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  1. Alan Greenspan & ABC Challenge

  2. Jobs, Markets, Emigration, Student Loans, Capital Controls

  3. New $500,000 challenge -- spread the word!

  4. $500,000 challenge!

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  6. Schiff for Senate media blitz-- donate today to keep it going at

  7. Health Care Bill -- bad medicine & unconstititional

  8. Alan Greenspan - just admit you screwed up already!!

  9. Dollar, Paul Krugman

  10. Dollar, Yellen, Geithner, retail sales, unemployment

  11. Fast Money, unemployment, big government

  12. Jobs, consumer credit, Fannie & Freddie

  13. Spending, sovereign debt, "debates"

  14. Markets, AIG, Housing, health care

  15. Consumer confidence, job programs, Greenspan

  16. Rate hike, Obama in Las Vegas

  17. Unhappy Stimulus Anniversary

  18. Trade deficit, Greece, jobs bill, Fed

  19. Sovereign debt crisis?

  20. Bernanke, debt limit, budget deficit, dollar

  21. State of the Union

  22. Bernanke, Freddie & Fannie, tax cuts and student loans

  23. New bank regulations, China, and the dollar.

  24. Money Bomb Results

  25. American Samoa: The real story 60 Minutes missed

  26. The Lunacy of Government

  27. Schiff for Senate & Jan 17th Money Bomb

  28. [Private Video]

  29. Jobs-Jobs-Jobs

  30. Dodd Dumped

  31. Ben Bernanke

  32. Special update on Schiff for Senate

  33. Liberty, Fannie & Freddie, Fed, housing

  34. Health Care, The "Patriot" Act & the U.S. Constitution

  35. A Nightmare before Christmas

  36. GDP, spending, Time, Constitution

  37. interest rates, death tax, health care

  38. Dollar rally, jobs bill, death tax

  39. Person of the year

  40. Dial for Votes update

  41. Dollar, inflation, interest rates, Obama

  42. Dial for Votes! Schiff for Senate volunteer phone bank DO NOT CALL AFTER 9PM EASTERN TIME

  43. [Private Video]

  44. Obama, sovereign debt, senate race

  45. Gold, TARP, jobs, politicians, senate race

  46. JOBS & GOLD

  47. Gold, Bernanke, Jobs

  48. Dubai World over-reaction, Ben Bernanke Op Ed

  49. Dollar, gold, GDP, Fed, housing, Senate Race

  50. Gold, Geithner, Roubini, the Fed, Housing

  51. Health care reform = socialized medicine

  52. Gold, housing starts, the CPI

  53. Gold & Silver surge, dollar falls, Obama in Asia

  54. The dollar, trade deficit, jobs, CNBC

  55. Dump Dodd

  56. Gold & the dollar carry trade

  57. Unemployment, Housing, Education,

  58. Web site sabotage, government stupidity

  59. Interest Rates, Tax Credits, Schiff For Senate Money Bomb

  60. Buy Gold!!!

  61. [Private Video]

