1. PurMotion: Core 12 Bar Anti-Rotation Press

  2. PurMotion: Vertical Rope Pull

  3. PurMotion: Brazilian Rope Pull

  4. PurMotion: Renegade One Arm Squat and Press

  5. Battling Ropes: The Basics

  6. TRX Basics: Hamstring Curl

  7. TRX Basics: The Push-up

  8. The Simple Squat

  9. Medicine Ball Slams

  10. The Circuit

  11. TRX Suspension Training: Crossing Balance Lunge

  12. TRX Suspension Training: TRX Atomic Push-Ups

  13. TRX Suspension Training: TRX Row

  14. TRX Suspension Training: TRX Single Arm Row

  15. How-to Execise: TRX Row

  16. Go Swimming

  17. Go Swimming: Summer is Better in the City

  18. Marching Bench Bridge

  19. Bench Bridge

  20. Stability Ball Bridge

  21. Marching Bridge

  22. Two Leg Bridge

  23. Boston 4th of July Flyover from Outdoor Pool Deck

  24. CCRP How-to Exercise: Pushup with Half Roller

  25. CCRP How-to Exercise: Kneeling Pushup

  26. CCRP How-to Exercise: Two Legged Deadlift

  27. CCRP How-to Exercise: Single Leg Deadlift

  28. CCRP How-to Exercise: Hip Hinge with Broomstick