1. NOVATION HERITAGE CONTEST - Live Launchpad - Octapad Remix Version - DJ SEAP

  2. Midi Fighter 3D Ableton Push and Roland SPD-30 - Live Drumming DJ/Controllerism from DJ SEAP

  3. Maschine 2.0 + Novation Launchpad LIGHTSHOW - Live Dubstep Finger Banging! - DJ SEAP

  4. Primus - "My Name Is Mud" - DJ SEAP Remix

  5. Black Sun Empire & Noisia "Hideous" remix by Nigel Sifantus (aka DJ SEAP)

  6. Ableton 9 and Maschine Live Dubstep Drum Assassin - DJ SEAP - Mad Live Beats Part 2

  7. Ableton Live 9 + Maschine + Octapad SPD 30 - Drumstep Live Trigger Drumming - DJ SEAP

  8. iPad Traktor DJ App - Demo using iMashine loops - DJ SEAP

  9. Maschine + Abbey Road Modern Drummer + Conant Gardens + Massive - DJ SEAP

  10. Native Instruments Maschine Wolfgang Gartner "Menage a Trois" Live Remix by DJ SEAP

  11. Native Instruments Maschine Noisia Live remix by DJ SEAP of "Split the Atom/Diplodocus"

  12. Maschine - Mord Fustang "Champloo" DJ SEAP Live Finger Drum Remix

  13. Traktor Pro 2.6 Macro FX with Kontrol F1 and S2 - DJ SEAP Remix test

  14. Traktor Kortrol F1 - Remixing, one shots, and a finger drumming with the Kontrol S2 - Dj SEAP

  15. DJ SEAP - Traktor F1 mini Electro Remix set w/ Maschine feat. David Guetta, Zedd, Rihanna more


  17. Dj SEAP on Maschine "Conant Gardens" new Dilla live finger mashing tribute

  18. DJ SEAP live on iPad's VJAY app feat. Native Instruments Maschine finger drumming "The Numbers Game"

  19. "Controllerism" DJ SEAP Live Original Mix on Traktor 2.5 with Maschine and Kontrol F1