  62. How government programs drive up college tuitions

  63. Stimulus Withdrawal

  64. Phony GDP Growth

  65. Market sell off, homebuyer tax credit, inflation & rents

  66. Real Estate 101

  67. Markets and mortgages

  68. falling dollar, rising rates, phony economy

  69. Another new low for the Dollar

  70. Reversal Tuesday, Popular Delusions

  71. Dow 10,000 - So what?

  72. Consumer spending, gold new high, dollar new low

  73. Inflation, Fannie and Freddie, clarification

  74. Demise of the Dollar

  75. recovery or inflation, the politics of spin

  76. It's Jobless because it isn't a recovery!

  77. spending up, savings down, phony crisis commission

  78. FDIC bailout, German elections

  79. The dollar carry trade, my mortgage bankers presentation

  80. Dollar rally, housing sales, record treasury auction, moral hazard

  81. G20 Hypocrisy

  82. FHA bailout a sure thing

  83. Wall St Unspun - Sep/16th/2009

  84. It's official, I'm in.

  85. Gold, the dollar, China, trade-deficit, savings

  86. Canary in the Coal Mine

  87. Debunking another critic

  88. 16.8% unemployment rate

  89. Gold & Silver rally

  90. Gold, currencies, CNBC, & deficits make us rich?

  91. Stock market sell-off, phony recovery and Japan's election

  92. Low quality U.S. assets, short-covering dollar rally?, more spending

  93. The devil we know

  94. Decoupling and OMB deficit projections

  95. How to refute Peter Schiff critics

  96. Raising the debt "ceiling"?

  97. Retail sales, CPI, the markets and unfair political attacks

  98. Thanks for the money bomb. On the job losses report and Ed Show

  99. GDP, cash for clunkers, dollar, debt, depression

  100. Emerging markets, deficits, China summit & clueless economists

  101. Global Markets, Financials, Freddie & Fannie

  102. Today's Markets, the Fed's "exit strategy" and Californian Dreams

  103. Thanks for the contributions, growth in China & forced BOA buy out of Merill Lynch

  104. CNBC, Goldman Sachs, Health Care Tax, Senate Run

  105. The Minimum wage argument &

  106. Head & Shoulders top, second stimulus & minimum wage hike

  107. July 4th Employment, stock market sell -off, trouble for dollar & treasuries

  108. Markets, global growth, real estate, Fannie & Freddie

  109. Off-shore accounts, bank capital, exchange controls, ponzi schemes

  110. June 26th Dollar, Greenspan, Cap & Trade, Clinton, Amazon

  111. June 24th -- Fed statement, Health care, Citi raises, foresight vs. hindsight

  112. June 23 The dollar, The Fed, condo lending, inflation

  113. June 22: Markets, Goldman Sachs, George Bush, FINRA rules

  114. Misguided re-regulation of financial services

  115. Part 2: Fed's Fisher Talks up Treasuries

  116. Part 2: Fed's Fisher Talks up Treasuries

  117. Part 1: Russia talks up dollar, Obama on Heatlh care, too big to fail

  118. Japan's unshakable confidence in the U.S. dollar, yeah right!

  119. Inflation, Fed independence, Greenspan letters, rule of law.

  120. Dollar rally, European elections and the Supreme Court to decide creditor's rights

  121. Obama in Saudi Arabia, Bernanke testimony, Australian GDP, New Jersey election.

  122. Dollar down again, Geithner in China, outlook for global demand

  123. Dollar and bonds continue to slide, marxism comes to U.S., Government Motors, and O down FHA loans.

  124. Big moves in the dollar , bonds, gold and foreign stocks, Fed and "liquidity," GM bankruptcy.

  125. Activist judges ignore Constitution, irony of Fed buying TIPS; Time, Glenn Beck and The Daily Show

  126. Dollar and bonds get pounded again and CNBC still doesn't get it.

  127. The start of the next leg in the economic collapse

  128. Peter Schiff The Schiff Report Video Blog May 19 2009

  129. Nonsense from Alan Blinder & Mike Norman

  130. Consumer confidence, CPI, Obama at LSU and decoupling

  131. Government committees, cash for clunkers, bigger deficits, social security and more moral hazards

  132. Global stock market rally, inflation, government jobs, and thinking about the Senate.

  133. Rising global stock markets and proposed tax code changes

  134. Peter Schiff The Schiff Report Video Blog May 1 2009

  135. Peter Schiff The Schiff Report Video Blog - April 28, 2009

  136. Peter Schiff - The Schiff Report Video Blog - April 27, 2009

  137. Peter Schiff - First YouTube video blog.

  138. [Private Video]

  139. Schiff for Senate -- new video, modified challenge

  140. Income Tax vs. Consumption Tax

  141. Stock market, U.S. economy, financial regs, exchange controls

  142. Schiff For Senate Update

  143. How an Economy Grows and Why It Crashes

  144. Bailout American Style

  145. Greece II

  146. Default Vs. Inflation

  147. How an Economy Grows & Why it Crashes

  148. Schiff for Senate May Day Money Bomb

  149. Financial Regulation

  150. [Private Video]

  151. [Private Video]

  152. PETER SCHIFF SHOW EXCLUSIVE: Peter & Dick Morris Go Toe-to-Toe!

  153. Jobs Report, Important Schiff Radio Interview

  154. Global Leadership Forum -- 2010

  155. Don't be Conned by the NIA -- Do not promote their videos

  156. Congress Sells America Down the River to Avoid the Fiscal Cliff

  157. Inflation Propaganda Exposed

  158. The Weather is Warming, but Despite the Hype the Economy is Not.

  159. Year-end market wrap-up, China,, Happy New Year

  160. China rate hike, commodities, inflation, debt crisis

  161. Irrational exuberance , Krugman the Zombie, Gold non-bubble

  162. Commodities, dollar, interest rates, chinese inflation, U.S. deficits

  163. Gold, dollar, oil, jobs, deficits

  164. Dollar rally, sovereign debt, black Friday, Schiff

  165. Markets, inflation, China, Buffett, GM

  166. Reversal Tuesday, jobs, Fed critics, Bernanke,

  167. Rebublican win, QE2,

  168. Spending, Krugman, 60 minutes,

  169. Dollar, Silver, GDP, QE2, elections

  170. G20, tax the rich

  171. Markets, China rate hike, gold, Geithner, Fisher, France

  172. Currencies, Phillips curve, inflation target, Ramsey,

  173. Dollar, commodities, national security, Schiff haters

  174. Markets, currencies, jobs, Fed, foreclosures

  175. Gold, currency war, ADP, inflation, jobs

  176. Gold, dollar, markets, the Fed, inflation, Rahm Emanuel

  177. Gold, dollar, confidence, markets, regulation

  178. Markets, gold bubble, Summers, Bernanke, Obama, Tepper

  179. FOMC statement, Pres. Obama's CNBC town hall

  180. gold, dollar, intervention, consumer "protection", 300, 30,000

  181. Markets, Pres. Obama's tax proposal

  182. Gold, dollar, CNBC, savings, phony economy

  183. dollar, bond bubble, stimulus, krugman

  184. Markets, Obama, Krugman, Reich

  185. 2nd Qtr. GDP, Bernanke, economists, gold stocks, my crib

  186. Housing, economy, yen, WSJ article

  187. Recession, Bond Bubble, unemployment insurance, my investments

  188. Dollar, CBO, Reich, Freddie & Fannie, Refis

  189. Bill Gross Bailout, Government Motors IPO

  190. Jobs, global economy, SBA loans, stimulus, GI bill

  191. Dollar resumes its decline, reaction to my unemployment blog

  192. Unemployment compensation-- the new early retirement & 3rd rail of American politics

  193. The markets and the Fed

  194. Schiff for Senate final thoughts

  195. Jobs, stimulus, dollar, more baliouts

  196. Dollar decline, yen, oil, inflation, Fed, stimulus

  197. New way to win phone banking grand prize

  198. Dollar, Fed, GDP, Japan, Bailouts

  199. Quantity, not Quality, Defines Jobs in Obama's "Recovery"