1. Rolled over truck on I-80

  2. Thank you Wyoming State Patrol

  3. I-80 Slip and Slide

  4. An East bound truck going West

  5. Response to I-80 shutdown viewers.

  6. Still waiting

  7. I80 shutdown in Wyoming

  8. Video from My Phone

  9. Unloading a huge JLG forklift pt1

  10. Video from My Phone

  11. Video from My Phone

  12. Unloading a huge JLG Forklift

  13. Mack on a barge pt 8

  14. Mack on a barge pt 7

  15. Mack on a barge pt6

  16. MACK on a barge pt5

  17. MACK on a barge pt4

  18. MACK on a barge pt3

  19. MACK on a barge pt2

  20. MACK on a barge pt1

  21. Snowing in mississippi 2011

  22. At the wind farm in the MACK

  23. Video from My Phone

  24. Video from My Phone

  25. Video from My Phone

  26. I hope this is the right way

  27. Starting to worry but still fun

  28. Oh no a creek!!!

  29. Loaded JLG 600B and a TEREX forklift

  30. Trucking Skills "Shifting the Trailer's position in a confined space"

  31. I-75 Passing Statue

  32. Wind howling in Walsenburg Colorado

  33. Hydraulic Excavators

  34. Kobelco Hydraulic Excavator

  35. Getting unloaded in Zelienople Pa.

  36. Another look at the Zelienople Pa. load

  37. Mack Terrapro (MR)

  38. My load to Zelienople Pa.

  39. Maneuvering in Tight Quarters

  40. Flatbed Trucking 101 pt 2

  41. Parking the Mack

  42. What is a Headache Rack

  43. Spring Brakes pt 2

  44. Spring Brakes, how they work.

  45. Air lines and Pigtail

  46. Spotting a leaking Wheel seal