  20. Novation TWITCH Competition - DJ SEAP - Promo video to play the Bloc Festival in London

  21. meta.DJ for the iPad live mix from the Beach, DJ SEAP

  22. Native Instruments Maschine live Finger Drumming by DJ Seap (aka Nigel Sifantus) Progressive Dubstep

  23. Ableton Live's Drum Rack live Dubstep_Akai MPD 24+Novation Launchpad+Touchable for iPad-DJ SEAP

  24. Live Finger Drumming Dubstep on Akai Mpd 24, Animoog, and Novation Launchpad. "Dub Finga!" DJ SEAP

  25. DJ SEAP on iMachine (native instruments) "Happy Birthday"

  26. Akai Mpd 24+Ableton Live Live Finger Drumming Dub-Step Sickness (w/Touchable for iPad) DJ SEAP

  27. iPad Touchable controlling Ableton Live w/ XYZ control: DJ SEAP

  28. Live solo Drum n' Bass: Ableton Live+Novation Launchpad+SPD 30- DJ SEAP: Mad Live Beats!

  29. Ableton Live+Novation Launchpad-Futuristic One Man Drum Ninja: Progtronica Glitchy/Dub-Step

  30. Ableton Live Novation Launchpad: Progtronica live glitch performance dj'ing with Drums

  31. Taylor McFerrin and "The Cell Theory" NYE Philly 2011, Jason Fraticelli, Nigel Sifantus

  32. Ableton Live Novation Launchpad: Futuristic One Man Drum Ninja: Progtronica "Math-Rock"

  33. Novation Launchpad Ableton Live DJ'ing From behind the Drums, Drum n' Bass Edition

  34. Novation Launchpad Ableton Live_Dj'ing from behind the drums_Trip-hop Edition: Progtronica

  35. Novation Launchpad, Ableton Live_DJ'ing from behind the drums. Progtronica

  36. Ableton Live...Live Ableton Progtronica Novaton Launchpad Original Re-Mix: "For Soul"

  37. Ablteon live Sidechain Compression and Gate w/ Novation Launchpad+Akai MPD 24: Progtronica

  38. Ableton Live+Novation Launchpad+Akai MPD 24 - Progtronica "After-Math"

  39. Ableton Live+Novation Launchpad+Akai Mpd 24=Live House Track Built From Scratch from Progtronica

  40. Taylor McFerrin live at Zanzibar, LA w/ Nigel Sifantus, Beatbox+Ableton Live+Rhodes+iPhone+Drums

  41. Ableton Live+Novation Launchpad+iPhone_Progtronica's "The Theory is" (mini club mix)

  42. Ableton Live+Novation Launchpad- Progtronica's 130 Twisted Beats mix

  43. Ableton live+iPhone+Novation Launchpad, Progtronica's "Quicktronic"

  44. Ableton Live, Novation Launchpad anywhere: Progtronica "unplugged" outdoor house live Nigel Sifantus

  45. Novation Launchpad+Ableton Live, Progtronica:"Five Four on the Floor" Live solo mix

  46. Ableton Live, Novation Launchpad- Progtronica: Candle that Burns at Both Ends (live mix with drums)

  47. Nigel Sifantus: Ableton Live-Novation Launchpad Progtronica 2-20-10

  48. Ableton Live Looper with Novation Launchpad "LooPPooL"

  49. Ableton Live - Novation Launchpad - Progtronica Weekly DJ Series week 3 (w/ Live Drums) 2-11-10

  50. Ableton Live-Novation Launchpad Progtronica Weekly DJ Series part 2

  51. Nocation Launchpad+ZeRO SL Mk I I- Ableton Live - Progtronica "Full Moon Dj Mashup" 1/20/10

  52. Ableton Live, Novation Launchpad, Novation ZeRO SL MkII- "Rainy Day Drum n' Bass" by Nigel Sifantus

  53. Ableton Live+Novation Launchpad+ZeRO SL MkII= "Rolling with Strings" Nigel Sifantus live mix

  54. Novation Launchpad+Ableton Live Beat Repeat Tutorial by Nigel Sifantus

  55. Novation Launchpad+Ableton Live "Beat Repeat" and Live V-Drums by Nigel Sifantus

  56. Novation Launchpad+Ableton Live+Akai Mpd 24="Progtronica" by Nigel SIfantus

  57. Progtronica: "sevens" Novation Launchpad Ableton live and live drums

  58. Nigel Sifantus, "The Imaginative Executioner solo" Live w/ Grandfather Ridiculous

  59. Nigel Sifantus "Dreaming" Novation Launchpad remix, feat. Shara Dae, Ryat, and Taylor McFerrin

  60. Nigel Sifantus "Lets Face the Music" Novaton Launchpad / V-drum / Ableton Live Remix

  61. Nigel Sifantus "American Dream" Novation Launchpad Ableton Live Remix

  62. Nigel Sifantus "Progtronica" Novation Launchpad Ableton Live Home Performance

  63. Progtronica "The Missing Link" (Ableton Live Evolution Remix)

  64. Nigel Sifantus - "The American Dream" ableton live arrangement

  65. Progtronica "The Sounds Around Me"

  66. The Cell Theory in Cleveland Oh. (out takes) 8/09

  67. Nigel Sifantus "Dreaming" feat. Taylor McFerrin, Shara Dae and Ryat

  68. Nigel Sifantus "Leaving Huntington Beach" a live Ableton Arrangement

  69. Nigel Sifantus "electroconvulsive therapy part 1"

  70. Progtronica Ableton Live, Akai Mpd 24 "Lets face the music"

  71. Nigel Sifantus - "From 10 to 11" Featuring Jubei

  72. L Maestro Presents live at the Grog Shop in Cleveland 8-16-09

  73. 30 minutes or less

  74. iphone and elmo guitar duet

  75. Nigel Sifantus Solo on v-drums, Huntington Beach, CA 3-8-09

  76. Grandfather Ridiculous Live Intro to Tribeka Show 5/03

  77. Grandfather Ridiculous Live at Tribeka, NYC May '03

  78. The Cell Theory @The Blue Note 3/05 "Altered States"

  79. The Cell Theory @The Blue Note 3/05 Noise Jam

  80. The Cell Theory @The Blue Note 3/05 Deep House

  81. Nigel Sifantus Drum Solo at The Blue Note 03/13/05