1. Irans Leader says "America is toast!"

  2. Michelle Obama fool???

  3. Ron Paul Sponsors 2012 & Wayne Paul Roosevelt bankrupted the United States.

  4. Fox has the stupidest news reporter in the history of News 2012!

  5. Ron Paul went from 2 to 52 percent overnight, 2012 Vote Ron Paul FROM TEXAS He is truth Friends!

  6. Banned Ron Paul turns the other cheek 2012! Ron Paul Time for Americans to wake up!

  7. Ron Paul 2012 Riots in the streets for Removal of Troops. Ron Paul can make this happen.

  8. Ron Paul Oaths to our Military troops to bring them home now 2012, first have to vote him President

  9. Anonymous hacks Private 2012 emails for Public Interest???? Interesting topic.

  10. Rewriting history!


  12. WW3 Iran is a nuclear threat in 2012 and Israel has the nuclear weapons as well!


  14. 2012 Iran will start WW3 and ban Oil sales to the EU!! Iran is 1/5 of worlds Oil/Uranium trade.

  15. 2012 Star Child has been found! Bible Prophecy fulfillment

  16. WW3 will start over Iran blocking thier ports for Imports/ Exports! www.TheSuperGeeks.com

  17. Justin Bieber Epic Fail 5/2012

  18. RED ALERT The IRS is going down, 2009 James traficant releas

  19. United States 2012 and Israel about to go to war with Iran. WW3 will start as a result.

  20. Iran has fired 70 cruise missles to terror camps in Afganistan, Iraq and Jordan

  21. Basically dont mess with Iran, at all!!!!

  22. USA wants to eradicate 90 percent of people, and its called Agenda 21

  23. Nibiru the Colorful star 2012!

  24. Ron Paul confirms Obama care will put RFID chips in Humans! In lamens terms a RFID chip!

  25. James Traficant proves Israel gets 15 billion a year from American tax payers.

  26. Obama and Bush conjuring up a lie, Caught in the act!

  27. Israel is a threat to America, not Iran. United States will go to war with Israel soon.

  28. Obama care MArk of the Beast RFID chip in 2014.

  29. The Bibles 3 days of darkness is about to happen in 2012

  30. Moscow Warns United States 2012 to not attack Iran if Israel strikes in self defense

  31. China Declares Cyber war on America in 2012.

  32. RED ALERT 2012 Iran is threatening 2 Nuke America with 100 Long Range Nukes. U.N. is now pissed!

  33. World War 3 Is inevitable in 2012, too many outside threats for America not to retaliate.

  34. Bill O'Reilly and toppless chick. Atleast he kept his shirt on! 2012

  35. Noah's Father Enoch wrote a book influenced by Jesus. These are the removed chapters from the Bible.

  36. Ron Paul for President! Ron Paul is Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin Reincarnated 2012

  37. Hell on Earth on 9/11 was planned.

  38. Should Trayvon Martin's killer be acquitted? By Dershowitz Zimmerman in 2012

  39. Ron Paul will be Presient

  40. 9/11 Twin Towers falling was an inside job! 2012 debunkable evidence and investigation proof!

