veronica Mars the Movie, Adam Sandler New Romcom and much more...

  3. "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" photos, Mary Jane Watson cast and so much more...

  4. Rachel McAdams Likes To Time Travel, Catching Fire and much more (Episode 137)

  5. Hitchcock, Man Of Steel, Brangelina and much more (Episode 120)

  6., The Hunger Games Clips, Dark Shadows Trailer and much more (Episode 114)

  7. The Host, Kristin Kreuk in CW Beauty & The Beast and much more (Episode 113)

  8. YouReviewers Movie Awards, Breaking Dawn Part 2 Exclusive clip and much more (108)

  9. The Hunger Games in IMAX, Step Up 4 Trailer and much more (Episode 106)

  10. Avatar 2 being pushed back, Zombie romance and much more (EPISODE 100)

  11. Dragon Tattoo Sequel is happening, Upside Down Trailer and much more (Episode 99)

  12. Best Romances in Film of 2011

  13. Midnight Sun is happening and much more (Episode 90)

  14. Breaking Dawn to Debut To $142 million, Dawson's Creek and much more (Episode 88)

  15. Zombie and Human romance film and much more (Episode 84)

  16. Lois Lane as a red head?!?! and much more (Episode 80)

  17. Winnie, Snow White & The Huntsman and much more (Episode 79)

  18. Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone Kissing on Set, Avatar Theme Park and much more (Episode 77)

  19. Avatar 2, Ghostbusters 3, StepUp 4 and much more (Episode 74)

  20. American Reunion, Romancing The Stone, The Secret Circle and much more (Episode 68)

  21. Tangled sequel, Hunger Games Teaser and much more (Episode 66)

  22. Dirty Dancing Remake, Titanic 3D and much more (Episode 65)

  23. Barbie The Movie, Catwoman suit and much more (Episode 64)

  24. Taylor Lautner's Abduction, New Year's Eve trailer and much more (Episode 63)

  25. Snow White, Beauty and the Beast and much more (Episode 62)

  26. The Amazing Spider-man, Giveaway winner and much more (Episode 59)

  27. Undying Love = Twilight for guys? Jane Austen and much more (Episode 57)

  28. Mila Knuis & Mark Wahlberg tie the knot, Titanic miniseries and much more (Episode 56)

  29. Avatar sequels, Emma Stone to be Elizabeth Bennet and much more (Episode 53)

  30. The Room Book Spin Off, Wicked Lovely and much more (Episode 52)

  31. NCIS Shippers speak out and much more (Episode 49)

  32. 100th Subscriber, Breaking Dawn Official Trailer and much more (Episode 48)

  33. Breaking Dawn Official Poster, Lion King 3D and much more (Episode 46)

  34. Transformers 3, The Secret Circle and much more (Episode 45)

  35. The Amazing Spider-Man, Casting News and much more (Episode 43)

  36. Waiting to Exhale 2, Green Lantern OFFICIAL trailer and much more (Episode 41)

  37. 10 Seasons of "Smallville" Shipping (Episode 40)

  38. Breaking Dawn in Entertainment Weekly, Smallville and much more (Episode 39)

  39. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies snags director, Ian and Nina Dating? and much more (Episode 38)

  40. Lindsay Lohan as Lana Lang? HELL NAH! Gossip Girl Dan/Blair and much more (Episode 37)

  41. Amy Adams is Lois Lane, American Pie 4, The Vampire Diaries and much more (Episode 36)

  42. Breaking Dawn at Comic Con, Sex and the City 3 and much more (Episode 35)

  43. Isle Esme, Emma Watson & Taylor Lautner in Incarceron and much more (Episode 34)

  44. Superman: Man Of Steel, No Lois Lane? Captain America Trailer and much more (Episode 33)

  45. Deathly Hallows Part 2, Kristen Stewart is Snow White, The Oscars and much more (Episode 32)

  46. The Dark Knight Rises, Keira Knightly & Robert Pattinson, Chuck and much more (Episode 31)

  47. Breaking Dawn sex scene, Incarceron, The Vampire Dairies and much more (Episode 30)

  48. Knocked Up sequel, The Notebook breaks up couples, Bones and much more (Episode 29)

  49. First Look of Spider-Man Reboot: Peter Parker & Gwen Stacy (Episode 28)

  50. Upside Down, Waiting For Forever Trailer and much more (Episode 27)

  51. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, X-Files Reunion and much more (Episode 26)

  52. Spiderman Reboot Photos, Thor Trailer, Vampire Diaries and much more (Episode 25)

  53. Pirates of the Caribbean 4 Sneak Peek, Blue Valentine Petition and much more (Episode 23)

  54. I Am Number Four, Eclipse DVD, Green Lantern Trailer and much more (Episode 21)

  55. Edward & Bella's Honey Moon, Green Lantern Teaser, X-Files Not Happening? and much more (Episode 19)

  56. The X-Files 3, Taylor Lautner's Love Interest, Harry & Hermione's Kiss and much more (Episode 18)

  57. Captain America, Step Up 4, Avatar 2 & 3 and much more (Episode 17)

  58. I Am Number 4, Ron & Hermione Kiss, Nikita and much more (Episode 16)

  59. The Dark Divine book turned to film, Smallville 200th episode and much more (Episode 15)

  60. Confirmed Emma Stone is Gwen Stacy and NOT Mary Jane Watson! (Episode 14)

  61. Emma Stone is Mary Jane? Star Wars in 3D, Clark & Lana Shippers and much more (Episode 13)

  62. Captain America, Gnomeo & Juliet, Chuck, How I Met Your Mother and much more (Episode 12)

  63. Ghostbusters 3, Pattinson & Watson, Bonnie & Damon Getting Together? and much more (Episode 11)

  64. Mulan Live Action Film, On Set visit of Breaking Dawn and much more (Episode 10)

  65. Edward & Bella's Love Child Casting, Gossip Girl, Grey's Anatomy and much more (Episode 8)

  66. Fantastic Four Reboot, Bones, Glee and much more (Episode 7)

  67. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Shipper Spoilers! (Episode 6)

  68. Spider-man Reboot, Titanic 3D, Love and Other Drugs, The Vampire Diaries and much more (Episode 5)

  69. Harry Potter, Pride And Prejudice And Zombies, Gossip Girl and much more (Episode 4)

  70. Breaking Dawn, Disney's Tangled, Robsten, 90210 and much more (Episode 3)

  71. Green Lantern, Thor, Pirates of the Caribbean 4, Glee, The Vampire Diaries and much more (Episode 2)

  72. Avatar, The Vow, Step Up 3, The Switch, Smallville, One Tree Hill and much more (Episode1)