1. Duncan MacPherson: Marketing Guru

  2. Overview of Duncan MacPherson's Breakthrough Business Development Presentation

  3. Pareto Academy For Practice Management

  4. On boarding the Client - From Vapor to Paper

  5. Introduction to the The Pareto Gift Guide

  6. Pareto Systems Introduction

  7. Pareto Platform CRM Overview - 2013

  8. An Introduction to Pareto Systems

  9. Differentiating Begins with a Personal Branding Strategy

  10. Why Don't Your Clients Refer?

  11. How To Get Referrals From Your Best Clients

  12. The Three Pillars of Success Speaking Presentation for Financial Advisors

  13. Financial Advisor CRM Demonstration - Pareto Platform CRM

  14. Fast Track To Referrals for Financial Advisors

  15. What is Pareto Systems?

  16. The Loyalty Ladder

  17. Pareto Platform CRM Video Demonstration

  18. Be A Professional Consultant Not a Salesperson

  19. Never Negotiate Your Value

  20. How to Disassociate From a Client Respectfully

  21. The Power of an Agenda for a New Client Meeting

  22. The Not-So-Hidden Agenda in a First Client Meeting

  23. The Power of Scarcity

  24. Never Negotiate Your Value

  25. Your Ideal Client Profile

  26. Make Yourself Obsolete - Create a Procedures Manual

  27. Client Chemistry and F.O.R.M.

  28. Send Your New Clients a Welcome Card

  29. The Four "C's" of Trust

  30. Say Thank You To Your Clients

  31. Define Your Ideal Client

  32. Client Classification and the Client Service Matrix

  33. How to Retain Clients Through Market Negativity