  41. Anonymous Hackers Project Alex Jones subscriber Add back.Yawnnn 2 ez 2012

  42. SYRIA to be invaded in 2012 by Obama. America / Russian ground troops. Get ready for WW3 people!

  43. UN asks Syria 2 step down in 2012 or he will be stepped down! Confirmation PT1

  44. Espanol USA is about to invade Syria, Russia is backing the resolution.Unnecessary FEMA camps PT3

  45. USA is about to invade Syria, Russia is backing the resolution. Due to unnecessay FEMA camps PT2

  46. USA is about to invade Syria, Russia is backing the resolution. Due to unnecessay FEMA camps PT1

  47. North Korean Rocket PT7 Launched and shot down by invisible infared Laser. Go USA alien Technology

  48. North Korean Rocket PT6 Launched and shot down by invisible infared Laser. Go USA alien Technology

  49. North Korean Rocket PT5 Launched and shot down by invisible infared Laser. Go USA alien Technology

  50. North Korean Rocket PT3 Launched and shot down by invisible infared Laser. Go USA alien Technology

  51. North Korean Rocket PT2 Launched and shot down by invisible infared Laser. Go USA alien Technology

  52. North Korean Rocket PT1 Launched and shot down by invisible infared Laser. Go USA alien Technology

  53. Illumi Corp 2012 NWO agenda, This is not a fake PT2! This is the NWO spokesman. They own Everything.

  54. Illumi Corp 2012 NWO agenda, This is not a fake PT1! This is the NWO spokesman. They own Everything.

  55. Ron Paul 2012 will change the Republican party from the county level up Vote Ron Paul.

  56. Ron Paul 2012 Amreica is broke a recession is near, this time will be a ten year Depression Part 2

  57. Ron Paul 2012 Amreica is broke a Depression is near,This time will be a ten year Depression! Part 1

  58. Anonymous Hackers Project Dollar Back bring down NYSE NASDAQ DOW SMP500 in 2012

  59. Anonymous Hackers to Destroy the NYSE NASDAQ DOW SMP500 Along with many Major Foreign Banks in 2012

  60. AIDS CURE FOUND in 2012. God is Good

  61. 3 Feet of Soft Ball Sized Hail Rains Texas 4/2012. Tornadoes in Texas are carrying huge hail.

  62. America cannot trust North Korea with Nuclear missiles or agreements for that matter.

  63. 2012 Clockwise Earth Quake rotation, hits California Tejas is next. Isaiah Chapter 24

  64. 2012 Softball sized hail Killed 3 people in China and injured more. www.TheSuperGeeks.com

  65. Give your life to Jesus Christ, he will forgive all of your sins and cleanse your consciousness.

  66. More dead dolphins Massachusetts 2012 More dead Fish Cows Birds Alligators Bees. Are you Saved?

  67. Fireball in the sky 4/11/2012 Christ Church New Zealand in holy week? Luke 21:25 Read Jesus words!

  68. Jerusalem 3rd temple will be built 2012-2014. Abomination of Desolation

  69. Time travling man. He saw God

  70. 2012 End times Prophecy Muslim Brotherhood to rule Egypt .Majority Parliament seats are Muslim.

  71. Ron Paul and Obama on legalizing drugs 2012?? WTH is happening here? Weird world we live in today

  72. Ron Paul Financial Armageddon coming soon in 2012! USA is in big trouble Hyper Inflation.

  73. Martial Law is 2012. Troops pulled back to fight in America? The police State.

  74. RED ALERT! Pentegon Activates Lazer Missile Defenses! In preperation of North Koreas launch

  75. USA just gave North Korea 100 Million dollars in 2012 7 days later they launching a Rocket?

  76. Obama, Russia, and South Korea 4/12/2012 Order North Korea to not launch their missile.

  77. Hide your guns because FEMA wants them! 2012, NDAA FEMA is coming for them.

  78. 4/16/12 North Korean Rocket headed for Unied States. War head Equipped. Not a satellite people.

  79. World War 3 will start in 2012, if North Korea Launches its Nuclear Missile. Missile failed

  80. Texas Earth Quakes soon to come 2 EarthQuakes today 7.0, 8.6.Famine Trouble Take heed

  81. Dr. Ron Paul 2012 pwns Fow News on drugs use and state laws.

  82. Ron Paul schools Larry King. The occupy movement needs this man as our president

  83. Ron paul 2012 proof counties paid to alter your votes. Breaking GOP rules accetable or not?

  84. Ron Paul Here is Evidence States fraudulently altered your votes to hurt your odds.

  85. 2012 Project Blue Beam sounds just like the Bibles story of the false coming of the Anti-christ.

  86. 2012 we are being genetically altered! Proof Alex jones

  87. Ron Paul Pwns Alan Greenspan. What is sound money and where are we going in the future?

  88. Ron Paul is winning in 2012 but the media is fraudulently hiding the facts. Part 1

  89. Proof Darwinism is a joke Proof from the Sumerian's. They created monotheism and servitude.

  90. Was Easter here before Christ's Death and resurrection? Yes and here is the proof.

  91. 2012 End of this 5125 year age in the Bible Isaiah, Middle east conflicts, events before anti-christ

  92. 188 days from 3/22/12 will be a huge 10.0 Earth Quake in the USA!! wwwTheSuperGeeks.com www.USGS.com

  93. MADAY 2012, Military gear from Russia, and China are coming into the USA why?? MARSHALL LAW IS NEAR

  94. Navy Vet Speaks out about 12 21 12 and whats in store for us in the USA

  95. Ron Paul 12 Billion reasons America will fail. Thats just this week 4/2012. www.TheSuperGeeks.com

  96. Ron Paul defends his words. Dont put words in my mouth! www.TheSuperGeeks.com

  97. Ron Paul Pwns Bill O'Reilly on his show about war in Iraq, iran, middle East. www.TheSuperGeeks.com

  98. Ron Paul told it like it is and Pwns Fox News! We must all vote for this man.a

  99. Decoding 2012 with the Myans FEMA NWO Blue Blood Red Blue Kachina Moon Elenin Nibiru 188 11 6