1. Timothy Noble plays It's All About Heaven medley

  2. Cody McVey plays I Sing the Mighty Power Medley

  3. The Ball Brothers sing Ride That Glory Train

  4. The Ball Brothers sing Glimpse of Your Glory

  5. The Ball Brothers sing Healer Of My Heart

  6. The Dills sing The Sound of Hallelujah

  7. The Dills sing God Is In Control

  8. The Bowling Family sings I Still Glory In the Cross

  9. The Bowling Family sings A Miracle Today

  10. The Bowling Family sings Your Cries Have Awoken the Master

  11. The Bowling Family sings He Leads Me Each Step of the Way

  12. The Erwins sing We'll Soon Be Done With Troubles and Trials

  13. Driven Quartet sings I Would Not Be Surprised

  14. 11th Hour sings Room With a View

  15. 11th Hour sings Stepping Out

  16. Three Bridges sings He Touched Me

  17. Atoned sings It Took a Lamb

  18. The Mylon Hayes Family sings Bigger Than Any Mountain

  19. The Farrows sing Ephesians Chapter One

  20. The Stevens Famly sings Heaven On Earth

  21. The Bowling Family sings That I Could Still Go Free

  22. The Akins sing How Great Thou Art

  23. The Akins sing Big God

  24. The Akins sing Look Out the Window

  25. The Akins sing Based On a True Story

  26. The Akins sing Too Far Gone

  27. The Akins sing Man, That's Good!

  28. The Akins sing Kneel

  29. The Collingsworth Family sings Silent Night

  30. Brooklyn Collingsworth (Collingsworth Family) sings Nothing's Worrying Me

  31. The Collingsworth Family sings I Found It All

  32. Olivia Collingsworth sings My Favorite Things

  33. The Collingsworth Family sings God Bless America

  34. Jeff Stice and Kim Collingsworth play Precious Lord, Take My Hand and When We All Get to Heaven

  35. Testimony Quartet sings In Time, On Time, Everytime

  36. Testimony Quartet sings 'Tis So Sweet to Trust In Jesus

  37. Wilburn & Wilburn (plus one!) sing Glory Road

  38. Omega sings Damascus Road

  39. Omega sings Second Opinion

  40. Payton Silvers sings Beyond Words

  41. Payton Silvers sings I Know a Man Who Can

  42. The Gentrys sing I've Got a Song to Sing

  43. The Gentrys sing Forgiven At Last

  44. Tribute Quartet sings Homesick Angel

  45. Tribute Quartet sings Leavin' On My Mind

  46. Tribute Quartet sings Better Farther On

  47. Paid In Full sings Five Little Fingers

  48. Paid In Full sings Walkin' and Talkin' with Jesus

  49. Paid In Full sings The First Look

  50. Paid In Full sings I Could Sing About Heaven

  51. Debra Perry & Jaidyn's Call sing Blessing In Disguise

  52. Debra Perry & Jaidyn's Call sing I Know I'm Saved

  53. Debra Perry & Jaidyn's Call sing Pray Without Ceasing

  54. Paid In Full sings I Will Sing the Wondrous Story

  55. Paid In Full sings When My Master Walks With Me

  56. Paid In Full sings How Long Has It Been and Prayer Is the Key to Heaven

  57. Paid In Full sings Daystar

  58. Paid In Full sings Step Into the Water

  59. Paid In Full sings Your Grace Still Amazes Me

  60. Jeff Stice plays Thankful For the Change.

  61. Jeff Stice plays A Sinner's Plea

  62. Jeff Stice plays Amazing Grace

  63. New Ground sings Heal Me

  64. The Dixie Echoes sing I'll Shake the Hand of the Lord

  65. The Dixie Echoes sing Walk With Me

  66. Ben Hart (Dixie Echoes) plays I'll Fly Away

  67. Omega sings No Bones About It

  68. The Bridgemans sing What a Day That Will Be

  69. Craig Crumpton sings Sweet Beulah Land

  70. Jim Cox sings Hide Thou Me with the Dixie Echoes

  71. Gold City sings I Have An Anchor

  72. The Old Paths sing God's Great

  73. The Old Paths sing Woke Up This Morning

  74. Resurrection sings I Wouldn't Take Nothin' For My Journey Now

  75. Resurrection sings Thank You, Lord

  76. Resurrection sings Jesus Is Mine

  77. The Old Paths sing Love Lifted Me

  78. The Old Paths Band plays Where Could I Go

  79. Resurrection sings In the Shelter of His Arms

  80. Gold City sings Lord of Life

  81. The Old Paths sing I Know My God Can Do It

  82. Bruce Taliaferro sings Sheltered In the Arms of God

  83. Bruce Taliaferro sings Givin' In to Givin' Up

  84. Bruce Taliaferro sings That's What I'm Talkin' About

  85. Andrew Goldman (Union Street) sings One Holy Lamb

  86. Union Street sings The Love Of God

  87. Union Street sings Boundless Love

  88. Union Street sings After A While

  89. The Akins sing I'll Be Happy When

  90. The Melody Boys Quartet sing American Christian

  91. The Melody Boys Quartet sings Give The World a Smile

  92. The Melody Boys Quartet sings Workin' On a Building

  93. The Melody Boys Quartet sings Is Anybody Talkin' Bout Jesus Anymore

  94. The Melody Boys Quartet sings Put Your Hand in the Hand

  95. Tere Ayers sings Celebrate Me Home

  96. Tere Ayers sings In The Meantime

  97. Tere Ayers sings Put Wings Upon Your Problem

  98. Soul'd Out Quartet sings All Things Are Possible

  99. Soul'd Out Quartet sings Thank You, Lord