1. Rae Jackson Summer Mixtape... FLASHY Senior Guard!!!

  2. Malik Pope Has SCARY TALENT!!! Top 10 Player in 2014!!!

  3. Noah Blackwell IS A STAR!!! NASTY 2015 Point Guard!!!

  4. Class of 2013's Finest!!! The BEST Class Since '07!!!

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  7. De'End Parker & Mark Tollefsen SHOW OUT At USF Midnight Madness!!!

  8. Kyle Wiltjer Is Ready For A BREAKOUT SEASON At UK!!!

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  10. D'Erryl Williams Mixtape... Tough PG that Gets BUCKETS!!!

  11. Dakarai Allen KILLING the Summer Circuit!!! San Diego State Bound!!!

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  13. Northern Cali Love... Class of 2013 Edition

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  16. Dominique Johnson Mixtape... D-League Guard with BOUNCE!!!

  17. Trevor Dunbar Makes the Defense Look SILLY All Summer!!! SHIFTTEAM!!!

  18. Kiwi Gardner DOMINATES the SF Pro-Am!!! 2012 League MVP...

  19. 16-Year Old Aaron Gordon IS NOT HUMAN!!! INSANE Official Summer Mixtape!!!

  20. Tyreke Evans Has RIDICULOUS HANDLES!!! SF Pro-Am MIxtape!!!

  21. Jabari Bird NASTY Summer Mixtape!!! California Bound!!!

  22. Ivan Rabb CRAZY Freshman Year Mixtape!!! Elite 2015 Prospect...

  23. Isaiah Thomas Has TOO MUCH GAME!!! Up & Coming NBA Star!!!

  24. Stanley Johnson Is THE BEST 2014 Player on the West Coast!!! Summer Mixtape!!!

  25. Jabari Bird & Trevor Dunbar PUT ON A SHOW in the Norcal Clash!!! Sick Game Mix...

  26. Aaron Gordon DOMINATES the Norcal Clash with 41 Points!!!

  27. Ikenna Iroegbu is the BEST 2013 Point Guard on the West Coast!!!

  28. Tyree Robinson Summer Mixtape... Oregon Bound!!!

  29. Donte Greene NASTY Mixtape!!! CRAZY Summer League Dunks!!!

  30. Shaqquan Aaron Killing the Summer Circuit!!! MAJOR 2014 Prospect!!!

  31. Arizona-Bound Elliott Pitts Mixtape... Super-Smooth 2013 Combo Guard!!!

  32. Oakland Soldiers Put On A Show At The Las Vegas Classic!!!

  33. Dwayne Benjamin is a BEAST!!! 6'6 Forward KILLS Dunks!!!

  34. Tyrell Robinson Summer Mixtape... Oregon Bound!!!

  35. Drew Gordon CRAZY PIZZA at the SF Pro-Am!!! Dunk of the Summer?

  36. Aaron Gordon KILLS The 360 Windmill IN VEGAS!!!

  37. The Oakland Soldiers Are THE 2012 Nike Peach Jam CHAMPIONS!!!

  38. The BAY Shows Out At Lebron Skills Academy!!! Jabari Bird, Marcus Lee & Ivan Rabb...

  39. Harrison Barnes ULTIMATE Mixtape!!! Welcome to the BAY!!!

  40. Tyreke Evans & Kiwi Gardner GO CRAZY in the S.F. Pro-Am!!!

  41. The Official PANGOS All-American Camp Mixtape 2012... Y.A.F. Edition!!!

  42. The Nike EYBL Comes to the BAY AREA!!! SICK Highlights!!!

  43. NBA Draft Pick Orlando Johnson Mixtape!!! Killing the SF Pro-Am!!!

  44. Shaqquan Aaron Dunks on TWO Dudes at PANGOS!!! YIKES!!!

  45. Jared Cunningham is NBA-READY!!! NASTY High School Mixtape!!!

  46. Stanley Johnson Leads the Soldiers in Dallas!!! 3rd EYBL Session Mixtape...

  47. East Bay IN GAME & NASTY Put-Back ON DUDE!!! 2 CRAZY Dunks at Reebok Showdown!!!

  48. Dominic Artis & Brandon Ashley BALLING OUT Senior Year at Findlay Prep!!!

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  50. The Official 2011-12 Yay Area's Finest Season Mixtape...

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  52. Richard Longrus Senior Year Mixtape... Washington State Bound!!!

  53. Aaron Gordon BETWEEN THE LEGS DUNK IN GAME!!! AG Makes the East Bay Look EASY!!!

  54. Jabari Bird SERVES ONE!!! NASTY PIZZA in Soldiers Tourney!!!

  55. Taylor Johns is a BEAST!!! UC-Riverside Bound Senior!!!

  56. The 1st Annual YAF All-Star Classic WAS TOO LIVE!!! Sick Game Highlights!!!

  57. Langston Morris-Walker GOES OFF for 34 Points & Earns MVP of the YAF All-Star Classic!!!

  58. 6'2 Chris Woods SHUTS DOWN The 1st Annual YAF All-Star Classic Dunk Contest!!!

  59. Jabari Bird Junior Season Mixtape... Top Shooting Guard in 2013!!!

  60. Aaron Gordon is THE NASTIEST Player in High School Basketball!!! And He's ONLY a Junior!!!

  61. The 1st Annual YAF All-Star Classic Promo Video!!! March 30th at El Cerrito High School!!!

  62. Drew Gordon Official Career Mixtape... Future Pro was a BEAST in High School!!!

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  76. The Dunks of the Year!!! The FINEST of 2011!!!

  77. Jabari Bird Dominates his Way to Salesian Tourney MVP!!!

  78. Dorell Wright Official Lockout Mixtape!!! Golden State Warrior with LOVE for the BAY!!!

  79. James Harden & Demar Derozan GO HAM in Drew Gooden Charity Game in the BAY!!!

  80. Tyreke Evans, Donte Greene & Demarcus Cousins PUT ON A SHOW at the Goon Squad Classic!!!

  81. Dominic Artis With The SICK Off The Glass Dunk ON DUDE!!! D.A.'s 1st Ever Game Dunk!!!

  82. NBA Player Ryan Hollins Scores 60 Points in S.F. Charity Game... 60??????

  83. Peewee Gardner Has The MOST HANDLES In High School!!! YEAH WE SAID IT!!!!

  84. BAY AREA Pro's Put On A Show in Charity Game!!! Arenas, Curry, D-Wright, J-Rich & More!!!

  85. Steph Curry is MIXTEAM!!! Goes Off for Triple Double in We Believe Charity Game!!!

  86. Que Johnson is a Future Pro!!! Dominating the AZ Preps Showcase!!!

  87. The 2011 San Francisco Pro-Am was WILD!!!! INSANE Summer of Highlights!!!

  88. Rae Jackson has The SAUCE!!! 6'2 PG with Dimes & Bounce!

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