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by Rep. Tom Graves
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    [Private Video]

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    Economy by the Numbers

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    Rep. Graves on Gutting Welfare: "We're here today to head off at the pass" Obama's decision

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    Rep. Graves on Gutting Welfare: "I know my Mama is right"

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    Fiscal Cliff Video

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    Rep. Graves on Obama Administration Gutting Welfare: "There's a disturbing pattern"

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    "If the President wants to make changes, they're welcome to come through Congress"

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    Stop The Tax Hike

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    Two Weeks In Washington

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    Stop The Tax Hike Video

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    Rep. Graves on response from Sebelius: "I expect we'll get the silent treatment, as always."

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    Rep. Graves on Obama gutting welfare: "It is creating dependency on government"

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    Chattanooga TV Station Covers House Obamacare Repeal Vote

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    "Let us take care of ourselves and get the federal government out of the way."

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    If You Want to Get Jobs in the United States, You Have to Repeal Obamacare

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    The Federal Government Can Punish You Through Taxes

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    Supreme Court grants taxing power that has never been granted before

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    Obama Runs Against "Do Nothing Congress" -- But Who's the One Not Working?

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    Time to help small businesses and institute the Fair Tax!

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    Rep. Graves on the Future for America's Children

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    Rep. Graves Calls Out Democrats for Fence Straddling on the Budget, Urges Passage of GOP Budget

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    Sec. Geithner blames nation's fiscal crisis on 2008 Congress

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    Geithner: Debt ceiling will need to be raised this year, but after election

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    Rep. Graves' Transportation Floor Speech.mp4

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    Catoosa Town Hall Coverage

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    WRCB Covers Catoosa Town Hall Meeting

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    Ringgold is Back in Business!

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    Reid Plan: Waste Of Time

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    Final Deal Doesn't Reduce Debt

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    Tom on Fox & Friends: This Is About The Future

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    I Didn't Get Elected To Do A Group Hug

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    Graves To Greta: Vote Followed Conscience, Constituents

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    Cut Cap Balance = Prosperity

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    November Message Made Cut, Cap & Balance Possible

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    Tom on Freedom Watch: Conservatives Are Winning, Standing Firm

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    Graves vs. Sharpton on Debt Limit

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    Tom Honors Gainesville, GA Job Creators

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    Tom Talks Debt Limit Negotiations on Bloomberg TV

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    Tom and the Judge talk Debt Limit, Autopen

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    Varney on Graves: Not Going to Cave

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    Remember "Recovery Summer" ?

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    Government Meddling Stops Manufacturing, Job Growth

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    Big Gov. Stifles Manufacturing, Job Growth

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    Manufacturing Summit: Get Gov Out of the Way

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    Manufacturing Summit: Less Regulation = More Jobs

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    Graves Says Defund ObamaCare, Dems Get Angry

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    You Write, Tom Responds: Debt Limit

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    You Write, Tom Responds: Gas Prices

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    US House Holds Moment of Silence for Tornado Victims

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    Tom Speaks Against Mandatory Funding Provision in Obamacare

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    Tom, GOP Freshmen Profiled on CNN

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    Tom: Tea Party = Accountability

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    Tom on MSNBC: Obama Declared Class Warfare

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    Tom Calls for More Spending Cuts: I Didn't Get Elected to Play Political Patty Cake

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    Tom on 11AliveNews: We Can't Afford The Status Quo

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    Graves and Lewis Discuss Potential Shutdown

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    [Private Video]

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    [Deleted Video]

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    Tom at the 3/31 Tea Party Rally

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    WTVC (ABC): Manufacturing Summit Coming to Dalton

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    Taxpayers fund a Tijuana Sewer Project? That Stinks!

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    Graves Reminds Dems Why Obamacare Must Go

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    You Write, Tom Responds (Fair Tax and Budget Cuts)

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    WDEF Covers Announcement of 2011 Manufacturing Summit

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    Rep. Graves, Dalton Mayor David Pennington Focus on Manufacturing

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    Graves: GOP Wants To Cut Spending, Dems Couldn't Even Pass A Budget

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    Graves Says 3-Week CR Lets Dems Stall Spending Reform