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Battlefield 3 - Zombie Apocalypse (Insidious Horror)

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Published on Aug 31, 2012

Turn off the lights and put your headphones on!

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Editor/Producer: http://www.YouTube.com/kbmwla93
NEW HORROR MOVIE HERE! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LCsgOI...

- creating Animations: ~100h
- creating Soundeffects: ~150h
- creating Soundtracks: ~100h
- Fraps recording: ~50h frapsrecords ; 1200 clips ; 3,5tb hard drive space
- pure Editing(cut,special effects, colorcorrection,...) : over 500h !

Our thoughts by making this movie:
This film should combine the good qualities of the first two parts and bring in some new features. Most important for me was to consider your wishes, like the tac-lights. And that idea was brilliant! The ambience is much better and more horrible.
The last part should be the epicst and tell an intense story, so we decides to look for some guys with talent in synchronously speaking. We found some awesome guys, who worked hard one their voice records. They put in a lot of feelings, like fear,rage,nervousness and sadness. They are not professional sync. speakers but they have done a great job, so a big compliment to our Voice actors.
The next point deals with the sound: Our Soundeffects are completely created by myself and the help of a professional Soundmixer named ValatoSify ( http://www.youtube.com/user/ValatoSify ).

Thoughts about the story:
The first part shows a psychopath with extraordinary faculties.It is an eternal cycle/Nightmare where no one can escape.
In the second part you remark that the Psychopath now seems to grown up with an army of zombies. And with every taken soul he's getting bigger and stronger.
Now in the last part, he stretches out his influential area outside the métro. His victims are 6 soldiers and You will never know if it's a nightmare or if it's real, believe me :)
Build your own opinion.

Special thanks to my team:
GoldxChaos; xPureSlayerx; ALEX_ALFA_RUS; Ra__23b;Riverst0ne; --TOPPSCHNiTT__; ColonelSebi; DarfGuenter; FrE4z3R; time_for_sHoOT; GodofHeadshots; Ganic7; Heiker4444; ExistenceN; WOULDSLORD; HELLAS_WARRIORS; Ju0245; MAD_Guns22; Mit0chDelL; DJHanke95;9-PM;Dominicus1165; Gasu1337; Hering2010; Hodenstyle; JLC_JoJo; Like_A_Mongo;rasnof; Waze_zazouu; xVojnik;Mexx82; Blakekx; Wusch3L_Kat3R; RayMcWayne ; NoobsPunisher; kesselkaiser; KiffferKeks; Grafication; ValatoSify

KP Crew and Friends channels check them out:

Der Film ist kopierrechtlich geschützt und jede Zuwiderhandlung mit einer Geldstrafe geahndet.The complete movie with sounds and videomaterial is copyrighted and every contravention gets punished by a fine.

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