1. Why MDGs are so little known?

  2. Etikwa Ikutu - Media does not want to ask the real questions and enter in the real issues

  3. Shiva Kumar - Media and the MDGs

  4. Catherine Ray Trasparency, accountability and effectiveness EU financed projects

  5. Julian Parr - The intellectual capital is the main asset of companies and nations

  6. MDG2 - Achieve universal primary education

  7. Danièle Smadja - Social cohesion at the heart of EU architecture

  8. Danièle Smadja - EU's contribution towards Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan

  9. Right to learn - India - Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan Program

  10. Andris Piebalgs - The human dimension of international development cooperation programs

  11. Julian Parr - Selfish attitudes and global challenges

  12. Stefano explains that we want the empower the journalists to evaluate us

  13. Francesco Brancatella - Comunicare l'ignoto. La responsabilità di un giornalista della televisione

  14. Paolo Dall'Oglio - Syrian tradition of coexistence and the present scenario of confrontation

  15. What to do with the projects we recorded in Syria in 2011?

  16. Improving the learning environment - Unicef in Syria

  17. Vincenzo a Stefano - coniugare la dimensione locale con la dimensione globale della cooperazione

  18. Paolo Dall'Oglio - What are the forces that have been contrasting coexistence in Syria

  19. Zulfiquar Haider - Development is not catching up with the West

  20. Julian Parr - Including the local communities in development processes

  21. Stefano talks to Shiva Kumar - Media always denouncing; but denouncing to whom?

  22. Montek Singh Ahluwalia - Democratic governance requires a participated approach to policies

  23. Shiva Kumar - The missing element of evaluation communication

  24. Jean Dreze - Media do not talk about poverty because it is at the service targeting middle class

  25. Corporate Social Responsibility - Azim Premji Foundation in India

  26. P. Krishna - Narrow Government view of education as a means for economic development

  27. From Der Mar Musa to Aleppo - Meeting Mahmoud Abul-Huda Alhussainy

  28. Mahmoud Abul-Huda Alhussainy - on NGO activities

  29. Mahmoud Abul-Huda Alhussainy - Spirituality and the enjoyment of solidarity

  30. In Aleppo with Hend

  31. Mahmoud Abul-Huda Alhussainy - media serves political economic interest

  32. Violent NGOs are organized receive wide media coverage unlike the peace building NGOs

  33. Mahmoud Abul-Huda Alhussainy - We need a universal dialogue

  34. Hend and the end of the episode 2