1. Phoenix vs the machine

  2. Cabernet gets some affection from a military robot

  3. Phoenix shows a soldier just how tough she is

  4. Cabernet

  5. KSDS, Inc Merlot Swimming at the Lake for the first time

  6. Merlot's first time in a pool

  7. KSDS, Inc Future Guide Dog or Service Dog Merlot's First Outing to Home Depot

  8. KSDS Puppy in Training Merlot's first outing

  9. Doni Guides

  10. Doniphan's graduation from KSDS

  11. KSDS Puppies (Embassy/Dozer) DOB 2/18/12

  12. VID00005

  13. Playing with puppies

  14. KSDS pups Hosta and Violet are reunited with their puppy raisers

  15. Hosta and Violet, KSDS, Inc, Service Dogs in Training Cement their place in KSDS history

  16. Hosta and Violet

  17. KSDS Future Guide or Service Dog Hosta's Goodbye

  18. KSDS Social Dog Catalpa's Graduation

  19. KSDS Social Dog Magnolia's graduation

  20. KSDS Career Change Dog Ellsworth (Ellie) gets her dish for dinner

  21. KSDS Golden Retriever Breeder Brina has nine puppies

  22. Mimosa's graduation from KSDS as a social dog

  23. KSDS Inc Puppy in Training Hosta working on Sits Part 2

  24. KSDS service dog in training Hosta works on basic skills

  25. KSDS puppy in training Hosta working on sits

  26. KSDS Service Dog Elf and Puppies in Training Aria and Hosta go to the Mall

  27. KSDS puppies in training Hosta/Aria work on distractions

  28. KSDS puppies in training Hosta and Aria work on food refusal

  29. KSDS Puppy in Training Hosta holds a down/stay with distractions

  30. KSDS Puppy in Training Hosta being held

  31. Aria, a KSDS puppy in training, walks around the Press Room

  32. Aria, a KSDS puppy in training goes to Work

  33. KSDS puppy in training Aria chases Career Change Ellie

  34. Dining

  35. Hosta, KSDS Inc, Puppy in Training visits the Pumpkin Patch

  36. KSDS Puppies in Training and Service Dogs visit the Fire Station

  37. KSDS Service Dog Elf helps with Footplates

  38. KSDS Golden Pups Play as a documentary crew films

  39. Mosier, KSDS Service Dog, works on new skils

  40. KSDS Breeder Biscuit and her puppies

  41. KSDS Breeder Houli and her Puppies

  42. KSDS Breeder Embassy and her Puppies

  43. Mosier, KSDS Service Dog

  44. B & KSDS Service Dog Cobra work on going over an obstacle

  45. B & Twister, KSDS Service Dog, work on distractions

  46. KSDS, Inc. Capital Campaign - Guide Dogs, Service Dogs, Social Dogs

  47. Hosta, KSDS puppy in training, helps me at work

  48. C and Elf (KSDS, INC Service Dog) gets dressed and tugs open door

  49. VID00015.MP4

  50. VID00011.MP4

  51. VID00013.MP4

  52. VID00012.MP4

  53. VID00010.MP4

  54. Hosta sleeps at work

  55. Hosta at work

  56. VID00017.MP4

  57. VID00014.MP4

  58. Ellie loves to swim

  59. Hosta and Ellie playing

  60. Hosta's recall

  61. Hosta comes

  62. Hosta walking

  63. Elf's a happy Service Dog

  64. Ellie and Hosta

  65. Raccoon

  66. C and Elf

  67. Elf & C Walking

  68. Elf Bracing

  69. Seville works stairs

  70. Seville's Tongue

  71. Hosta visits the 7 (make that 8) dwarfs

  72. Hosta/Seville sleeping at Figlios

  73. KSDS Military Pups.wmv

  74. Ellie

  75. Hosta plays

  76. Car

  77. Ellie

  78. Lucy

  79. Hosta

  80. More sleeping

  81. Charlie and Hosta sleeping

  82. Hosta working

  83. Hosta working

  84. Hosta in the rain

  85. Work Environment

  86. Hail Storm part 2

  87. First Hail Storm Part 1

  88. Hosta Sleeping

  89. Puppies eating

  90. Puppies eating 2.mov

  91. hosta watching.mov